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Power of Words
By Rainbowtide
Speaking the Conscious Language

In the past few years there has been an enormous vocabulary increase in the light language. Words have enormous power. The spoken word always manifests. Speaking the language creates a fluid of vibration. Sound is a pure essence of the universe. We master the medium with our speech.

Our language had become the "Language of Lack." The language itself was set up to express things in terms of lack, not abundance. Society itself is funded by and functions in the "Paradigm of Lack." This concept of lack leads to aggression every time. Every time we speak in terms of lack, lack is what we create. When we change our speech, all life changes--both personally and planetarily.

One of--perhaps the greatest of all--the false paradigms introduced to this planet is the concept that everything we require is somehow outside of ourselves. The Hopi Indian language realizes that everything is totally connected. For example, there is a language in the Philippines that has no past tense.

Words of Disempowerment


The word "should" implies that a belief system has been violated. That belief system is guilt. Using "should" causes the ethers to become sticky and slow-moving. A much greater effort is required to get things to move, once you have decreed that something should be done. The difference between judgment and opinion is intent. At first, replace the word with "could." Realizing that you "could do something" rather than "should do something" is inherently freeing. It changes life from obligatory to the voluntary. You are avoiding owning what you are saying by using even the word "could." "Should" is a Middle Ages guilt-manipulation paradigm that doesn't work anymore!


As soon as you use "wait," you have put yourself or someone else on hold. It seems that the faster you want to go, the more stoplights you get. This is the universe responding to your opposition to the natural flow of the cosmos.

Whenever you perceive yourself as waiting, in reality your timing is being tweaked. When you are feeling fulfilled, when you are enjoying life, being truly in the now, it is timeless. There really is no such thing as waiting. It's just a darker part of the illusion, the denial of self. Life is an endless stream of access points to fulfillment.


When used in a sentence the word "but" takes back everything that preceded it. If you say, "I would love to swim, but I'm afraid of the water," you are putting fear in the driver's seat. If you have said something you wish to take back, a proper term may be “cancel.” The word “cancel” does deprogram the ethers.


Fear of karma has been used to manipulate us into doing the right thing for the wrong reason. The concept of karma has become a burden. Karma is, in fact, one of the Cosmic Laws. It is the Law of Cause and Effect. As soon as we remember who we really are, the karmic patterns are no longer necessary. We can ask for angelic assistance in clearing the patterns in our life. The concept of karma is very old paradigm. Just agree to remember the lesson, effortlessly. Say out loud, "I change effortlessly by Grace, thank you!"


To try to do something is not to do it; it is to try to do it. The word presupposes failure. Can't=Won't. “Can't” is a word spoken in the universe of excuse and blame, not in the user-friendly universe. Instead use the word “attempt” or “intend.”


The word "need" takes our power away every time. It robs us of our ability to create. Whenever we use the word "need," we identify a fear. The word "need" prevents us from having. If we pray, "Dear God, I need money," the prayer is instantly granted--we need money! We all have 100 percent of what we need. It is noted that all creation begins with a decision to have a desire. We don't need love, we are love.

We give love, we receive love, and we request love. "Need" may be replaced by "I choose," or desire or create--or most powerful--wish. The word "ascend" has become a barrier. As long as we need to do it, it won't happen. We are ascended. This is the only Ascension Manual you'll never "need." Do it! If we stop using the word "need," our lives will instantly become less "needy."

I Think

The moment you use this phrase you give away your power to whomever you are talking with. Work with "I feel," or "I know," or simply delete.

Accident, Coincidence, and Mistake

Where is the border past which things are right and wrong? We are constantly programming our lives through the power of the words we use. It is time we speak in a way that better serves us.

Right or Wrong No Longer Exist

As soon as you make anything wrong, you are yourself wrong. What you may say is, "a concept serves one or it doesn't serve one." Thinking in terms of right and wrong is inherently judgmental.

Them and Us

There is no "them." There is only “us.” Sexism, racism, and patriotism are the worst of this dysfunctional paradigm.


Guilt is inherently about the past. This is always in a past in which you "should" have done something else. Guilt destroys. You may recall "having loved and lost," and because of guilt, not remained friends with a person you love. Guilt destroys love. You have been genetically programmed for "guilt." Guilt is the main way to control others. Guilt is the past tense of the word “fear.”


We do not learn here on Earth; we remember. We came with all knowledge, we only have to remember. Nothing is "learned" until it is remembered. There is only remembering.


