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People have asked me if Mr. Benjamin Fulford's and Christopher Story's articles are 'true.'

People have asked me if Mr. Benjamin Fulford's and Christopher Story's articles are 'true.'

I would have to say.. Both are On Target!

While on the other hand, Christopher Story posted in his website issues which are familiar and having been reported to me by un-named sources and un-known to me sources.. which to my knowledge of the situation based on the Un-Lawful use of V.K. Durham's Durham Holding Trust, Tias 12087 Retired Corporation i.e., Cosmos Seafood Energy Marketing, Ltd; Nevada ID 1707-85, plus the "Corporation's and Company's allowed by Robert Rubin to be incorporated by those intending to Bankrupt the United States Treasury and Federal Reserve Bank making the Federal Reserve Bank Note called a US Dollar worthless.

Equally considering (a) My husband was murdered by those who for years had tried to file in the State of Navada "look alike" Cosmos Corporations (Bush and etals) by filing and playing games through Frankie Sue Del Papas Corporations Commissioner, State of Nevada, and (b) The untimate State of Nevada allowing a Retired and Held in Trust Corporation to be incorporated plus (c) The US Corporation and Company Corporations used for "Money Laundering" i.e.,

1. Depository Trust Co. 55 Water Street, New York, New York,
2. Inter-American Development Bank and those entities of Treaties international agreements other than treaties section 12087
which can be read at .

The international Banking Community probably never what was going on, and probably now, at this very time.. do not know where to begin to find the initial problem which brought all of this about.

I have tracked this 'problem' 24-7 and only due to answering my own questions; 1. Why is there a "do not investigate" on my husband's murder, (2). Why was I refused a Full Compreshensic, Forensic Autopsey to determine the true cause of death of Russell Herman as (a) the statements in the Death Certificate are opposed to the evidence as exhibited on the Body of Russell Herman [caution to be used these photos are graphic] . The lady in the background is me.. the gentleman is Russell's long time friend.. a Doctor.

Also, I have always wondered why after Novemeber 18, 1991 DHHS demanded my name off Russell Herman-Cosmos Seafood Energy Marketing, Ltd; Bank Account, and by mid 1992 my Work History had been deleated in the Department of Health and Human Services Records further showing I was deceased after the "9/12/91 TEN YEAR Term or UNTIL THE US DOLLAR PROVIDER WAS EXHAUSTED" Unauthorized use of two $120 Billion Dollar Collateral Instruments.


further see: A direct hit on Cantor Fitzgerald on 9/11/01 near 10 years to the date of the 9/12/91 Contracts
contains 300+ pages of information and confirmation of un-authorized of
Durham Holding Trust "Collateral" for BRADY BONDS etc, and more etc's..
[Not for sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office ISBN ]

Collateral Damage U.S. Covert Operations and the...
Collateral Damage U.S. Covert Operations and the Terrorist Attacks on September 11 2001_28062008. intelligence Russia banking covert foreign policy Government-US-Federal OR

Collateral-Damage-US-Covert-Operations-and-the-Terrorist-Attacks-on-September-11-200128062008.htm and on to



Considering Durham Holding Trust Collateral was illegally used by those named in both Mr. Benjamin Fulford and Mr. Christopher Story were involved [with the Clintons] in the before mentioned "Theft of Collateral and Global Banking, Financing and Money Laundering designed to Collapse and Take Hostage the Global Banking, Financing and Economics.. Per: Hatonn: Only VK Durham would know the truth.. I would believe it safe to say.. That is why DURHAM TRUST DOCUMENTS are on the internet for those "victim" Global Banking "Families" to be able to determine Real from Counterfeit..

Its always interesting to see people who have murdered, lied and stolen..squirm, wiggle and tell more FANTASTIC PREVARICATIONS to keep their heads on their shoulders, the tongue in their mouths and "their hands" attached to their bodies when they realize they are ultimately going to be confronted with HAMARIDIC LAW of the Muslims they defrauded out of Natural Resources such as minerals, water, lands and GOLD by issuing worthless U.S. DEBT INSTRUMENTS such DR. DEKU of GHANA which can be found at
and another at .

