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Protocols of Zion Understates the Horrible Truth

Protocols of Zion Understates the Horrible Truth

July 15, 2017

"Speaking of Jewish conspiracies without discussing magic and occult powers is like talking about the dangers posed by snakes without mentioning venom and its effects on the human body, or talking about plagues without talking about germs."
Francis, a white voodoo adept, has contributed many articles to this site. 
by Francis 
The reality about Jews and Zionists is one hundred times worse than described by the Protocols.  The Protocols, though true as to most of what they describe, are a gross understatement of what has been happening, as Jules Verne who saw many modern things coming but not for instance the atomic bomb.  The real thing is just too monstrous not to get mad writing about it.
Here are some of the grave understatements about the Protocols :
1) No mention at all is made of black magic and sorcery, which is the real main thing about the Jewish phenomenon, of which debt finance and usury are but one iceberg tip.  
2) No mention is made of Kabbalah.  As I told you, you cannot understand a book like the Talmud if you deem it to be of mere religion, however perverted and inverted : if you read it as a grimoire, [a book of magic spells and invocations] then you start getting the gist of it.  
As Above So Below (2).jpg
Judaism is not a mere inverted image of Christianity as we know it, nor a brand of Christianity reserved for a happy few. This description applies more for Calvinism, which is Christianity as Jews like to pervert and manipulate it, but not the real thing they keep for themselves and for the witches and warlocks in general.  
Speaking of Jewish conspiracies without discussing magic and occult powers is like talking about the dangers posed by snakes without mentioning venom and its effects on the human body, or talking about plagues without talking about germs.
3) No mention is made of child sacrifice, which is as central to the Jewish phenomenon as eucharist is central to traditional Christianity, and without which no decisive political move whatsoever can be accomplished by the Jewish entity, hence the most serious sanctions that have been made into law in the whole modern world as regards « blood libel », even far more serious than those to be inflicted upon Holocaust deniers.  Acknowledging Jewish ritual child murder is far more important to discuss than denying the sacredness of Holocaust if humanity is to come out of such a grip.
4) No mention is made by the Protocols of the technological advances the Jews benefit from especially as regards media and electronics. The world the protocols describe mention technologies that never seem go beyond 1870 France or 1910 Russia.  Instant communication planet-wide is not mentioned.  Even cinema goes unmentioned despite the fact it was already invented as the book was published and would serve Jewry so decisively though Hollywood and other institutions.
5) The book makes no special mention of the US, despite the fact you must acknowledge the US founding fathers were all Zionists, despite the fact the country was explicitly founded as New World's Israel to be built as a tool for the rebuilding of Old World's Israel proper : the doctrine of American Manifest Destiny, already outlined throughout Francis Bacon's works.  
6) As regards Russia which was to be inflicted another Jewish-led and Zionist-inspired government capable of seducing the world through its lies, that is a serious omission.  The Protocols are written as if the main scene of their misdeeds would never cease to be Europe.   No mention is made of the fact they would do their best to move their financial capitals out of Europe and later on out of the White races, [which] they would try to diminish in numbers and rank through miscegenation and sterilization.
7) The book makes no mention of the state of Israel (even though it mentions the King of the Jews) nor of the Muslims as a force of paramount importance : you've got the impression such a future King of the Jews would reign from Poland or Lithuania.  That is a very gross omission because Albert Pike during the War of American Secession had already foreseen the future importance Islam would have to exhaust the West into oblivion.
8) No mention is made of climate control : the higher rank Jews have always been awful experts at it.  All revolutions of the past happened through control of the climate as well as of the money supply.  
9) No mention is made of direct crowd control through infra-sound used as a weapon, a thing that can be operated with mere drums if you know how.  
10) No mention is made neither of the very troublesome relation between Jews and the Black African world, which goes far beyond mere Jewish implication in Black slavery.
11) No mention is made of the counter-hierarchy of witchcraft in the whole world as being directed by Jews and as being the Jews' eternal main relay to keep humanity down.
 12) Very little mention is made by the Protocols of feminism apart from the trivial aspect of demoralization of peoples through immorality and debauchery.  The reality is that all occult sciences are from time immemorial under centralized control and that Jewry naturally arises as the capacity to perform them becomes an inherited trait.  
13) The magical mechanism beneath debt money is never discussed, only legal indebtedness is mentioned.  That is perfectly ridiculous for in the absence of such a magical mechanism military revolt against debtors would be very easy.
14) No mention is made of the fact that the Western Roman Empire crumbled under Jewish influence and that the dark ages that would follow were a time where they felt most triumphant, not forced into underground as official history loves to say.  
15) No mention is made neither of India, despite the fact the East India Company had been a Jewish company, not an English one, despite also the fact that two chapters of the Protocols too clearly seem to be a mere copy of passages of Sri Kautilya's Arthashastra (the Hindu treatise of Geopolitical Science, making Machiavelli proper look like a choir boy in comparison) to the point of mentioning the Hindu God Vishnu.
 The Protocols are genuine but in a very second-hand way.  The real conspiracy is just too monstrous to be described by such a book.
Note on Judaism- 
 One of the main mistakes is supposing that Judaism is a philosophy of both history and progress, like most well-known Christian cosmogonies, as opposed to cyclical views of history as are more characteristic of pagan systems.  This is wrong : historical time is as fiercely devalued in Judaism and in the general Jewish mentality in general as it may be in traditional India.  
Actually the mentality closest to real Judaism is the late Indian one indeed : there is no progress to expect for the world as it is subject to eternal laws and to no such thing as redemption, there is a progress only for those individuals who learn to learn and use its laws at their own advantage. There is no such thing as historical time for the pious Jew : when for instance the Pessach happened, all Jewish souls past, present and to come were attending by the mount of Horeb.  
The Torah read in the real traditional Jewish way is NOT a book of History, but a book of cartoon-like stories, conceived as recurrent throughout all space and time.  And it has to be read as a book of secrets so as to grow your ability to use the laws of the world at your own technical advantage.  
There is no such thing as historical hope, you have to develop your own cunning if you don't want to end up among the eternal losers.  It is a system of magic made into a faith.  The Jews thus conceived rather tend to believe not that they will be in full power over the rest one day, but that they alone have always been in full control of everything in the universe and that by original divine design no single thing outside their authority has ever had any efficacious will of its own, the only problem being that most Jewish individuals haven't yet developed the practical qualities and capabilities to be admitted among the hidden decision-makers.  
To have a glimpse of that mentality, please refer to Wachovsky's last episode of Matrix Trilogy, which unfortunately is very anticlimactic from an artistic point of view.  The ultimate lesson is that time is by itself both evil and illusory; there is no salvation for the one still acting within its confines.

Source: henrymakow

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