We are given an assignment, or we set a goal. One of the major procrastination sub-modems is to classify a project as "work." Therefore, the fear becomes, "I won't be enjoying life, if I begin." This is a major myth. "When I play the assignment game, I am having fun and getting fulfilled at the same time." In fact, life becomes more enjoyable once you have begun, because the deadline is no longer such a threat.

As the saying goes, "What goes wrong is always something we didn't think about." Thinking about what might go wrong brings possible negative futures to the project. Being in this negative future paralyzes the present and nothing gets done.

The only way out is to arbitrarily break the cycle. Do the assignment when you get it. As a "deadline addict," you became dependent on this external structure to get anything accomplished. As a procrastinator, life is built into a tidal wave of deadlines.

If necessity is the Mother of Invention, boredom is the Father. In order to help with the reprogramming, I would like to coin the term "Thought Efficiency Quotient." This is an index of the number of thoughts necessary to accomplish a goal. These "wasted" thoughts over a lifetime add up to an enormous percent of the lifetime.

The essence of procrastination is the fear of commitment--not to the project, but to a fear of commitment to yourself! We have been programmed to doubt.

Planning is the female energy and doing is the male energy. I wish to delineate a clear border between the two processes. If you want a simple cure for procrastination, that would be, "Just do it!" So many of us are not afraid to die. We are afraid to live.

Falling in Love

When you become in love, you ascend, you don't fall. Another thing I adore is changing the standard greeting from "hello" to "You are my beloved," or "I open my heart to you."

Anger=Missing Information

Anger always equals missing information. As anger builds, before the brain chemistry becomes unbalanced toward acidic, quiet the mind and ask for the missing information. You now have the faith for the knowing of this information.

Anger means that your attention is requested on a particular issue. One of the things to love about anger is that it is a cue. It is the point at which you do something about a situation. It signals the time for change.


Fear is the root of anger. Anger, unhealed, turns into addictive behavior.
Hatred is a Mirror

We see in the mirror of hatred a part of ourselves. The other person we are looking at is reflecting back some part of ourselves that we don't like. What we hate, we recreate until we love it.

Aggression=The Mentality of Lack

Whenever you exhibit aggression, it is because you are functioning in lack.


It is safe for me to no longer perceive my self as fraudulent. I am no longer fraudulent. I own that I am not fraudulent. I am genuine.

A Life of Fearlessness

"Unknown=Evil." This safeguard was designed to make it difficult for people to awaken.

A Developed Immune System to Fear

Fear is the true form of pollution. In the forest, the trees conduct the negative energy effortlessly back into Mother Earth. Sprawling cities cover the Earth with fifty square miles of concrete. The fear vibration collects and intensifies.

Fear is only programming. It exists outside the self, and therefore you may appear to be subject to infection from it. Then we remembered Fear=Fiction. All fear is the same thing.

Every fear is actually the same thought. They all create us in a dark future. We're not actually in that future. We just think we are. Our lifeforce drains just as though we are.

Fear is anything that makes us feel bad. A dark thought in the past is called guilt. Fear is always the same. What we're afraid of isn't actually happening, we are just thinking about it happening.

Fear-Thoughts Always Drain Our Lifeforce

THE OFF SWITCH FOR FEAR. As soon as you realize you are having a fear-thought, Shut It Off! There is only one fear-thought. It's called the BIG LIE.

Fear is always based on a profound feeling of our own inadequacy. We humans have for a very long time been functioning with the false premise that there is “something to be afraid of,” an object of our fear.

The Big Lie is, "I am inadequate." "I am inadequate" is a corruption of the code that is each person's private access to the Godhead. "Big Truth," is simply, "I AM," or "I AM that I Am."

Fear isn't actually happening: People on this planet are raised to be extremely fearful. Fear is addiction, itself. We have become addicted to fear. Why we have been raised to be fearful: Throughout this book we have been talking about how thoughts manifest. What happens to it? Actually, it is food. Food for other-dimensional beings who are dark. They don't require the human race as their food. They just don't realize it. It has been well planned. We have been genetically engineered for tears, depression, anger, etc.

Ladies and gentlemen, we were food. Our fear-thoughts used to feed some nasty stuff. We stopped feeding them and they went away. Fear is boring.

Are Control Freaks Annoying the Feces out of You?

Bullies get more than lunch money, they get our manna (our life force). Actually you are still controlling yourself. The bully principal works only with your total cooperation. To enter higher-dimensional consciousness is to triangulate, to depolarize (i.e., balance, for example, the concepts of right and wrong). Then everything is perfectly in its place, all making the joy of wholeness. In this light, something isn't right or wrong; it simply is.

