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PREPARE FOR ATOMIC MUTATION - Shifting into Immortal Morfic Resonance.

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Happy Holidays! Here we are, one full year from the pivotal galactic alignment and, wow, what a year of recalibration it has been.

As the old world is collapsing, there is a simultaneous emergence of New Earth structure. Everything is uncorking! With this accelerated emergence of new energy, we are connecting into a new morphic resonance that stabilizes us in the faster light velocities of expanded dimension.  All messages indicate that we are readying to experience a much bigger unlocking as a collective.

This idea of human metamorphosis is not really a choice at all. This IS the evolutionary momentum for the entire human race shifting into a hyper-dimensional planetary interface. With our conscious awareness engaged upon it, we can determine what types of adjustments are needed in this rather intricate process and to better serve those around us.

We have some exciting revelations to share…
The Galactic Plasma Ray ~ Holy Alchemizer

It is the Sun that is fully guiding us now and through its light, we are mutating to reach our full genetic human potential. We are in a metamorphic process of solar generated alchemy that is changing our bodies from a carbon-based blueprint to a finely tuned silicon-crystal system.

This is being greatly assisted by the super-charged plasma rays emanating to us from the very core of our galaxy. These rays have entered the Earth while discharging an ionizing type of radiation. As neutralizers, they are cleaning up the atmosphere, allowing it to expand and breathe more light, and altering our own atoms to do the same.

These solar generated particles have the ability to reach into our body’s memory fields, re-pattern the sequences, and override certain gene codes. They also have the ability to cut through to the nucleus of the atom, shift its chemical bonds and change the very make-up of our atomic structure.

Literally penetrating right to our own core, the action of this plasma ray effect is likened to an atomic accelerator. Its ionic particles are liberating the components of the atoms from their binding electromagnetic force. This alters the ratio of protons, electrons and neutrons so that we can vibrate in a much faster spin. This frees us forever from the carbon code.

It is the absorption and conduction of this rarified plasmic light from the sun that is greatly contributing to the alchemical transformation of our bodies.

This film, Solar Revolution, by the renowned German biophysicist, Dieter Broers, explains some of this quite well…20 minute clip and the full movie here.

Lisa Renee from Energetic Synthesis also has a lot to say about the solar Plasma Waves.
Physical Body Absorption – Some Challenges

The challenge for the physical body is to completely absorb this high frequency radiation.

Even though new light encodement may be around us, this does not necessarily mean that it can be assimilated. This can be attributed to the body’s morphogenetic field and its built-in memory program, which is around every bodily system, organ, nerve, muscle, tissue… and around every atom.

This can be why so many of us that have pure bodies and are the cutting edge of understandings are still experiencing limiting feedback loops and degenerative patterning. Having a pure body and peaceful mind is not the key to complete morphogenetic shift, not if the body’s communication system is still reading the old code and not if we are still with the same atomic make-up.

This old morphic resonance field is so strong that it is analogous to having an armored encasement around us. Within a lot of people, this mutating solar energy is meeting up against a frequency wall of dissonant harmonic. It cannot fully transmit so that we can obtain its optimal benefit.

We are referring to the point of convergence, where the two energy fields meet. Due to a variety of reasons, such as energetic vulnerabilities or lack of appropriate circuitry, this is causing blockage and a building pressure from within. This was referred in our recent article as, morphogenetic field implosion.

It is conceivable to think that this process can happen smoothly if the biological body can upgrade its internal communication systems. Blockages, of course, have to be removed and new connections established.

What would happen if we put more conscious attention upon a quicker dissolution of our carbon barricade so that these plasma waves can get fully absorbed to more easily fulfill their alchemical purpose?
Now Revealing…

The Morphogenetic “Stress Web” of Decay

We know that stress, in general, is a major factor of human mortality. Among the the leading causes of ageing and death in the United States alone, chronic, low-grade inflammation contributes to the pathogenesis of the vast majority. Of the causes of inflammation, bodily stress is the common denominator.

There are many different types of stress that fit into two main categories. There is short-term acute stress coming from the highs and lows of life experiences in general. Then, there is chronic stress that gradually grinds people down and eventually destroys body, mind and spirit.

There is another type of stress, not talked about by science, which seems to be the catalytical KINGPIN to all the rest and, quite possibly, the main cause of the human degenerative nature.

It is the morphogenetic stress web, which has its tenacious tentacles wrapped around all of our bodily matter. This stress web is what imprisons us to the carbon encodement. It ages us and sustains dense feedback loops, keeping us with boxed-in thinking, unresolved addictions, reactive emotional triggering, mental disparities, nervous habits and more.