Thousands of people such as DR. DEKU were issued what was alleged as U.S. DEBT INSTRUMENTS which were collectable from the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve after term expired.

Even the WORLD COLLATERAL HOUSE i.e. BANK got taken in.. the CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY document can be read at .

Based on information the GAIA-EKKER'S or COMMANDER HATONN and etc has put out they make no bones about GOVERNOR JEB BUSH assisting them in this "U.S. DEBT INSTRUMENT OPERATION" and that can be read at ..

The documents listed here are Real
This is an example of a Counterfeit:

All of this makes one's heart break.. knowing the desperation and need of those Nations such as Dr. Deku's Ghana.

Since the death of COMMANDER HATONN (see: )
shake up after shake up is going on at THE WHITE HOUSE.., Patrick Fitzgerald expands his investigation to Switzerland (see:
(they missed the Grand Cayman Accounts in Chelesea's name) while in the meantime, back at the 'ranch' (WH) so to speak DRUG RUNNING is rampant in trying to get money available for the HIGH ROLLERS, HIGH BINDER OCCUPANTS (past and present) and other U.S. Reps aboard the US FEDERAL "CORPORATE" DRUG RUNNING & MONEY LAUNDERING ROLLER COASTER the plane with 5 tons of coke owned by "Royal Sons" involving Tom Delay Appointee to the Business Advisory Council of the National Republican Congressional Committee (see: )
which further involves financial involvement in 9/11/01 and other individuals under investigation allegedly involved in the WORLD TRADE TOWERS INCIDENT of 9/11/01.

Many involved have yet to be named such as: When Commander Hatonn died...the 'COUNTERFEITING OPERATION, MONEY LAUNDERING & DRUG RUNNING OPERATION' created a problem with those in the Royal Family allegedly closely involved with MEMBERS OF THE WHITE HOUSE EXECUTIVE STAFF and WHITE HOUSE FAMILY MEMBERS which also included 'blackmailing' which you can read about at
which at that time involved UN KOFI ANNAN'S SON "OIL FOR FOOD" which can be read in CONNECTING THE DOTS articles archived at
and further involving THE HIGH COST OF GAS at your local pumps due to
"PAYING OFF THE COUNTERFEITS" after the victims discovered what the GAIA EKKER'S were putting out that was alleged to be COLLECTABLE US DEBT INSTRUMENTS were "WORTHLESS."

As WE the People have difficulty in paying for the gas to take the kids to school, mom and pop to work, or Grammy or Gramps to the Dr... THE SAUDI'S reportedly (HSBC rep) have two story homes with vaults reaching to the second story roof "stacked roof high with shrink wrapped US DOLLARS"..

In the meantime THE MAKING OF A LOBBYIST article in HARPERS MAG exposes "Pacman" i.e., JACK ABRAMOFF the IFF/Pacman involvement as advocate for the Contras in Nicaragua and the mujahedeen in Afghanistan see: .

When Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation is 'all over'.. the global Money Laundering, Drug Running, Counterfeit Operation, SEC 'BLIND TRADING' of 8+ million shares/stocks that are non existent, PARMALAT FAILURE, ARGENTINA & OTHER LATIN AMERICAN NATIONS THAT COULD NOT RELY ON "THE BRADY BONDS" ..nor the Counterfeit US Debt Instruments put out by the GAIA EKKER'S..along with the two $120 Billion Dollar transactions authorized by former president Bush & James Baker III to use BONUS 3392-181 property without the owners permission which ultimately was reportedly underwritten by CANTOR FITZGERALD the first offices hit on 9/11/01 WTC Incident. The instruments President Bush & James Baker III authorized 9/12/91 were for a 10 year period ending on or about 9/11/01.