Our bipolar universe consists of love and fear. The human race constantly vibrates between these two opposites. First we love, then we hate (and destroy), then we love again (and rebuild). We are all perfect exactly the way we are. All controllers are operating from their own fear. Their fear is about their own inability to control themselves.

The cure for this external control battle, is to realize that it is an internal control battle, perfectly externalized as our life. Things we don't like to look at are the parts of ourselves we don't like to look at. The only control in the universe is internal control (self-control).

Therefore, the only work that can be done is work on ourselves, on our insides. "Wherever you go, there you are."

"When you function in love, your inside creates your outside. When you function in fear, your outside creates your inside." --Drunvalo Melchizedek

All Fear is the Fear of Separation

Emotions equal energy in motion. Sadness, anger, depression, loneliness, hatred, greed, envy, lust, and frustration are fear emotions. This means they are not really emotions. They are simply fear, and all fear is the same thing. Sadness is the fear that others will not understand what you have been through. Depression is the fear that you will change. Loneliness is the fear of separation. Greed is the fear that you will never get enough. Envy is the fear of imbalance, that someone has more than you do. Lust is a combination of all of them sent through a sexual pulse.

Frustration, being in a rush, and laziness are a fear of time. Any embarrassment is the fear that others will (won't) recognize your truth. Confusion is the fear of failure. Apathy is the fear that if you care, you will become vulnerable and therefore hurt.

In participating in love, you live. In participating in fear, you die. Fear is any thought that makes us feel badly. Our bodies easily recognize fear. Fear has more than trillions of disguises.

Wife, Husband, Marriage-All=Death/Slavery

Children have brought with them some of the greatest models of behavior available. Children on the playground agree that they will be companions (i.e., playmates). This agreement is set up for no particular length of time. You are the only thing that controls you. Please own this.

A Recovering Doubtaholic

Ahh… doubt is a discernment remembrance. It's situational, specific; it just depends.


We used to have a tendency to accept substitutes for love in our lives. "My life is quite sweet. I have no need of dietary supplements. Thank you." Love--accept no substitutes.

The Definition of Sanity

In the old paradigm, sanity was defined by living a life we hate, doing things we detest in order to support ourselves and our families. Sanity=Love. Insanity=Fear.


To say you are sorry is the denial of your own essence. You may say that you may not have served yourself or others very well by a certain act.

The Comparison Game

If you play the comparison game, you automatically lose. The one you choose is based on mood. This is the way it is in every comparison you make. You may prefer one, and that's it. There is a win-win outcome for everything.

Our Highest Good

It is our unconscious mind that creates the realities of life, not the soul.

Germs Don't Make You Sick--You Make You Sick

There are three methods we use to remember here on Earth: spiritually, mentally, physically.

1) To remember by spirit is to simply know, to know by Grace. If we are born knowing something, that means we earned it in a past life; we own it on a soul level.

2) Remembering with the brain: whatever input your brain has becomes saturated with remembering. Your spirit guides will spare no opportunity to put reminders in your path. Please write on a piece of paper hundreds of time, "It is safe for me to no longer be tangled in my own mind."

3) Remembering with your body: the body's main method of helping you remember is to put you in pain. Anything to do with the lungs is a "love of life" lesson. Any chronic pain is the result of refusing to remember a lesson again and again. Not remembering that happiness is internal, not external, may result in a lifetime of chronic back pain. Let's talk about Alzheimer's: in this case, the souls in question have spent a lifetime refusing to change the programming, period. The common cold is a vacation from life that we force the body to take. During the time you have the cold, usually three days, you are very kind to yourself. All malfunctions of the body equal some form of amnesia. You have forgotten to love some part of yourself.

The next time you get sick, give yourself a little credit. You did it by not remembering something. Realize that getting sick is a decision and only a decision. Go back and pinpoint the exact moment you made the decision to become sick.

Body-of-Evidence Thinking

To begin this section, let's define the word "skeptic." This term is indicative of a person who has a huge hyperactive left brain, and a little iddy-biddy dysfunctional right brain. The next time we hear people identify themselves as skeptical, thank them for admitting they think with half a brain.

Doubt is a barrier to progress. "I arbitrarily choose and create a life in which I am supported by people who are awake, magnificent, watching miracles occurring 24 hours a day! I choose, intend, and invest in boldly creating a much higher consciousness in myself. I do this effortlessly, by Grace. Thank you, angels, thank me, myself. This is my reality, even though the body of evidence states otherwise."


