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Still we wait for the finality. It is not common knowledge that people we think of as 'vips' borrowed gold from the 'clans' to get to the positions they did. We have a tendency to think they were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, yet someone before them borrowed and just didn't share that info. Right now, all these vips are dealing with a foreclosure because those debts were never paid off. The interest alone is astronomical, never mind the principle. Agreements were made to settle these things, to clean up a good 300 years worth of business. Now, all you have to do is, understand that everything below these prime positions, are subject to what happened above them. In other words, crap rolls downhill. 'If you used my money to make money, that's my money, too'. Most have researched enough to know the FRB, we think of as american, isn't. So, now one has to consider those behind it's creation and what they owed. All of this info is held at the world court, so when the 'owners' walked into brussels and the hague and dropped the docs, these guys over here didn't have a legal leg to stand on. The filing began, only to have to have the hague, blow them off for lack of jurisdiction and standing. The bush cabal got confronted with that and lastly and most recently was the queen and her attorneys.

We are waiting but for one thing, the legal docs to detail who'll be running what for the next 100 yrs or so, to be finished. These decisions have already been made. So there's no debate involved here, just clear concise documentation, legally binding to stop anyone coming up with a challenge in the court. This will be some of the contents of the coming announcements so the people of this world wise up and never allow 'smart' people to steal from them again. That is also part of the regulations behind the new global banking system. One of the things made an order was that the american people be told what's been going on with their gov for quite a while now so, they'll never allow the system get compromised again. Jefferson warned about this but the people didn't heed, as wise guys proceeded to steal their country from them and turn everyone into their personal property. Tradable assets on the world stage.

All of the trustees are quiet, sequestered, and waiting for the word to come from the top of mt olympus, that they may 'go' and drop this, engaging the new banking system worldwide. Restructuring of all sorts of things goes with it and we Will be told, tho many won't want to hear it. This is a case of understanding, ignorance is not bliss, time for everyone to grow up and know how the world really runs. Adulthood is what is forthcoming. No matter what, a child will continue to grow, and that's just nature. A young nation on the world stage, must now go thru it's growth and become what was intended. Can't be an example of freedom when we ourselves are ignorant of our own slave hood.

That freedom is coming quickly and tho I have boringly been saying what seems like the same thing, when the moment strikes, you'll then understand, as these changes won't be anything you'll forget. Unprecedented. As the man in europe said, we'll be talking about it for generations, telling the children of when the world changed and how. Some in dc know the end of the road has come for the corporation and are quitting the gov. You'll hear about more resignations even amongst the bankers because the old is being put to the fire. I'm not in the middle of the folks completing everything I just know they are working hard without rest, the world needs the relief and they know it. Send an email for a consultation if you are of need and we'll hook it up. Donations are needed and accepted at account

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