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About a month ago I read a post on this site about orgonite. I was intrigued. did my research and decided to order a pendant. I didn't really know what to expect, but was hoping it would protect me from the intense negativity that seems to prevail in my area of the world - living on the Gulf Coast - due to the oil spill. Things have been really rough here primarily with the economy which was already bad.

Anyway - enough of that. Everyone knows what has happened here and how our fishing and tourism industry is in shambles.

The first few days of wearing the pendant, I noticed I was more tired than usual. I had to come home at lunch to take naps. I wasn't sure if this was the orgonite, or if it was just the intense summer heat. But what I DID notice, was my vivid dreams at night. I laid the pendant next to my bed each night. I have had crazy dreams each night since. One in particular I would like to share because I have never dreamed about energy or anything particularly evil. I was in my living room and people all around me were afraid of something. My (now deceased) dog Brandy was looking at something in the room that was invisible, and she was growling. I looked toward it and saw something like an invisible mirage - much like the way the pavement looks when it is very hot outside - wavy, but clear. I got angry because this "energy" was evil and was scaring my friends and family. I started waving my arm in a circle toward the energy and noticed that I was creating a black triangle inside my circle. It started spinning and I sent the thought to the triangle to destroy the evil "mirage". The black triangle sprange toward the mirage and they both exploded. I had a wonderful sense of accomplishment - almost like a hero. I had killed the bad energy. Everyone started smiling and shouting with joy.

I did some reading today about dreams and orgonite and the most common thoughts seem to be that the orgonite does repel negative energy and "clears" them from your conscoiusness. Some people have terrible nightmares at first as different emotional traumas are cleared.

Any thoughts from anyone on this? I have had a vivid dream every night since I started putting the orgonite on my nightstand. They have not all been terribly unpleasant, but certainly somewhat disturbing sometimes. I remember them all - to this day. I don't write them down (I used to journal my dreams for years, but found that they upset me when I would re-read them later) because I try to avoid any negativity in my life.

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Comment by Jen on September 16, 2010 at 9:57pm
I ordered my pendant from these guys... lots of places on the web to order, and lots of prettier pieces, but i found these guys from david ickes blog and felt they were for real when they blatantly said that they weren't the prettiest, and if you were looking for beauty - go someplace else... but they tested their orgonite with pendulums for their energy. I agree...not the prettiest - but very affordable (my pendant was only $16 US dollars)...and from my experience so far - they know what they are doing. My pendulum is very small...and they sent an extra happy which is also by my bedside. Goodnight all. On to my dreamworld. This is such an interesting experience. Not at all sure I am comfortable with it...but if it is clearing out negative entities that are buried in my consciousness....I am all for it.
Comment by Vaddix on September 16, 2010 at 7:10pm
ive allways wanted to use orgonite, but there has always been one thing holding me back. Materials. I just cant find scarp metal shavings.
What kinda pendant did you buy? Im intrigued about getting one myself.

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