Therefore hope can be seen as an affirmation of doubt.

Words Of Empowerment

"You make money working for someone else doing something you have no real feeling for." Job=Just over broke.


"I make money effortlessly," will change us completely. The new program allows money to come from all directions. If one does what one loves in life, it is inherently effortless. Replace "willfulness" with the concept "allow." The use of the word "effortlessness" will delete willfulness.


Rebirthing=unconscious reprogramming. The solution is to reprogram our unconscious mind. This is done very efficiently by writing affirmations on paper. "I am pleasing to myself and others," will begin the reprogramming. The correcting programming may sound like, "It is safe for me to receive assistance from others." I can actually write, "Every day is my fortunate day!" I am happy with myself; I am satisfied with my life.

Self-Love =Self-Discipline; Discipline=Intent

Discipline is enforcing our own border through love (for self).

Love of Self and Love of Others

If you love self, there is benefit; if you love others, there is benefit. It's all the same.


It is safe to say NO! The old paradigm was, "If I say no, I'm a bad person." "I am guilty." Untrue.

Other peoples' opinion of you is much more likely to be an opinion of themselves than of you. Other peoples' opinion of you isn't even your business. Whose opinion of any one of us is the only opinion that counts!

Saying “no” serves to detangle us effortlessly. You may choose to do only that which you love.


Giving and receiving is the quintessential breath of the universe. When we receive, the world is a better place. I have offered gifts and had them refused. This is perfect. I choose many moments to take the opportunity to be generous.

Generosity is an attribute of strength, not weakness. Discernment plays the pivotal role. There are times to be generous; there are times not to be generous.

Beautiful Mind

If we examine the old thinking, it may turn out that it isn't our thinking. Any thought that makes us feel bad is a fear, a tangle. It's time to choose to think for yourself.

Alternative Incarnations

Who was I in my past lives? These negative patterns represent unconscious mind programming. Multidimensional life-viewing provides us with the objective witness viewpoint. Other incarnations reveal a series of events that help reveal where the patterns in the current life come from.

A future life may hold a particular remembering. We can return from the future to the present with this memory up on line. In other words, if we are healed in a future life, we can go and get that healing. The broken heart is healed at the moment it is no longer waiting for the other person to be complete, to function.

Love has been perverted into codependency in this society. The soul, over the timeline, has projected many bodies. It is no trick at all to project two at the same time, and two different locations. The concept of past lives is now called multidimensional consciousness, and we are all capable of exploring it.


You are safe or you are not safe. It has nothing to do with where you are or who you are with.

Decide if you are safe in your universe or not. Trust is in the same internal category. You can trust all other people by assuming that they are in the perfect place on their evolutionary curve. The question is, do you want to play with them where they're at?

Trust looks likes observing where others appear to be on their individual learning curve. Trust is trust in your own discernment. Do trust your own discernment.


I had a fear that affected every cell, every atom in my body. I had to pull over; however, I owned that fear, totally. Choice is an astounding power when we remember to choose the most loving response no matter what the stimulation is. We are omnipotent. Our true power is our ability to generate and beam love! Own it.

Imagination: The only place in the human mind where there are no limits.

It is your connection to "source." It is the ability to focus. Imagination is the most powerful thing in the Universe.


We have been programmed for our entire lifetime, both socially and genetically, to have certain reactions.


The word "meditation" means to listen. Meditating on a regular basis is a key to greater ascension. "I, for the next little while, will not be concerned with the cares of the world. This is time for me. Some being of the highest light speaks to me. I intend to hear you. Thanks."

The Parable of the Barbarians

What if we chose working on ourselves with that same fixed purpose of mind that the barbarian so easily held?

Rebirthing is the re-righting of the dysfunctional unconscious mind. In fact, the more excuses that one may find not to do something, the greater the good it will do. These excuses are in reality fear per se. I boldly embrace becoming conscious. I change effortlessly by Grace!


You spend all of your time knowing that everything has worked out perfectly.


Responsibility is the ability to respond. We all have such an ability in abundance.


Intimacy means "into-me-see." There are no secrets in the universe. It is more difficult not to see into our fellow being.


Intelligence is the ability to recognize and seize opportunity, period.

Words of the "New Paradigm"


It is only after we have blessed all possible outcomes that we can choose. "Whatever we resist will persist." It is by loving all possible outcomes, by blessing all possible contingencies, that we are free to choose.

