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Placentia – A Galactic History of This World

Placentia – A Galactic History of This World

March 19th, 2014 12:00

PlacentiaShipsPlacentia – A Galactic History of This World
Channeled by Joseph Antaree

Read “Placentia – A Galactic History of This World” 36 page pdf

Introduction, excerpt:

This communication is coming to you from the center of galactic government at the Great Central Sun of this galaxy, Immaculaceptor Synthesia, which means Immaculate Conception of the Synthesis. We are a special detachment known as the Galactic Elohim, who came to this solar system on special assignment long ago.

This whole Universe is one vast civilization of eternal souls existing together in perfect oneness of God’s Spirit. We know it as Galactica.

The consciousness of Galactica is oneness of all Life, from everlasting to everlasting. All Beings, all life-forms exist omnipresently here and now in the one timeless moment of eternity. Macrocosm-God and US, Its microcosms are co-creating the constantly growing Universe. Galactica, our civilization of eternal souls is all the oneness that Cosmic Spirit IS. This Universal Mind IS cosmic Christ Consciousness; it is God in us, our normal Awareness.

In normal Universe, there is no war, crime, disease, poverty or mortal death. Neither is there money or any form of buying and selling. Only Life, lived in the bliss of God’s Love.

These negative effects don’t even exist as words in our spiritual system, which is all a utopian paradise, made for continuous celebration, health and happiness. All things are held common and distribution is made freely to every soul in a body according to need. There is no work, as such, in normal Universe, only joyous service together. The souls in bodies create the things that are needed by everyone. In the twelve facets of communal industries in our galactic civilization, everyone learns through the doing. Everything is recorded as collective consciousness in sharing.

In normal Universe, the solar systems surrounding this Plentoria solar system all circulate in the space around the galactic Great Central Sun. The civilization on the 24 galactic worlds, which orbit closely to it, is the center of higher government of this galaxy. The GCS is where 12th density galactic space beings are coming from in causation spaceships to this special Carlanon planet. A Carlanon planet is a special healing planet, inhabited by time bodies “in anon,” the future, when this world is delivered back into full contact with Galactica. We are of these high beings who are here right now in great spaceships, and also on the planet in bodies a few million strong, ready to take Spirit God’s great master plan to the people that comes with full ETI Contact.

The planets, moons and suns, which grow in space, are all hollow and have large openings at their poles to the inside, with a sun in their center. Inside are wondrous natural environments along with air and water and all things needed to sustain life, which have all grown naturally from the original genetic endowment, and great cosmopolitan centers where people live.

The internal planetary sun has a changing energy level, to create days and nights, as well as seasonal differences, all of which is needed to sustain the souls in bodies, plants and life forms in their natural environments. All exists in perfect balanced harmony, guided by Uni-Intelligence. The Mind is in space, alive in us and broadcasting thru us as creative energy.

The Great Central Sun is the large sun which supports the whole galaxy, energy-wise. IT IS channeling the Universal Mind in all space; radiating pure, superconscious intelligent energies which animate all life, as well as creating all the facilities necessary to produce such things as eternal bodies for souls, that can teleport where needed. Spaceships from other galaxies come in thru this GCS nexus of energy.

Ch 1: In The Beginning Excerpt

We first came to this solar system about 6 million years ago in earth time. There was no life here, as we were told to expect by the Universal Mind. At our headquarters on Altamedia, one of 24 galactic worlds that orbit the Great Central Sun, we had previewed the condition here, including what had caused it. Then we reviewed the holographic archive in the Uni computer on ‘Carlanon planets’, special healing planets created with time bodies in ‘anon,’ the future.

The Universal Mind showed us how and why this Plentoria solar system experienced an atomic firestorm that burned out all life force and consciousness, leaving about 24 billion souls spaced-out in the auras of the planets where they had lived. Their etheric cognition switches were damaged to the point where manifestation in an eternal body (like human bodies, but ageless and infinitely radiant, with 12 strands of dna that carry holographic multidimensional ETI awareness) was impossible. All the planets were dead, devoid of life. The billions of spaced-out entities, their aura’s damaged, were all floating in the astral realms of their planet.

We arrived in a Mothership that operates thru causation technology in oneness with the God Force. We were sent here to set up a special healing planet whereby these spaced out souls could be redeemed back into eternal life through a process you call Evolution.

Read Placentia – Planet of Plenty and Rebirth


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