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David Cameron has announced he is to resign as Prime Minister after the UK voted to leave the European Union.

Speaking after Britain voted in favour of Brexit, he said the “will of the British people” must be respected and it was an “instruction which must be delivered”.

He said there should be a new leader in place by the start of the Conservative Party conference in October.

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David Icke has claimed that the US and NATO sponsored wars in the Middle East have been taking place, amongst other objectives,  to create a wave of migrants into the EU to gain support for the creation of an EU superstate.

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David Icke – The Migrant Crisis – All Planned A Long Time Ago

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‘The prospect of being outside of the European Union is too much for some of the 16 million UK residents who wanted their country to ‘remain’. They have set up a parliamentary petition calling for a second referendum, which crashed due to its popularity.

Despite being set up hours after the result, the petition has already reached its goal of over 100,000 signatures. This means that it must be considered for debate within parliament within a year.’

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download (8)After an emergency meeting of EU leaders Jean Claude Juncker has said that the EU wants to negotiate Britain’s exit “as soon as possible however regrettable the decision might be”.

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Politicians from all over Europe are now demanding their own referendums on both membership of the EU and the Euro in the wake of the historic Brexit vote.

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‘The world awakens to the shock news that Britain has voted to ‘Leave’ the European Union.

Watch RT’s LIVE coverage of the #Brexit poll results and reaction’

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