Boy, Girl, Other

All men are really women, and all women are really men, energetically. This means that if you are male, your female built the male body. The body we're in attempts to please the soul occupying it.

The vast majority of species in the universe are androgynous. Three hundred years hence the majority of people on Earth will be in androgynous bodies. In our lifetime, we have seen the total dissolution of gender roles. America is the only country in the world that uses the word teenager. It is a word of disempowerment.

Those of us already owning our androgyny seem to pair with someone who is polarized male or polarized female. A true healing of this is to know that women are born with 100 percent male attributes up on line and functioning. And vice versa. Remember that in order to put up the other gender's attributes it is not necessary to take anything off line. The other gender's matrix is added to what one already has.

Sex, Sex, Sex

Sex was invented in order that the body itself may share in the love we feel for another soul. When we "make love," we do exactly that.

The reason sex is so forbidden is that it is just that important. It is holy. It is sacred. In making love, dimensional doors open. Making love is a divine meditation. It connects us to our own higher frequencies. In fact, technically, the word forbidden means "do it covertly." All, ALL, A-L-L sexual taboo is a myth when love is involved. Remember to enjoy love. Love your body. Love for your body! Your body loves you, too.


We have been ripped off by the telephone company for honing in on our telepathic ability. Telepathic dialing--as it turns out, the old witchy saying was true. Say my name out loud three times, feel the love between us, and I will come lovingly to speak with you.

Satisfaction Breath

No amount of food, money, sex, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, etc., will ever be satisfactory. We are all "trying" to fill a void that does not exist. It suddenly becomes obvious that satisfaction is internal, not external. We are satisfied or we are not. You can disconnect from any feeling of lack by thinking of it and taking a satisfaction breath. It is renewal itself. Enjoy true breathing satisfaction. Anytime. It's free as well as freeing.


When we are small children, we exist in a blissful state of timelessness. When we learn to read a clock, then we are on the clock for the rest of our lives. And so, the resentment of time begins.

First of all, we have never been given any information about time. Naturally, the question arises, "What is time?" Time is art. Time is consciousness. We create consciousness. Time travels through the galaxy in wave form. The idea is to "catch the wave" and ride it. Travel in space is hopping from one place to another effortlessly by thought, within the same wave.

Time Traveling

If you are in the now, being where you want to be, and doing what you love to do, you are in a state of timelessness. The trap is the "waiting" to arrive. When you are in the "now," then you are in a constant state of "arrived."

Fixed design is Sacred Geometry, the underpinning of the universe, combined with desire and intent. If a child is in the car, the litany is familiar: "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" The child was successfully trapped in time and is reflecting your frustration back to you.

We are modeling a new understanding of time. That is fourth-dimensional time. This is the application of Love Consciousness in every situation. Let's just call it galactic time, or time-consciousness. Think of time as an ever-expanding sphere, with the very epicenter of the sphere being the moment now.


If something is not yet to happen, then no amount of will can get it to happen. When you observe fatigue setting in, create a break. It serves us far better if you do not choose to become fried.

This is compassion for self.


Authority=Knowing. The word “respect” means literally “to look again.” There were two reasons we respected someone. One was fear, the other, love. The idea is to know our place in relationship to authority, not to give away our power to it.

In defying authority, we give away our power to it. Any argument was based on a fear that we didn't have authority. When life looks like constant scrapes with authority figures, it is because we don't own our own authority.

The physical body has a back-up system for the authority lesson. It is the neck! The number of rings in the flesh of the throat represent the number of past lives where we have defied authority and then been beheaded or hung.

PAIN=FEAR. To defy someone's authority creates them as an authority. Authority is in owning your “knowing.” Notice it may be impossible to look someone in the eye if we do not believe in ourselves. How about putting your own initials after your name? You are the greatest authority on yourself.

Command=Permission to Give Commands

Under some circumstances, it is appropriate that you ask for permission. Every time you move your body, you command. You are all God in your individual universe. Human beings are allowed to give commands.

“By your own power”: Permission means "per our mission." Command means "God together with man or woman."

Command your body to connect with the mother. Feel the energy come up through the legs. Build it in a ball in the kundalini chakra. Feel the love of the father (permission) coming through your crown chakra. Feel it in the heart. Then raise your arms and command your body to connect to the father universe.

The End

To no longer perceive reality made up of beginnings and endings frees us. If we stop using the concept of beginnings and endings, then we all live together as the ocean instead of the individual drops.

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