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For all these years, I've been hinting at the real history of banking and finally it has gone public, which I view as a pre announcement thing so the public won't be fully stunned and they'll be more open to hear what they have been conditioned not to believe. As we have all heard, 'they who have the gold rule'.

[Begin text from Fulford's post, found here: ]

[end of material from Fulford's post; Poof continues:]

The hard doc is here;

I have been told this man is not a white knight or anything but, many of the less than nice guys are doing 'good faith' work, to clean up for past deeds.

Last week ended up being a sting operation and it was sold well, the info on delivery starting caused the cockroaches to come out of their holes preparing to make a huge haul on the unsuspecting public. Thus they found themselves in a trick bag and being dragged away to undisclosed locations, some getting 'dirty rice' for turkey day and funny colored water. There is a huge 'perp walk' in the offing, which I suspect will be like the nuremberg trials after ww2. From the activities this past week, there are many in america trying to get into a deep hole right now, before the wholesale arrests begin over here. I'm seeing now how they are making that promise fulfilled, 'the bad guys would not even sniff this money'. This is how you perform the 'Art of War'. Your future is not being determined by politrix. The widows and orphans will not be compromised by plutocrats and they who work for them.

This planet is much more advanced technologically then the populace has been allowed to know. We will now enter the Jetson's world and leave the stone age behind. They have been able to clone humans since 1947, think about that one and it's implications.The trouble with that is they have a short shelf life. The drug companies have been dispensing poisons to people and have been willfully doing it because it fits the agenda of the elite, 'thin the population', that ends too. As smart a these guys have been, they don't grasp their own limits and have pushed an agenda that was always doomed to fail. They can't control nature, there's always a snap back effect, if you try.

There's much more coming but I'm leaving that up to the official folks whose job it is to announce it, in both east and west. Word from the rafters says this is it...finally, and the countries, like 133 of them having their currencies revalued, will engage this week coming. Despite info out here to the contrary, the Rothschild were the first to deal with money they borrowed from the dragons, the cockroaches that didn't, oh well, Bye see ya have nice life eating crackers and government cheese. Should have followed the big r familiy's lead.

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