This is an energetic encasement that shrouds every cell of our body setting up a ring-pass-not from the limiting human experience. It is likened to a carbon blockade fortified by an army of degenerative, time-coded programs that eventually stresses the body’s entire energetic matrix. It locks us up and keeps us spinning on the morphic wheel of decay.

In other words, we are programmed to eventually be at the mortal fate of systemic stress. The fear based morphogenetic blueprint feeds this monstrous stress matrix. It is also fueled by a genetic program that has evolved into place, layer by layer, as human consciousness progressed away from divine understanding and into severe states of limiting self-identity.

The declining ability of the body to respond to stress is primarily due to the constancy of identifying the Self with human mortality. This deeply held identification activates the degenerative program that runs the body through a time-coded ageing sequence built into the operation of the nervous and endocrine systems

When we reach a certain number of years, the biological age alarm goes off, initiating a cascade of pro-inflammatory genetic signals that ultimately results in deterioration, propagating cell death throughout the body.

Until we can break through this shell and release our true Self, we will continue to be grounded in the same morphic vortex of mortality. This is quite possibly a major breakthrough in understanding to help us make a progressive leap in our advancement as a collective!

So many of us have purified, transformed ourselves and reached the point of seeing the grander vision. We have even lifted ourselves from the struggles of life, but all the while, we are still encased in the degenerative shell.

It is from inside this time shell that the all-encompassing stress web adheres us to a locking mechanism, preventing the full opening of our crystalline seals. The stress web and the carnal locks work synergistically, one feeding the other.
Unlocking the Crystalline Seals

Programmed within us are certain impermeable energetic signatures, that when unlocked, override the human genetic code of degeneration. These ‘crystalline seals’ give passageway to the dormant DNA programs that are tightly coiled up, lying within the chromosomal strands.

There are many crystalline seals in the body, all interrelated and synchronized. They will all be eventually unlocked as we raise our vibration and progress into the expanded DNA expression. As one seal is opened, a chain reaction occurs to eventually open all the others.

This particular focus today relates to the crystalline seal of ‘Divine Immanence’. The morphogenetic stress web and its carnal locking mechanism imprison this God code. This is not just about intellectualizing that we are God beings. Opening this seal helps us to embody it, fully and completely.

KEY:  Release the Mortal Identity

To open this seal, we have to release our attaching identity to the human body as who we are. This is referring to the very deep mortal belief in death and rebirth and our emotional coherence to the form. Until we loose our consciousness from these concepts, we will not realize the immortal morphic resonance.

It is to know without any fiber of fear or doubt that we do not die and neither are we reborn. Our consciousness is vastly interconnected and it is ETERNAL. Our bodily form simply falls away when it is no longer needed. Reincarnation is a dogmatic concept that has been exaggerated far out of its context.

By living according to past timelines or in thoughts about who we used to be, about our age and eventual death, this perpetuates the program of human self-identity, and ultimately, degeneration in the genetic code.

We spoke about this in length in the article, Shifting into Immortal Morphic Resonance.

KEY:  Master the Human Perception

The other main key to unlock this particular seal is mastering the human perception. This includes the absolute understanding that all manifested creation in our life is a reflection of our own consciousness and where it is vibrating.

When we know that all in this dimension is a result of our projected thoughts and when we have stopped all complaining, all projecting, all fretting and going outside of the self; this is when the stress web will lift and the crystal seal can open.

We are like a family of chicks pecking our way out of the time-coded evolutionary shell. We were sealed up and sent on our way. It is when we could reach a point high enough in our ‘collective vibration’ that the shell could begin to break. We can see our freedom clearly now, but there is still some required effort to get our body all of the way out.

Let’s remove this shell together, shall we?

KEY:  Remove the Morphogenetic Stress Web

1. The stress web must be removed before the solar encoded rays and their ionic radiation can be fully conducted to mutate our atomic core.

2. The stress web must be removed to open the crystalline seals and activate more DNA strands in order to progress into our full human genetic potential. As advanced as we are in our intellectual understandings, many of us do not have the ability to pull this obstinate webbing up and out by ourselves.

If you are still experiencing such things as… unrealized abilities, sporadic manifestations, the effects of age degeneration, financial lack, and continuing mental and emotional feedback loops… you might be interested in our newest audio transmission and the supporting Solstice event.

AUDIO: Preparing for Atomic Mutation

SOLSTICE EVENT: Morphogenetic Stress Web Removal
We hope that you will join us… to help get yourself unlocked!

With all my love and blessings to you and your family during this extraordinary time. Have a wonderful holiday season.

Tiara Kumara Children of the Sun Foundation

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