Where's the gold? Organized Crime 'puppets' sitting on bench's in the Courts of the People.. signed 400 metric tons PHILIPPINE GOLD over to the GAIA-Ekkers... See: GAIA MEMORANDUM. Re Gold Supply For National Currencies! and and
Better read the rest of this "BULLET TO THE EARS OF CONGRESS" and Ongoing Organized Crime's "Activities".. to WALK THE CAT BACKWARDS to FIND THE GOLD.. see:

“Bank account numbers, entities and trust documents also linked to former Presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton have been delivered to Fitzgerald by agents who originally leaked the evidence for the purpose of exposing the largest embezzlement of taxpayer funds in the history of the United States,” according to informed sources close to the investigation who spoke with

To get to the bottom of this Nightmare described by Benjamin Fulford, Christopher Story, Tom Flocco and V.K. Durham.. it takes all of us shareing 'information'.. That is the only way the 'HYDRA' will be stopped.

Christopher Story's accurate accounting can be read in :

Also at source which also names names and gives descriptions further making this an excellent, reliable source on current events:


In sharp contrast to the preceding report, we publish herewith, to begin with, detailed intelligence, the implications of which will be clear to ‘the interested’ and to close students of the prevailing unprecedented global criminal finance crisis, and on which we will make no further comment and will answer no questions. This is the first 'delivery' of such intelligence; and further postings of such intelligence will follow (in accordance with the sources' timeframe) until resolution.

The forthcoming issue of International Currency Review [Volume 35, Number 1] will publish original documents relating to the ‘recovery’ of the gold buried in The Philippines during the Second World War under General Tomoyuki Yamashita, creating new sources of slush funds for the manipulation of foreign governments and the financing of the US Intelligence Power’s familiar ‘Black’ and other operations on behalf of the White House and the energy corporations, and showing how the CIA [proxy for the overall US Intelligence Power, which includes the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI)] handled/handles the banks and depository arrangements, while the mafia was and remains to this day employed to provide ‘international delivery protection’ services.

This model has been extended, we believe, for general application.

Notes providing details of the sources of this information are given under Notes and References at the foot of the report; and the individual numbered items’ specific original sources are designated by capitalised characters appended to the end of each item, thus: (A), (B), (C), etc.

First, the following recent information has been brought to our attention:

• (1): On 23rd October 2009 it became known to us that former President George H. W. Bush had placed one or more persons inside the ‘CT’ Trust operation in order to ‘sabotage’ the release of the Settlement funds (A)

• (2): On 24th October 2009, the individuals referenced above (2 persons) were found inside the ‘CT’ Trust operation holding full banking codes with the intention of diverting funds during the “release” process on orders and with authority from George H. W. Bush and with the “blessing” of Rahm Emanuel, President Obama’s Chief of Staff (A).

• (3): When confronted with the foregoing, George Bush Sr. stated that quote “he will not pay [identity of key background figure withheld] or anyone else”(A).

• (4): On 24th October 2009, source was authoritatively informed that documents identifying the account numbers and coordinates of the Caribbean Accounts for George H. W. Bush have been filed with Mr Dan G. Blair – Commissioner, Postal Regulatory Commission, nominated by former President George H. W. Bush – and that this information was to be brought to the attention of President Barack Hussein Obama, but that Mr Obama’s White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, had STOPPED and PREVENTED President Obama from seeing the documentation in question (B).

• (5): The subject-matter of the documentation mentioned above referenced the theft of $12.5 billion (twelve point five billion US dollars), via Bank of America, Dallas, Texas – the funds having been illegally diverted on Sunday 18th January 2009 to the Carlyle Group under a Presidential Executive Order issued by President George W. Bush from the DTC suspense account which had been holding the funds for disbursal to CMKX DIAMONDS, INC. (CMKX – OTC) as the result of Court rulings involving the Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC) and the shareholders of CMKM DIAMONDS, INC. (B).

Secondly, the following historical information has been brought to our attention:

• (6): Mr Jan Morton Heger, Leo Wanta’s Attorney at the time, was attempting, in October 1998, to establish new bank accounts for AmeriTrust Corporation (USA) with the Bank of England in London, Midland Bank (London), and Barclays Bank (London). (C).

