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Our presence is far more acceptable now than it was fifty years ago when we would most likely have been refused the opportunity to show up on Earth

Our presence is far more acceptable now than it was fifty years ago when we would most likely have been refused the opportunity to show up on Earth
"The Greys are in a different category, having been invited to Earth by your (US) Government many years ago in a secret agreement. They were allowed bases but not outside contact beyond the 'abductions', which are almost entirely with those who came to Earth for that purpose. It is stories like these that are kept under wraps, but will be revealed following disclosure of the whole UFO set up. You are kept ignorant of the Space Beings because you would have turned to them for the help they would have given, and that included making peace upon Earth. The dark forces do not have peace on their agenda or plan for Man, they have only been interested in global power and total enslavement of your civilisation ...."
The term "Higher Evolution" as used in this blog means those positive and highly evolved people who live most or all of their lives at a higher vibrational level than humans like you and me who are currently in physical incarnation here on Earth. Members of The Higher Evolution inhabit the higher dimensions.

Unless we are clairvoyant, we cannot usually, as adults in full waking consciousness, see the individuals of the Higher Evolution with our physical eyes. Young children can often see them, however, and sometimes refer to them as invisible friends.

Traditional Earth-based human mythologies refer to the Higher Evolution as angels, fairies, saviours, scripture-givers, saints, elves, helpers, God, gods, goddesses, medicine animals, wizards, spiritual guides, spirit, Holy Spirit etc. Different cultures have employed different nomenclatures and different metaphors in referring to our invisible, transdimensional friends upstairs.

The Higher Evolution is made up of a number of different sizes and types of people. Most of them, if they wish, can slow down their vibrations to a level where our physical eyes can register their presence as visible entities. We can see them. They can also take any physical form they wish when they present to our visual consciousness.

Some of the Higher Evolution are ascended humans or off-planet humans. We might call them spiritual masters or Ascended Masters. Examples are Maitreya ('The World Teacher' or 'The Imam Mahdi' or 'The Christ' or 'The Teacher of Righteousness'), Sananda ('Jesus of Nazareth' or 'The Pierced Messiah') and Violinio Germain ('St Germain' or 'The Comte de Saint Germain' or 'The Master Rakoczi' or 'The Father of the American Republic'). More about Ascended Masters can be found here and here. More about the Maitreya revelations from Share International Magazine can be found here. And more about Violinio Germain can be found here.

A human is an ensouled being with free will who occupies an Adam Kadmon type of body when on the physical plane (one head, two arms, torso, two legs). Most ensouled beings (most people), are not human. According to the Andromedans who have been speaking to Alex Collier and others, there are over 135 billion human beings in the eight galaxies closest to ours.

Some of the Higher Evolution are smaller than sub-atomic particles, but have an experience and knowledge millions of times beyond the combined experience and knowledge of all humans who have ever lived anywhere. Others are larger than the size of the universe as we currently understand that to be.

Some UFOs are alive; they are people. Some UFOs are not only bigger than any Earth city yet built, they are bigger than the Earth itself. Indeed one or two UFOs currently active in our local solar system are as much as 4.2 times bigger than the Earth. Images of these large motherships have traditionally been airbrushed out of photographs by covert security agencies. However some are beginning to come to light. For example, a cigar-shaped mothership can be seen here in a Hubble telescope image, and three can be seen here in some French reportage on the Hubble imagery. These motherships are associated with the rings of Saturn. Another large hexagonal mothership forms a cloud city above the north pole of Saturn (pictures here and here). These images were obtained from the Cassini spacecraft. The north polar Saturn entity is not the normal sinuous cloud structure seen on other planets. It is a long-lasting precise hexagon with six nearly equal straight sides and six corners. The honeycomb-like feature has been seen before. NASA's Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft imaged it more than two decades ago. The hexagon is nearly 15,000 miles (25,000 kilometers) across. Thermal imagery shows that it extends about 60 miles (100 kilometers) down into the clouds. Other UFOs look like planets or moons. Some have mountain ranges, forests and oceans inside them. Some have mountain ranges, forests and oceans as part of a self-renewing biological skin on their outer surfaces.

Many of the Higher Evolution live physical lives among us here on Earth. We just don't notice them. They are invisible to us, or we think of them as animals. In fact, they are animal people. Who knows? You may have one sitting on your lap now. He may look like a cat to you, but he is thought of as a Paschat Warrior up in the starfleet. (For Cat the ET see also here, here, here, here and here.) And, in a moment, you may be eating the flesh of another kind of ET animal person, sliced and cooked in the microwave. Other members of The Higher Evolution we do not notice because we deem them to be below our notice. Tramps, gypsies and vagrants may be more than they appear. Some of the most highly evolved humans yet to incarnate physically on Earth, we regard as being mentally retarded. Some of these are labelled as Down's Syndrome people.

Some extraterrestrials are human; most are not. Some intraterrestrials are human; most are not. There are vast caverns, tunnels and chamber systems deep within the crust of the Earth which are not aquifer chambers, and which are inhabitable, inhabited, or contain developed cities of a most advanced kind. Or they have contained such cities in the past. Most planets are like this. On Earth, the entrances to such underground systems are usually in remote forests, mountains, lakes or oceans, and the entrances are spiritually protected; you can't see them unless they want you to see them. Portals are people, too. Other entrances lie within the boundaries of secure military bases and gunnery ranges.

In this corner of our local universe, The Higher Evolution have an organisation called The Galactic Federation of Light. This was founded about four and a half million years ago to prevent interdimensional darkside forces from dominating and exploiting the Milky Way. At present, active membership of The Galactic Federation of Light numbers just over two hundred thousand different star nations, confederations or unions. Of these, about 40% are humanoid races. More information about some of the members of The Galactic Federation of Light can be found at Sheldan Nidle's site here. Planet Earth is not currently a member of The Galactic Federation of Light, but this is expected to change after NESARA, 2012 and First Contact.

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Comment by jose v on March 2, 2009 at 12:59pm
at night I always show myself by the window of back yard, My neighbord would think that I spy on he's wife. but my eyes are watching the sky.
I know they around here invisible to our eyes but visible to tecnology IR.
Comment by Andy (UK) on March 2, 2009 at 8:08am
you have far advanced technologies than ours, how can we refuse?
come on down

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