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Opening to Leadership Responsibility By Steve Beckow

Opening to Leadership Responsibility
By Steve Beckow

The archangels are fully involved in our Ascension.

How many times do we get an opportunity to watch one working with his servant? Not many, I believe.

They’re working with every one of us of course. We just lack the record of it. Hence I feel an increased responsibility to share from my readings of co-creative partnership with Archangel Michael.

The minute Michael and I paused talking regularly (late 2020), we went back to working in the way that they work with all of us – whatever that may turn out to be for you.

I hear thoughts being put in my head. I feel the upwelling of transforming love when I think an inspiring thought. I sometimes get a bodily sensation which Michael and I have agreed is his signal for “Yes!”

But here he talks to his servant about the assumption of leadership. And I also want to talk about leadership in the time ahead because I think our time, showtime, is approaching. (1)....+

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