• (7): Attorney David McCall (of Gay, McCall, Isaacks, Gordon & Roberts, P.C., located at 777 East 15th Street, Plano, TX 75074), assisted Jan Morton Heger in the process of setting up the bank accounts. (C).

• (8): Among bankers involved in establishing the bank accounts for AmeriTrust Corporation (USA) were Mr James Denny (former Director of Midland Bank), Mr Thomas Hays, Mr Brian English, and Mr Brian Donnell – managers at Barclays Bank (London) – who are now running the operations. (C).

• (9): The “new” AmeriTrust Corporation (USA) bank accounts – with a different Federal Reserve Numbers approved and assigned by the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board (Fed)) at the time, Dr Alan Greenspan – were to “mirror” the concurrent Bank of America (Chicago) bank accounts of Marvelous Investments Limited [care of: C. E. Crowninshield, CPA, located at 869 Turnpike Street, North Andover, MA 01845], EIN 04-3371126, Lee (Leo) E. Wanta, President and CEO. (C).

• (10): Imelda Marcos, the former First Lady, Republic of The Philippines, refused to release her gold (asset accounts) held at bank accounts in Switzerland and “Lee Morris’ [Admiral Lee Morris, a.k.a. Woodrow L. Morris, a.k.a. Leon Morris of 7039 East San Miguel, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253] negotiated with Mr Ramos † in October 1998 for the “buy-back” of the Clark Air Force Base in The Philippines. (D).

• (11): On Tuesday 6th October 1998, Judge Ted Spence died, causing a “pivot” for Sheikh Bin Laden with respect to the intended movement of funds to the Middle East. (D).

• (12): A total of 25 AmeriTrust Corporation (USA)/Marvelous Investments Limited bank accounts were established – a fact that was causing much concern at the ‘top’ among the Active Controllers, meaning that former President James Earl ‘Jimmy’ Carter and the current EB01 [= Executive Branch 01 – Ed.], President William J. Clinton, could not see over the funding horizon. (D).

• (13): A total of 131 “boxes” were being utilized by Affidavit to obtain and use the ‘Deed of Trust’ at the Bank of England (London) for the said funding. (D).

• (14): These “boxes” were described in a ‘Talking Paper’ dated and sent by fax by ‘Lee Morris’ on Monday, 7th October 1996 to Michael C. Cottrell, B.A., M.S., in the following terms: (D).

“… The transaction involves 1934-35 era US dollar currency, bonds, debentures, gold certificates and various foreign currencies. The master inventory with disposition instructions and ownership data is too voluminous … and too sensitive to reveal… the boxes themselves are six (6) feet square and weigh about 2,221 pounds each. The total amount in each box is US$100 million…”. (D).

• (15): The Bank of England/Treasury (London) accounts set up for AmeriTrust Corporation (USA)/Marvelous Investments Limited were confirmed to have been established as of 14th October 1998 and were ready for funding from the Bank of America (Chicago) correspondent bank accounts, namely Chase Manhattan Bank (New York, NY) ABA# 021-000-021, for the account of: National Financial Services, LLC, Account # 066196-221, for further credit to: Marvelous Investments Limited, Account # FBW-027324, North Andover. MA [confirmed by email from LASALLE STREET SECURITIES, Sherry Carey, on 17th August 2004]. (E).

• (16): The cost to maintain and support the aforementioned accounts would be 120 basis points (1.2%) of each transaction on each account. (E).

• (17): Attorney McCall was to start transferring funds from the Marvelous Investments Limited accounts beginning with US$175 million on Friday, 16th October, 1998, for a total transfer value of US$1.125 billion (E).

• (18): The US$1.125 billion was to fund the issue and purchase of Senior Medium Term Bank Debentures from (E):

• (19): Marvelous Investments Limited, FED ID # 04-337-1126, located at: 4000 Steeles Avenue West, Suite #221, Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada L4L 4V9, Attn: Jan Morton Heger, Secretary/Director (E).

