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Please avoid this vaccine pass this as many peoples as you can...

Health Sciences Institute: Code Red Alert - Why am I getting this?

32 Girls Have Died

11,916 adverse events already reported to the CDCŠ and counting.

Pain and swelling. Life-threatening muscle weakness. Blood clots in the heart and lungs.

And the deaths of 32 innocent girls and young women.

You might think I'm talking about a deadly new disease or a global epidemicŠ

I'm not.

Sadly, it's more sinister than that. The health threats listed above have all been linked with Gardasil, the so-called "cervical cancer vaccine." And thanks to Pharma giant Merck, desperate parents and naive young women believe this vaccine saves livesŠ they couldn't be more wrong.

That's why HSI's Jenny Thompson has released a new video in which she exposes the deception for what it isŠand reveals some truly shocking information no one else is talking about.

And you are the very first to see it.

Please, if you have daughters, granddaughters or friends who might be considering this terrible vaccine, you must watch this video. And please forward it to anyone you think would benefit from the vital information it contains.

If you think you know the whole story on Gardasil, I think you'll be shocked by what you're about to see. Just click here to start watching the video . It's just a few minutes longŠand those few minutes might just save a young girl's life.


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Comment by Sara the Ultimate Crime Fighter on April 27, 2009 at 9:42pm
I got this vaccine. I'm still alive : o

I know about 20 other girls who got it. All of them are still alive as well.

However, all of us agree that this shot in particular hurts like hell.

I don't disagree with you though. Although rare, this shot can cause horrifying side affects. Like I said though, it's rare.

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