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POOF for OCT 31st: Be Calm, that Rocket 88 is Fired Up

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Subject: Be Calm, that Rocket 88 is Fired Up
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2010 19:12:35 -0400

It´ll Shine When It Shines lyrics
Ozark Mountain Daredevils

The old cat on the roof.
He could stand a little push.
Cause he has got nine good lives to live.

But like my Mama said.
You only live until your dead.
And you got to give & give & give.

There is a pebble in a pond.
Going on & on.
Making waves & tides & ripples & rain.
There is a leaf in the wind.
That don´t no where to end.
Chasing days & waves & wishes & dreams

Seems like everyone is out, looking for the sun.
Singing rain & pain on he who hesitates.
But it will shine when it shines.
You might think I am wasting time.
But I am just a good old boy that is learned to wait.

Wipperwil´s in the Dawn.
Pretty soon he will be gone.
But he has got one good song to sing.
But like my Daddy said.
It is in your heart not your head.
And you have got to sing & sing & sing.

There is a window in the wall.
Looking out on it all.
Leavin´ fears & tears & troubles along.
There is a fire in the stove.
Keeping out the cold.
Warming wine & winters & babies & homes.

Seems like everyone is out looking for the sun.
Singing rain & pain on he who hesitates.
But it will shine when it shines.
You might think I am waisting time.
but I am just a good old boy thats learned to wait.
Yes i am just a good old boy thats learned to wait.

Greetings and Salutations;

I want to thank the reader for this contribution of songs, it speaks mountains. I went to one these guys performances back in the early 70's and heard them perform the song, 'Lord Have Mercy on my Soul' at a county fair, it would go well here, too. Enter it into your google and read the words, might make you think. (rruh oh) Looks can be deceiving. That you must remember to not believe everything you hear and only half of what you see.

I was on both sides of the farm claims business so, I haven't a doubt the originals were paid. Some have said, I wasn't made aware of it so, maybe it isn't your turn yet. There were only 9 left from the 11 from feb 09, when they got their first tranche. That money sent to them came from hong kong, the funds to pay them wasn't here. Tho these words have not been stuck directly in my ears but this smells like the us is under a 'trusteeship', bills being paid by an outside entity.

Due the legal stuff that went along with this lawsuit, the big banks began immediately converting to treasury banks, it took a little longer than 24hrs but that's done. If you looked at the scheduling of banks to be basel 3 compliant, you'd understand that funny look on the teller's face when you ask them something. To go along with this stuff, you'd find out that very quietly bank ownership, has changed. JPMorgan/Chase and BoA, I might cite as examples. People say to me, I don't see any changes, some things have been very subtle and you could only tell if you knew what to look for. Again, the announcements will clear up a lot of things, that are sliding around in the background, while you think nothing has changed and all is status quo. The big picture completed itself, while the talking heads had you listening to the debates going on. I, too, await the chinese surprise that'll have everybody tripping for a moment. It's all good but highly unanticipated....oh, the inscrutable. The writers of the Art of War. One can win a war, without bloodshed.

Let me say this, and I won't repeat it; no way, can anyone steal anything and run anywhere with it. No political leader can snatch anything and pay somebody else with it. There are technical reasons for this so when I read some of this stuff flying around out here, that obama did this or did that, it makes me laugh on it's face, 'cause it's impossible'. Every country is getting their own money, that's the reason for the new system coming online, in the first place. Time to change from fiat to precious metal backed currencies and a lot of the bad guys are butt puckering, right now. I also see all these guys that think they know everything are contributing to the terror out here. Soros works for the rothschilds and they bent a knee to the dragons a long time ago. So do you think the man is stupid and go against his employers? I sure am not hearing all this garbage from they who have a reason to know.

Elections don't have thing to do with the timing. I think it would be worthwhile to rent or watch again, 'The Matrix' because that would give you an understanding of what is afoot right now. Much of what you are seeing right now, will remain in the matrix and never cross over into the new reality. That notice that arrives at your door is your ticket to cross over into the new reality, this is where your choice to step out of the matrix comes. Can you, will you? It won't be the same anymore, can you deal? You can't bring the old into the new. Tic tic tic..time is running out to decide, the moment of your decision is upon you. Many surprises await the world, we leave the flintstone world and enter the jetson's, well at least to those who choose that.

The bad guys know what's afoot and by the looks of the skies this weekend, they 'went for it'. Along the east coast of the us, they carpet bombed with chemtrails. Reports from all up and down the east coast came at me about their skies. Take a moment and walk outside and look and stop acting like that's normal. Contrails are water vapor and dissipate, chemtrails get fat and spread. Next thing you know people have breathing problems. Again, all this stuff can be fixed and will be. There are preparations ready to clean the atmosphere and the water and you will be amazed at how easy it is. BTW, there isn't chemtrails over china, wonder why, with those lasers they got.

No one cares if you're a democrat or a republican because neither control the money. All this talk about the constitution is a lot of hot air...which constitution are you talking about? If it's the one the corporation was using on everybody and supporting, people will find themselves jobless, not sitting in congress, pontificating. Hey, even Hilary found out this is no joke and time ran out on the old and she moved with great haste to 'make things right' with the folks that matter. That's the difference between being a survivor, and being stupid....yo moleman, you got anything else to scare us with? Stay tuned for the next offering of hot manure offered up on a silver plate, representing the truth. This is the end game scenario, they have no power other than than use talking heads to create confusion and a dire future picture. Personally, I've been waiting for Obama to 'go street' in one of these speeches and lose all public properness...lolol, if you don't know the streets, watch one of those 'period movies' from the 70's. Not sure I could hold it and keep my lips locked after being called everything but a man.

I've been told everything is moving to finality, the real trigger was pulled and paid. The banks went treasury, know it or not. The fellas are clearing whatever paperwork on programs they had left this weekend, and as the man said, 'I guarantee this will happen on a tues, weds, or thurs' so, keep your eyes peeled, the time has come to rock the world. Consultations available until the last moment.

Big Hugs and Kisses;


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Comment by Mr.Moet on November 1, 2010 at 8:18am
this dude has been talking the same shit for years...nothing being done..
Comment by ian on November 1, 2010 at 3:27am
mm my main problem with this guy is he keeps talking about currency backed by something. I really don't believe we need a "currency" that represents some kind of value.

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