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"A life threatening disinformation campaign has been launched."
- Americas Frontline Doctors

Doctor Simone Gold is the founder of America's Frontline Doctors, a large group of leading physicians in the United States. They organized a White Coat Summit in which they explained how the news media, Big Tech, and government agencies are collaborating to misinform the world, driven by a criminal agenda. Their summit was viewed twenty million times, in a matter of hours. People recognize truth! Then they were censored simultaneously by Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. In this video Dr Gold explains serious concerns about the experimental vaccines that are unlawfully imposed on all of humanity, for a disease that has a 99,97% survival rate, while safe and effective cures are being hidden from humanity. 

Click this button to see examples of the worldwide disinformation campaign that is unleashed on all of humanity, driven by a dangerous political agenda. 

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