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Operations In Central Asia - 2 The Great Quantum Transition By Lev

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Operations In Central Asia - 2
The Great Quantum Transition
By Lev

After a delay caused by various reasons, the Lightwarriors’ ground team continued to unveil details of their operations in Central Asia from October 17 to November 14, 2022.

The final op in the Issyk-Kul region was the restoration of the damaged part of Tian Chan’s single oromorphic body, a special Life form and collective crystal consciousness in this part of 3D Earth (see, DNI, Operations in Central Asia, Part 1, November 24, 2022).

On a Subtle Plane, the mountain complex looks like a giant a scattering of precious stones, emitting thousands of colors and shades, a stunning cosmic symphony of high-frequency Light and Sound, harmonizing the space for thousands of years.

But after the Dark and Grays’ space fleet struck this area with a monstrous destructive force, the situation changed. They not only destroyed the diamond Portal of the Pleroma, formed here, but also installed a parasitic....+

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