• (20): … via: Bank of America, 345 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA, ABA # 121-000-358; Bank Officer: Rick Megoza; Account Name: Law Offices of J. Morton Heger, Attorney/Client Trust Account IFO Marvelous Investments Limited, Account # 16647-00461.… (E).

• (21): …paid by: Bank of New York, 48 Wall Street, New York, NY: ABA # 021-000-018; Bank Officer: James M. Allen, Vice President, Nesbitt Burns, Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Contract Number: FF/AMB 980605.MIL/1075; Code: ST GABRIEL-JMJ/JUBILEE2000. (E).

• (22): The transaction and prices were approved by the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, Dr Alan Greenspan. (E).

• (23): Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan also approved the elimination of Marvelous Investments Limited’s operation, and the assignment of a new Federal Reserve Number and Contract to AmeriTrust Corporation (USA) – authorizing the issue of Senior Medium Term Bank Debentures via the Triton Trust (Cayman Islands)/Delaware (E).

• (24): AmeriTrust Corporation (USA)/Marvelous Investments Limited – since transformed into Barrington Investment Group, AG (St Gallen, Switzerland*), later Deutsche AG* (Switzerland), was also domiciled in Hong Kong with Joseph Ackermann – CEO of Deutsche Bank (Germany) and Hans Peter Breuer (Dresdner Bank, Germany) as operating officers of “Group AG, et al.” (F).

• (25): Fifty-one (51) programs with six trading accounts through BANK OF AMERICA via “Group AG, et al” were established and were to be operated by the aforementioned – with Attorney David McCall (Gay, McCall, Isaacks, Gordon & Roberts, P.C.) as legal counsel (F).

• (26): “Lee Morris” [Admiral Lee/Leon Morris] was “with” the CIA Director of Central Intelligence William J. Casey when he died. (G).

• (27): “Lee Morris” was an Aide to Admiral Stanley Turner, an Administrator for James Woolsey and Admiral John Poindexter, and served as Logistics Officer for Admiral Farley. (G).

• (28): “Lee Morris” was required to resign from Barrington Investment Group, AG [Deutsche AG], in January 2003, by the Active Controllers: Former President James Earl ‘Jimmy’ Carter, Former President William J. Clinton, and the then President of the United States, George W. Bush. (G). source:
Here's Benjamin Fulford's blog entry for Nov 27:


The old traitors and Nazis just don’t get it, do they?

The traitorous Nazi stooges in Japan have been trying everything in their power to steal money from the Japanese people in order to hand it to the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate. According to Black Dragon Society members the traitors trying this are: former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone and his son, former Prime Minister Koizumi, former BOJ vice president Toshiro Muto, former BOJ governor Fukui, former Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka, and Yoshifumi Nishikawa, ex-president of the Sumitomo-Mitsui Banking group. They are trying to cash Kennedy silver and gold-backed bonds. The Japanese police and yakuza have been informed and we strongly recommend to these traitors that they resume their lives of retired gentlemen of leisure instead of going to jail.

On a different front, although it is still not fully confirmed, we have reason to believe George Bush Senior and his wife Barbara have been killed. That means the new Nazi leadership consists of Henry (Heinz) Kissinger, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, Ben (deputy Fuhrer) Bernanke and that whole crowd of neo-con neo-Nazis. If I were them, I would be very scared right now.

When Paul Wolfowitz came to the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan, I asked him the following question: “In the Plan for a New American Century you called for a huge military build-up despite the end of the cold war. Shouldn’t that money have been better spent say, ending poverty and stopping environmental destruction?”

The entire assembled press and diplomatic corps issued a loud nervous giggle on hearing this question while Wolfowitz for a second displayed an expression of sheer terror. Wolfowitz later used 911 and the “war on terror,” as his excuse but that look on his face told me what I need to know. He knows he is being a very bad boy. I would like to tell you Wolfowitz that you had better surrender before it is too late. You can surrender now and appear before a truth committee in exchange for amnesty or you can wait until the wheels of justice slowly but inevitably grind their way towards you and you get the death penalty. The same goes for all of you Nazis. Surrender now with dignity or end up like Mussolini or worse

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