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by Shala Mata

July 2009

"A Review Posting"

It is an unusual timing for me to be writing my article in the middle of the month. My travel schedule necessitated this, and it feels right to be completely immersed in this energy as I write. July will most likely go down in the records as being a WOW month of intense and biting emotional energy and re-calibration.

The eclipses this month arriving on the heels of the potent solstice last month are creating a laser like beam into any and all areas of relationship.

Relationship is as odd word - hearing it one immediately thinks of husbands, wives, parents, family. Always these connections hold our most dramatic lessons and energy. In truth, we are in "relationship" with every living thing upon this planet. With every cell in our body, every gust of wind or rain drop. Everything is energy - we are electrical. Everything we eat, drink, think, feel, touch and say affects us energetically and vibrationally. The greater our life force the greater our light.

In my healing practice, one of the main areas of work is too bridge the physical body with the energy of our emotional, mental and spirit bodies. The container of these bodies is our cosmic egg. When we have a congruent flow of energy with all four of these bodies, we are able to hold more light or frequency.

Our life force is in direct correlation or relationship to our electrical spark and the frequencies of our field. The relationship we have with our life force directly influences every relationship we hold. The most vital relationship we have is with ourselves - this one is the foundation that every other interaction is built.

The energy of this month is changing the very core of our internal dialogue and performing a complete reboot of our hard drive so too speak. We are reviewing and rebirthing at the same time - a truly daunting yet necessary aspect of our transformation and ascension process.

We are a collection of divine masculine and feminine light that forms a relationship or matrix with our soul. Our soul communicates within this matrix through codes of holographic or quantum energy. Our harmonic signature determines how we correlate these codes of energy information into consciousness. The magnificent spinning vortices of our chakras constantly access this energy information, and continually broadcast the energy available to our four bodies.

The light transmissions flooding our beloved Mother Earth at this time are awakening and illuminating our central processing unit - our heart. We have discussed in earlier articles, our heart is the gateway or portal to our rebirthing, and each chakra during this month is spinning faster. The faster the spin the more old polarized beliefs, fears, agenda's, habits, illnesses, ect will be demanding a recalibration of balanced divine masculine and feminine light.

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse of July 7th was a powerful transmission of divine masculine light - pushing deep into our relationships. Masculine energy demands action. Any and all areas of conflict came screaming to our attention. Communication with ourselves and each other demanding that it be clean, where the energy and words spoken match. Foremost of course our thoughts and how quickly they manifest within our body with little tolerance for thinking one thing and saying another. No more hidden hurts or secrets - everything in relationship is being recalibrated.

For many this is being felt physically as anxiety and the feeling of being unplugged.

Old fears about money, security, health, what we are doing with our lives, where we are going are causing a pressure cooker in our body. Low energy, fatigue, anger, depression, muscles aches, infections, rashes, headaches, muscle pain, are moving through many of us. I agree it isn't fun or particularly comfortable, but it is a necessary element in our evolution. The more energy we give to these expressions the longer they will linger, waiting for transformation.

Given this level of intense clearing - all relationships will change in varying degrees. Some will end, some will grow, some will start, some will stay the same - but everyone will benefit from thoughtful transparent communication as the foundation for every relationship.

The New Moon/ Solar Eclipse on July 21st will be the longest eclipse of the 21st century, lasting over 30 minutes. It will bring a powerful transmission of divine feminine light that will set the space for everything new. Crystalline light codes will be activated within our hearts, providing a deeper conscious relationship with our heart. The power of divine feminine light brings the sacredness into relationship - whatever forms that relationship takes.

Simone Butler writes:

Freedom is imminent at this eclipse. If you're clinging to old emotional, familial or societal patterns, it's time to let them go. The New Moon trine freedom-loving Uranus supports a break with the past, as we gather our courage to birth something new. Jupiter joins with "Wounded Healer" Chiron in progressive Aquarius within 12 hours of the eclipse, offering an opportunity to heal old wounds. It's a potent time to honor the deep feminine within yourself, as well as to recalibrate relationships between men and women.

Because Venus (the feminine) squares Saturn (limits) at the eclipse, we're also setting boundaries in relationships, especially with family members and partners. The planetary energies support you in saying a decisive "No" to what's no longer working for you, and nurturing and respecting yourself at a deeper level. Even if you must break with others or their expectations to claim your freedom, remember Joseph Hewes' message: There comes a time when we have to act based on what we know is right.

The frequency of balanced divine masculine and feminine light will harmonize and infuse our physical, mental, emotional and spirit bodies with a higher vibration and life force. As we increase our vibration, we increase our ability to flow more life force into our energy matrix, allowing for greater ease in attracting all forms of abundant relationships. Abundance can take the form of money, love, opportunities, synchronicities, health, vitality and most importantly a greater communication with our higher self.

All of the intense energy and recalibration of July is another step closer to our mastery, where we flow easily in the all areas of our lives. Where the sacred light of our heart embodies every thought, word, action and deed. It is imperative during the coming weeks to use discernment as we wade into the bright light of our soul. We are being schooled in mastery and becoming the conscious observer of our lives.

In the context of our relationships we must be diligent in holding our higher consciousness and light, while determining without judgment that which aligns with our well-being or doesn't. As lightworkers and starseeds, we are being asked to walk our talk, and maintain the highest energy vibration we can, in service to our own personal and planetary enlightenment.

We are all sparks of the Creator, and as such have within our hearts the higher frequencies of divine love, compassion, and understanding. Walk proudly within any turmoil that is presenting itself this month, with your heart lighting your path to all manner of transparent communication and sacred relationship.

Enjoy the coming New Moon and balance of this month with all it brings, as it set the stage for the energy of August. Next month will be another profound thrust into our evolutionary process.

Keep Shining your Gorgeous Light,

Love Shala

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