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Ladies and gentlemen, from the time I was sat down nearly 30 years ago, I have walked a particular path, despite being told how impossible my info and intel was. The info I was given at that time had already covered the upcoming debate and how outrageous what was being proposed would sound,(shifting the wealth of the world) even to people in supposed 'positions' in the banking world. After it was all laid out, the only question I was asked was, would I help if I was needed in any capacity. I agreed. Cooling my jets in the carribean and preparing to head for the location where I had been pointed, I was not particularly overjoyed when asked to return to the states, as my help would be needed. Oh, I was told why and it had to do with the upcoming confusion and mess that would ensue, as all would be coming to conclusion. My job was to hold the torch as the high winds blew, defending my position was unnecessary. The truth always manifests itself, which is why, you folks don't see me jumping into the middle of these 'debates' out here on the web. Not my job, there are others whose job it is to handle moving the heavy lumber out here. This is not to say, I'm immune to some of the outright crap I see flying out here but, I know it's a waste of time to g

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