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only a handful of private individuals own planet earth.

due to conquering armies,
due to intermarriage among tribal family heads,
due to exploitation of the world's resources,
due to murder plots, assassination plots and company take-overs plots,
due to ancient languages foistered upon the conquered,
due to downright amoral empire building,
due to nuclear weapons and the threat of global annihilation,
due to PROFIT,
due to terrorism,
due to PRISONS,
due to taxation,
due to LAWS,
due to money,
due to COUNTRY,
due to prisons,
due to campaigns of racial prejudice and ethnic cleansing,
due to water rationing,
due to food and seed manipulation by huge corporations,
due to land lords and heads of state and royalty,

due to the the prostitution of clever individuals among their number drafted in to help enslave the less-well-educated and dupe the more vulnerable members of our global society, only a handful of private individuals own planet earth.

Or to put it more bluntly, "No they fucking don't."

This is not their planet.
This is not their country.
This is not their religion.
This is not their people.
This is not their oil.
This is not their wealth.
This is not their accounting chart.
This is not their battle ground.
This is not their mindset.
This is not their GAME.

I mean, "Who the fuck do these deluded imbeciles think they are?"

Big business has failed.
Patent privacy has failed.
Corporate government has failed.
Espionage and assassination has failed.
Empire has failed.
Taxation has failed.
Trespass has failed.
Communism, capitalism, socialism, zionism, fundamentalism, TV-evangelism, creationism, Big-Bang-ism, atomism, LHC-ism, 2012-ism, Facebook-ism has failed - the human race's potential can not be constrained by cheap impersonations of THE TRUTH.

This planet is OUR DEFENSELESS CHILD, that needs caring for and protecting from the likes of you and your GAME OF DEATH.

Planet Earth is the 'property' of all seven billion individuals, as custodians, as friends and colleagues of Creativity, Passion & Kinship. We shall not stoop to pimping it for you, the supposed controlling elite. It belongs to all the human race, as a gift from God (if you like), a celestial rock spinning through the infinity of existence.

This is our FREE PLANET.


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