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Personal Empowerment 
4 simple steps to release any resistance preventing you from creating your ideal life.
Christy Whitman
  Who is responsible for your happiness?
Who is responsible for what manifests in your life, either positive or negative?
Who is responsible for your life?
When you can say, “I am!” you are experiencing personal empowerment.
 The truth is that we all create our own life experience.
We are all responsible for are own lives.
The problem is that many people do not believe this.
Most believe that some people have good luck and others have no luck at all.
They believe their power is outside of themselves.
We have experienced those individuals who just flow with life.
Their life seems to be a series of magical experiences.
Others have the exact opposite experience and their lives seem to always be a struggle.
They blame their partner, friend, family, boss, work, the government,
traffic and God for their misfortune.
By playing this victim role where they blame others,
they are dis-empowered and therefore can not change their circumstances
because it is all outside of themselves in things they cannot control.
 Why is it that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?
Why are some people considered lucky while others suffer?
How does one person have the ability to turn everything that they touch into gold,
while another can’t catch a break? The answer is very simple.
It is all in our minds and where we focus our attention, positive or negative.
 There are laws that exist in the universe and they apply to each and every one of us.
On Earth we have the law of gravity.
It does not matter who you are if you throw a ball up into the air,
it will eventually come down.
We are also governed by universal laws.
One of these is The Law of Attraction.
Whatever we focus our attention on expands.
We receive what we think about, whether we want it or not.
Our life experiences are based on our thoughts and our beliefs on any subject.
The thoughts we think over and over eventually become a belief
and become evident in our daily experiences.
So it all begins within our minds.
 Personal empowerment comes from knowing that you are the creator of your own experience.
It is being in alignment with the Universal Law
and allowing those laws to work with you to create your ideal life.
It is having mastery over your mind.
If it is true (and it has been proven that it is) that the thoughts you think
will eventually create your reality,
is it not vital to pay attention to your thoughts
and change the thoughts that are dis-empowering?
You are the one in control of your own mind.
By being in alignment with positive aspects and vibrations in the Universe,
you will draw the same to you.
Think positive thoughts and you will have positive experiences.
Think negative thoughts and you will experience negative outcomes.
Is it really that simple? I challenge you to try it for yourself.
 Imagine that your physical body is a pipe.
What naturally and automatically flows through you and out to manifest
as your reality is pure, positive energy.
We translate this as the feelings of freedom, joy, love, abundance,
success, and total well-being.
This flow from the universe is our natural way of being.
When we are in total alignment with this flow,
we are experiencing personal empowerment.
 What slows down and prevents the positive flow of the universe
from flowing is resistance.
Resistance clogs up our pipes.
It shows up as fears, doubts, worries, jealousy, competition,
lack, resentments, anger, etc.
We then experience the lack of connection with the Universe.
Because these “clogs” are in our pipe, we feel disempowered.
 What we experience internally is what eventually will manifest in our outer experiences.
As within, so without.
If you are unhappy with your weight, you are experiencing discord within.
If you are unhappy with your finances, you are first experiencing it internally.
If you are unhealthy, etc.
Everything is energy and the conditions of our lives
are reflected by the energy that we vibrate in.
 Personal Empowerment is taking 100% responsibility for everything in your life.
It is so empowering when we experience something that we do not desire,
such as bad health, debt, failure and know that we have the ability to change it.
We created it so therefore we have the power to change it.
Because our outer reality is a mirror reflection of what we are experiencing inside,
all we need to do is change what is happening internally.
By consciously choosing our thoughts,
we can be in constant connection with all that we consider to be good. 
We can go inside ourselves and become familiar with the thoughts
that we have been thinking.
We pay attention to our emotions and make the inner shift.
By changing the thoughts, we change the emotions,
and therefore change the outcomes of our lives.
We remove the clog that is in our pipe and return back to the natural positive flow.
 How do we unclog our pipes and return to the natural positive flow
in order to create anything we desire with ease and effortlessness? 
According to T. Harv Eker, there are 4 steps to change:
AWARENESS: Becoming aware and recognizing when you are out of alignment
                             is the first and most important step.
                            You do this by putting your awareness and attention on your thoughts. 
                             Are you thinking thoughts that are empowering or dis-empowering?
Once you have recognized the thoughts and identified them                                       
as empowering or dis-empowering,
try to understand where those thoughts came from.

How have these thoughts affected your life?
Are they new thoughts or are they thoughts that have become a habit?
These thoughts represent only what you learned and are not who you are.
You have a choice as to which thoughts you will allow your mind to think.
 This is the step where you realize that you control your mind.
 Your mind does not control you.
This is the step where you make all attempts to change the disempowering thoughts.
 This is where you use the power of intention to help you in your empowerment.
This is the moment to make a declaration of a different thought.
Repeat this new thought over and over.
For example, I (name) do not take anything anyone does, says, or feels personally.
It is absolutely your right for you to choose the reality that you desire.
It is your birthright and totally appropriate.
How you go about it is all within your control.
It is you that controls your own mind.
We are here to experience outrageous joy.
Clean out your pipes and allow the joy to flow.

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