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Poofness 4_18_10 - - Volcanoes Blasting, Earth Quaking, etc, etc

Greetings and Salutations;
I've said enough thru the years to describe something coming, that's never happened in history before. When you look out at the planet now, unprecedented things are taking place, which can't be denied by even the most blind and set in their ways. I bow to the most conscientious who've not dallied from their tasks, tho people couldn't see how hard they were working or the level of heavy lumber they've moved to make this world a better place to live. Every head of state around the world knows what time it is . Every governor in the us knows what time it is, and no banker is ignorant. The goldman sachs thing was just the tip of the iceberg getting ready to blast fully into the public. As the 'borg' always said, 'resistance is futile'. It is an idea, whose time has come.
There will be those who test the waters to see if they can continue the past mechanics, string stuff out in court, keep things tied up for years but, woe is unto them because they will find 'the old grey mare, ain't what she use to be'. Precede at your own peril. The line in the rock came weds night and immediately things started hitting the public, whether they were aware of what was behind it or not. The forthcoming announcements will explain all, very succinctly. It will take a little bit before all is dropped on the public but that's only because it will take a moment for folks' grey matter to process. All that is unconstitutional will be gutted from everything, and everyone can just start with that, as to what's coming down right now. To be clear, I speak of the document the forefathers of this country signed with their own quill pens, written on hemp paper.
Every american will know, we aren't isolated here on 'turtle island' and our actions have implications around the world. We aren't 'grown up' yet and the older folks had something to say about what we were doing. Because of that, they have taken action. They care not about the spoiled child's concept of rule or ruin, except they know how to spank that child and send it to it's room, without damaging all the rest of the children's play time. This has greatly reduced the opportunity for collateral damage, which was never seen as a necessary evil. It never Had to be a mess, it just took deeper and clearer understanding and applied reason. Patience and application of wisdom, gained by years of observation. More years than anyone wants to imagine, by the way. As I was told all those years ago, 'if they fight, we'll bankrupt them'. Since the less than nice folks believe money is power, what would naturally happen if they were bankrupted? No further loans to support their crap, cripples the machine and brings it to a screeching halt. You, every reader is looking at the results. Watch and listen carefully. Don't believe everything your read and only half of what you hear. These are unusual times and things will be confusing for a moment as everything gets processed thru the grey matter. For example, people are being confronted with all sorts of things that, in a moment will be completely reversed. Prisoners of the corporation will be freed, making room for they who pushed their arrogance to the point of stupidity.
There's going to be a great lurch that will be felt throughout the world's populace, as all of this business hits the public. The first part of the movement has already started, as of last monday, as the un engaged their part of the transformation. The rest of this will not go unnoticed by the public because it will be public and personal. I know 47 countries are happy as pigs in mud as result, even tho they are keeping it to themselves for now. It's done so, I need not worry about my words messing anything up. The individual is protected.
Anyone who's had mechanic experience knows, if you are firing up a new engine, you let it idle a moment to make sure it's firing on all cylinders and there are no funny sounds, before you apply the gas. Well, this one has plenty of supply to run for at least the next 100 yrs so, stand by for someone rolling thru your neighborhood with the new fancy, state of the art, vehicle.
I'll be hitting more calls tomorrow, as time allows. I'll be answering those requests. Anyone else who needs a consultation before I have to shut up, speak now or just follow your instructions, when they come. Donations needed and accepted at account
Love and Kisses; (it's been real)

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