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Poofness, 8-7-11…”The Great Finale…As the rats abandon ship for shark infested waters”

Poofness, 8-7-11…”The Great Finale”

Greetings and Salutations;

If I said it once, I have said it ’nuff times, I am the ultimate centrist. It may cost one points in the media but ultimately ‘right’ has to be distributed evenly, across a nation to it’s people. The tea party has to come to grips with the secret gov, the corporation, if they expect to create the change they want. These politicians have been working for that corporation for years yet, the people think this is about republicans and democrats, liberals vs conservatives. The corporation played both ends against the middle leaving the populace to take up sides when the ‘sides’ were both working for the corp. Many of you spoke with MK and he used to talk about the confusion that would be extant when the end came. You’d swear you were duped, it would never happen, but that is the moment, that it would.

Monday should be an interesting day, as the world figures out what to do about the down grade of the us by s&p. Funny how china already sold off those skid loads of treasuries months ago, they were holding. Someone out of china said, they were going to show these guys who is in control. That is what the stock market stuff was all about. A few years ago they dropped it to 7777 one day, which I found too obvious to miss. Sure enough I got a phone call, ‘How’d ya like that?’ Who’s your daddy? Still they bided their time as the trash was getting cleaned out. So this is not a case of any of these guys being surprised, they held firm to the idea that by hook or by crook, they’d win this game. You must dig down to the foundation of any structure if you want it to last, then you may find the foundation needs rebuilt, too. We are all living in such times and you and your children will live this change. (For those they still don’t understand, read the lyrics again until it’s clear, you’re going to need that noggin’ in the coming days)

You might find this interesting;

The intoxicated Federal Reserve chairman informs bar patrons of the... [note from KP: I inserted the headline]

Here’s something from an observer of the man everybody loves to hate, as they wait for more official dogma from the corporate boys about how ‘trickle down’ really works, tho there’s no evidence for it;

We’ll just call him, the ‘big guy’, he flew into paris the other night, complete with body guards and a brief case hand cuffed to his wrist, just like one of those james bond movies, and signed off on all this stuff also handled the rv issue, which was dragging. This person surprised many, few knew of him but his clout was unmistakable. He’s already flown back into the mists, done. The cheney fed web pages never saw that one coming but ya know a secret is secret. I smell another Heart attack coming. Nothing like being blindsided, in the money department. This has been the Art of War, after all. This negates the ’1984′ scenario they had planned for everyone and has thrown them into great disarray. It’s survival time as the rats abandon ship for shark infested waters.

On top of all this, coming to a tv near you will be the start of the venerable announcements. Then the whole of america will have much to work with in their grey matter. This will not be covered up by partisan media hacks, peace will be maintained as they expect some folks to ‘snap out’ when they are told the facts about what time it has been in america for over 100 years. Last year they all met on Jekyll Island to drink a drink to the good run they had and to acknowledge it was over. The only people that will shocked will be the citizens who’ve been too busy watching wrestling or some reality show. This will be better than anything hollywood produces, albeit, they have released some sobering things recently. My canadian friends, you too have surprises before you, we can just call ourselves the north american trading zone. That’s centrist.

The rumor is, everything starts monday. You know how I am about mondays, so we’ll see. So much has taken place this week, getting this dinar business done and taking the cramp out of frenchy’s hand. Big Money moving…all thru the new banking system. With all this sudden full action I might say the ‘rumor’ may be correct. I must note something that was told to me, when a person went to their top level of intel on this planet, and asked about obama blocking all these programs and reneging on the dinar, the inscrutable answer was, ‘perhaps you are listening to the wrong people’. Isn’t that just the truth about anything? There is a vast gulf between ‘believing’ something for what ever reason and ‘knowing’ it beyond any doubt. That’s why it is said, ‘facts are but accepted opinions’. We all know opinions are like fly crap, (those teeny black spots on your windows). You would need a hermetically sealed house to avoid them. We can’t live like that so we’re required to crunch the grey matter and take in all relating data, like it or not. I have read the ‘Bibles’ of several religions and can see the bridge in all of man’s sacred truthiness. That translation can throw a monkey wrench in things tho The meaning of words, by the people speaking them. ‘I know what I mean when I say God, what do you mean when you say God?’

Heads up, when the person knocks, rings the doorbell, wraps on a window, or waves you off the tractor, from that moment on, don’t talk about it, stay off the phone (they will be bugging phones)and they mean to make some examples of people who can’t follow a simple non disclosure. Instructions were written on a 3rd grade reading level to avoid any confusion. As I have said, face to face, is best. Work needs done, let’s get after it! Lafayette, we are Here!

Love and Kisses,

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