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Greetings and Salutations;

As a man deeply involved in all of this is fond of saying, 'it doesn't matter what it is, it takes a week for them to do it'. Massive things have transpired since last sunday, which actually began thurs, a week ago. Constant movement to completion has been taking place. Many are distracted by the media events, which have been like spooks chasing you in your dreams, scaring the crap out of everyone, who lends them an ear. The native american shamans teach one how to deal with the goblins in your dreams, ignore them with your focus forward and they won't activate.

It seems I have to go back to something I haven't spoken of for a long time. There really is a world government and it has teeth, it's located in brussels. The bankers know this and have tried by hook or by crook to avoid it's edicts. American bankers trying to hide behind the us government or the fed so they keep the crap kicking. These international agencies like the world bank, world court, and the imf, know the score. They also know there are people on this planet who have more power and clout than the usual suspects here in the states. When those folks are dissatisfied with things, Brussels will hear from them, and when action is needed, they will move accordingly. These programs, because they have international implications, have been managed from that level. Even bankers are employees, if you understand what I'm saying here, step across some lines out here, they quickly are reminded of their place.

So, after everyone is done doing whatever they needed to do regarding these programs, whether it be trustees, the world court, world bank, banks, and IMF, brussels gives the final nod, THEN things proceed. We used to get that in world civics but for 'some' reason that information was abandoned from the education of american children. Americans have been left believing dc, ny, and london, run the show out here. The only reason these programs didn't drop in the spring of 03 is because the bush admin went to brussels and begged that it would be put off, because the us wasn't ready and used the 'national security' plea to delay things. That had nothing to do with the world court, specifically. However, when the bush admin, did not fulfill it's promises by sept of that year, brussels took action and brought in other forces, to bring things to conclusion. It took a 'little' longer but the action assured finality...'enter the dragon'. People are always complaining because I'm not a ratchet jaw, giving all manner of details out here. Some things are none of our business and it's not like any of the 'lenders' are anymore than recipients of a gift, so I see a lot people displaying 'entitlement issues'. Like my grandma used to say, 'don't look the gift horse in the mouth'. I'm not the only person out here with great contacts but I see, they aren't dropping what they know all over the net either. That's the fastest way to get cut off, as some things have a 'marker' on them and it can been seen were the info came from, if it appears on the web.

ALL, is done and the 'proceed' has been given, the moment is what they have chosen. They know very well, what the pressures are and know what happens if there is any messing around. I can tell you beyond any doubt, no one cares about appearences in us politrix, or what it looks like when it is shown the us bankers screwed the pooch, citi, boa, jpmorgan, and wells fargo, will be dealt with accordingly. This has gone on way too long and people are now breaking contracts and just don't have the spine to take their medicine. They are starting to look like 'squatters'. If they are too 'slope headed' to bend a knee, then their heads will be taken off, end of story. This fed story that's been running is great for public consumption but the reality tells a different story. The biggest fright out here is the start of the announcements, they know they are coming and I'm sure they've already started booking vacations to avoid public embarrassment. No telling who's already sitting on some island in the carribean.

Under present conditions, I see no reason for me to say another word in the public. I have my own 'vacation' plans set and ready to be enacted. My work is before me as I will be leaving this bivouac I've been on for 10 yrs and take a much needed sit down, before I get busy again. I suggest, everyone use the commom sense the good Lord gave you and don't take any wooden nickles out here. This is simple, so any complicated crap thrown at you, throw it in file 13. If you need me before I depart, email this address and we'll set up a consultation. Donations needed and accepted at account

Love and Kisses,


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