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We are truly All One on the Deepest Level
Humans..... Spiritual Beings having a Physical Experience..and Completely Forgot???
Evolving Spirituallly? Happy? on a Soul Level Especially?
The Package of Energies that you Now Have in Your Life Called Your Aura and then Some..
"The only thing that is real, that you can feel is now,
and the only thing you have ever lived are the moments you have not judged"
"God is all things focused for a moment on one." Pure Knowingness
Watch all of the Thinkingness Series !
Starseed that...
When you are Aligned to Beloved I Am Presence, with Intent in Stillness >Pure Joy...
85% of the world are below 200 log..on The Map of Consciousness !
That means they are Controlled by EGO, Ruled by Negative Emotions

We are told by David Hawkins..that if one works at rising their level of Vibration Sincerely..
They Rise about 5 points per life..!! the Average Person Unconscious.

Many Don't in Thousands of Lifetimes????
Like People who are Not Spiritually Inclined..

There are Those That Evolve Wonderfully ! Beyond That !

Not easy work ! However the Pay Off is Huge..Unto one's Energy Field..and Evolution.

What is mindfulness?
"Mindfulness" is nonjudgmental, present moment awareness -- being here, now.
When we’re mindful, we’re aware of what we’re experiencing, moment to moment,
without judgment or expectation. We observe our experience just as it is, right now.
To practice mindfulness, we often pay attention to things that we usually don’t notice:
This Means Being Present Now Fully
... Like the sounds you’re hearing right now ...
... or the feeling of your eyes as they scan this text ...
... or noticing how it feels to sit here in your chair ...
... Can you feel your next breath beginning ? ....
This is mindfulness.
You just set the Tone, where you are, by looking for things to appreciate.
And by setting your Tone in a very clear deliberate way,
anything that doesn't match it gravitates out of your experience,
and anything that does match it gravitates into your experience.
It is so much simpler than most of you are allowing yourself to believe.
Realize you don't have to think for all that you do, for when you are in Silence/Stillness
you Rise above the EGO, Transcend that..and you are then in True Joy !! Beingness
For most of what we all do as Humans is Instinctual..Automatic..Realize/Accept & Know that..
Knowing that the Mind becomes at Peace Relaxed...
Clarity comes from the State of No Thinking and Thoughts..All Day
It Never has to be a Struggle..It's all by Personal Choice..
You know the Voice in a Human's Brain-Head Running all day if Allowed..
Yes it is Overwhelming if that's where one is on the Path of Enlightenment..
There are much Easier Ways to Evolve Over Pains? All by personal Choice Again..

The Light is Coming in More..and So is the Awakening..
"The source gives to you that which you expect you are worth and only that much."
"To become peaceful is to do away with the facades, the illusions, the images,
that you wear for everyone and simply be free, wild, and wonderful to you.
To obtain peace you must be willing to give up your unhappiness and simply allow yourself to be."
"No one comes to you haphazardly. Each comes for a reason."
"Simply be. Do not judge anything." Judging is at level 30 log on the Map of Consciousness...
"This life is a conquest, a conquest of one's self. And that end is surrendering to the nobility that each self is.
You will conquer that which does not allow you to see that.
And being free of the altered self will allow you to be answerable to no one,
have dominion over your kingdom and, above all, be free."
"Being God is an action."
"Boredom is a sign from your soul that you have learned all there is to learn from an experience,
and it is time to go on to another adventure."
"Being God is an action. It takes great strength and substance for an entity to do away with the things,
of unhappiness because he is throwing away his identity."
"The master is when the God has come forward in full flower and is the personality,
and it sparkles and it is beautiful and it is without lack, and indeed it is without limitation and it is clear.
And it is an entity that lives in the present - always in the present. Everything is brought to the Now."
"All the games that mankind plays are illusions, for this reality can be dreamt away.
The real world is that which lies within you, the encounter with emotion each moment you feel.
The real world exists only from the standpoint of emotion, not governed by logic but by moving love."
"What I am teaching you here is that you have options, and to be wise in the things which you confront,
every day in your experience. For this reason the emotion that weighs on the soul determines your destiny."
"You are creating your life right this moment by how you think."
"You may have all the knowledge there is, but it is really nothing until you have felt it, lived it, experienced it."
"Learning knowledge is an integral part of enlightenment because the more that you learn,
the greater your paradigms of thoughts can be so you are not ignorant about the mechanism that you inhabit."
"The true companion in life is yourself."
"Failure is a learning experience, and what the\ultimate learning is,
is that there is no such thing as failure, for you have lived in spite of it all."
"To become unlimited is to be without fear, without guilt, without hate, without bitterness.
To become unlimited means you can love no matter what you see before you. That is becoming God."
"Only when you are thrust into the midst of what is being taught do you learn."
"You may have all the knowledge there is, but it is really nothing until you have felt it, lived it, experienced it."
When you are Overwhelmed, A Request to God/Creator/Beloved Spirit.
OH My Beloved Spirit..I Align with you Now..Fill me with your Divine Peace/Love/Wisdom/Power/Understanding/Will Now..
"Peace is the result when one has conquered his greatest fears."
"Never see anything that you do as a failure but see it as an accomplishment. Then you have never failed;
you have always learned."
"So I tell you that the root of every attitude is fear."
"You learn from all things that are in your way. You learn and overcome and are better for all things --all things."
"We make our Holy Spirit strong by providing challenges and lacks that it may be bountiful and triumphant in.
And the challenge is not what you can receive but what you can create."
"All things are temporal. The greatest lesson is learning to live with a joyous heart." -
"Be like every master who ever became. Find your conviction in the wilderness.
Find a tree that allows you to manifest underneath, and allows you, to teach you in the quietness of its understanding
Not wise to be in a Relationship with Someone who is Below log 200 and Not Empowering you..
to be all that you can be..Namely God Woman Realized..Purity No Ego/No Judging/No Labelling/No Comparing
When you begin to Meditate in Silence Everyday, you Develop wonderful Clarity in your Energy Field
Most on the Planet Cannot and Will Not Sit in Silence..Ego does not like that...
"Joy is the freedom of expression without judgment, the freedom of being without fear or guilt.
It is knowing that you are creating life on your own terms. It is the sublime movement of self allowed."
"If we are free from emotions, then we are unattached.
If we are unattached, we have no past. If we have no past, we are in the present.
If we are in the present, we have clarity. That is a master."
Behold the God Within Stillness/Silence Now
Starseed Claude

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Comment by Besimi on December 11, 2010 at 3:42pm

Words of Wisdom indeed,Claude :):):)  ...very helpful and encouraging .

...and thnx for posting those : Maps of Consciousness.    ...amazing charts.  ..:):):) love.

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