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Q Anon: Conspiracy Theory or Greatest Intelligence Drop in History?

Q Anon: Conspiracy Theory or Greatest Intelligence Drop in History?
g2anon Uncategorized July 22, 2018 6 Minutes
This is Part 1 of a 3-part series introducing the Q Phenomenon. | Part 2 | Part 3

This is Part 1 of a 3-part series introducing the Q Phenomenon. | Part 2 | Part 3
Over the last nine months, people are becoming aware of Q, or Q Anon, an anonymous information source that has over time proven to be very closely aligned with the Trump administration and military intelligence or the NSA. With rare exception, Q has not been mentioned in the media (one article making Q out to be a conspiracy theory is here), but has become one of a few alternative communication channels for the Trump administration to communicate directly to like-minded supporters (and in some cases the enemy). Literally millions of conservative patriots are now hanging on every electronic post for clues and updates to what is described as a great, but silent, war between the dark shadowy side of government (deep state cabal), and white hats across the military, and various agencies or branches of government. Q is either an inside briefing to the ongoing war between good and evil worldwide, or the most sophisticated psy-op disinformation campaign in history. How are we to know what to believe?
Origin of Q
Q began posting in October 2017 on an anonymous message board called 4chan that had traditionally been used both by game players as well as anonymous whistleblowers to divulge information. The security (authentication) and anonymity of the platform makes it ideal for these purposes. “Q” comes from the top-level security clearance in the Dept of Energy (DOE), but has other connotations in the intelligence world from the investment arm of the CIA being In-Q-Tel, to James Bond’s gadget supplier. The 4chan board was compromised at some point, and all communication was moved over to the 8chan message board. Everything that Q has ever posted (well over 1700 messages at this point) is now archived and can be searched at,, or

Q is adamant that (they) will never communicate outside these secure boards. Anyone claiming to have insight to Q’s actual identity, or tips received outside these public channels is clearly disinformation. Q is a public piece of a major intelligence operation, which also relies on the 8chan users (known as “anons” or “autists”) to connect the dots from Q clues, do research from public sources to avoid Q divulging classified information, and to generally build on Q posts to inform a much wider audience. Informing the masses to this war between good and evil is now referred to as the Great Awakening. Q was also originally associated with the term “Calm Before the Storm” from a cryptic reference made by Trump at a military gathering/press event. Q went on to lay out a roadmap as to what would be coming through this storm.
Since the earliest posts, Q has described the Trump administration’s (extending to the larger white hat alliance) takedown of the deep state cabal, including the Luciferian/Satanist networks, pedophile groups and Illuminati-controlled operatives, not only here in the US, but globally. For many that have long recognized the crimes of prior administrations, the control of the elite ruling families and the corruption throughout our government, this has been an enormous relief and rallying point. But can it be true? And how accurate is the information?

Q followers point to a number of very public proof points that this deep state takedown is actually occurring according to Q’s clues and predictions. We’ll have more on specific Q proofs in the next section, but the first major trend is the large number of high-level resignations by key people across all industries and government. Literally thousands of CEO’s, other executives, and elected officials are stepping down or being forced out at an unprecedented rate. These events are corroborated and tracked by an outstanding anon team and can be found here. This is an interactive database dashboard to query the resignation data by date, industry, location, etc. with links to public sources and details. Q posted very early on to “Watch the Resignations”. It would lead to exposing the corruption in many areas.
The other unprecedented trend that is verifiable publicly is the enormous number of sealed indictments across the U.S., which will precede a coordinated takedown of large networks of criminals. Indictments can be sealed until ready for public disclosure to avoid tipping off co-conspirators, and allowing time to extract testimonies from lower-level perpetrators. In a typical year, there might be a few hundred sealed indictments. At the moment, there are over 40,000 and the number keeps growing weekly. That is a massive network, which likely includes large networks of pedophile rings (think NXIVM, as well as thousands of human trafficking rings that have already been broken up since 2016), criminal charges against the highest echelons of the DOJ and FBI of the prior administration we are seeing, and presumably all the way up to Clinton and Obama and their many collaborators. Sealed indictments can be tracked through the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) web site. This is definitely not some conspiracy theory.
The entire Q phenomenon is uniquely challenging because: 1) How are “normies” like us to judge the authenticity of an intelligence drop with critical information available nowhere else from a completely anonymous source, and 2) the information drops are very cryptic, requiring a great deal of further research to make sense of what is trying to be communicated. Anons have had to learn coded communication techniques, pay close attention to time stamps from multiple sources, and have to wade through coded messages that ultimately are designed only for the enemy or to provide disinformation. So, despite what has already been communicated, it’s hardly surprising Q is not in the mainstream yet.
However, what makes Q so fascinating and important is that no other US presidential administration in history has ever released such incredible and shocking behind the scenes details foreshadowing global events. This insight is incredibly important because the world is changing rapidly before our eyes in fundamentally life-changing ways. If this really is a major battle in the war between good and evil (I will not claim it THE ultimate battle, but clearly a major skirmish in the scheme of things), it’s good to have periodic updates and to know what to prepare for.
One key post, in particular, illustrates what Q has to share and the mentality Q wants to instill in the anons and followers. In this post, Q mentions a video from Anthony Weiner’s laptop that is extremely incriminating to all involved. Weiner kept files like this as something of an insurance policy if he fell out of favor with the Clintons. Although not yet released, it allegedly shows child abuse, ritual abuse or something so horrific that hardened New York city police that have seen it were practically brought to tears. It is typical of the evidence that Q has of the unspeakable evil we are up against and the vast information the public needs to be aware of.

This post is just one of many that alludes to the evil that surrounds us, and not everyone will choose to know the truth. Q’s job is to unite people against the evil, pave the way for the Great Awakening, and encourage people to learn and be heard. Together we are strong. The dark forces have tried to keep us divided and weak. We are changing dark to light.
Another Q post indicated that HRC did something very bad on 2.12.09. Anons dug into details of a plane crash that day that killed an outspoken 9/11 widow and asked Q if that was what Q referred to. Q acknowledged the event by pointing out that the time stamp of his post coincided with the time of the crash. What could Q be getting at regarding HRC involvement in a plane crash and the murder(?) of a 9/11 widow? How deep does this rabbit hole go?

Why does Q need to be so cryptic? For a couple reasons. Q cannot divulge classified information directly. Q has to provide pointers to public source information and to ask followers to think logically. Situations cannot be spelled out literally. Q expects anons to take the “crumbs” of information and put them together with their own research to bake “bread” which are ready for mass consumption. Q often confirms discovered truths with a simple acknowledgement of an anon’s post. The 40,000+ sealed indictments will eventually be brought before grand juries and to trial. It would be impossible to prosecute these cases with too much information in the public since it would taint any jury pool. Much of the details as to the reality of the criminal cases must still be closely guarded. But the high-level view is very consistent. These people are SICK, and they are STUPID.
There are a number of great videos on the Q phenomenon and history. This 15-minute video is certainly among the best and most popular if you need something visual and entertaining to share with friends (besides this series of posts :-)). This is well worth watching before we dig into more Q details in parts 2 and 3 of this series:

Considering Q’s anonymity, the cryptic nature of the communications, and the importance of what is being divulged, Q has to go to great lengths to prove they are who they say they are to establish and continually maintain credibility. The next section will focus on only a few of the major Q proofs out of many that have convinced millions of Q’s authenticity.

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