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Ladies and gentlemen, I have provided some links below someone was kind enough to put together for me, that explains much of what had to be cleared before finalizing the deliveries to everyone. We were not ever going to get these deliveries, as long as, there was any opportunity for the miscreants to get their fingers on the money. Legalities, the people have no idea even existed, had to be dealt with. This was the 'good old boys' network, they have been using all these years to keep their pockets filled, at our expense. The people have been no more than 'serfs' at best, as the fuedal lords used us to provide for their tables. I keep hearing references to the world court, yet the world court is where these things were filed years ago and where they got cleared at. Even the chief justice mentioned such things. The bad guys made it as difficult as possible thru endless filings to keep the crap kicking. I am sure the links below will give a better understanding of the huge amount of lumber that had to be moved to finally lock in the new global banking system, into which we will access.

Our people, the people with good intent for the whole planet, used their wherewithall and financial clout to end this business. They have gone after, 'the military industrial complex' and it's financing, they have put the people behind the 'usual suspects' and severely crippled them. People that you hear of all the time, really were no more than 'workers' themselves even believing they were in control. I'll tell you right now, many of them are sitting, totally gobsmacked, at what was dropped into their laps in the last few weeks. The real power on this planet never concerned themselves with people's prestige and apparent power, as anyone trying to stand in the way of the planetary shift will get run over by the mack truck coming. The one thing that was made clear this last week, 'they' are prepared to publically embarass any of them that want to 'show out'. There are those who dropped millions into these projects, that are very obediently standing by, as the way was being cleared. There just some folks on this planet that just can't be challenged without getting one's butt handed back to them, and they don't have to kill you to make the point. Nothing like waking up one morning and finding that your millions have suddenly disappeared and you can't even buy a cup of coffee...this is something some of the people you know about publically are experiencing right now. Word came to me a few days ago that one of them wants to make a public statement...what dude, you know who killed jfk and you want to tell it now for a little survivor money? After using th

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