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(Junior Galactic Federation Members)
By Akatu
Channel: Judith

Beloved Friends Of Light!

As We Move Forward In The Light Of Being, The Information Regarding Junior Members Of The Galactic Federation Will Continue!

In These Moments, I Will Speak About A Wonderful Race Called Okanu. Their Star Of Beauty Is Outside The Milky Way Galaxy. They Call Their Home Oka. It Is Accessible To The Light Forces And Contact Has Been Ongoing For Millennia.

As The Galactic Federation Became Increasingly Established And Known Throughout The Vast Cosmos, Visits With Many Beings Were Followed By Friendships And Invitations To Join The Light Forces. With Great Assistance And Training, Many Joined As Junior Members That Traveled In Great Motherships Alongside Members With Extensive Backgrounds Of Missions.

The Okanu Of The Galactic Federation Wear Blue Uniforms And Silver Boots As All Other Members. They Have Increased Technological Skills And Continue To Advance In Light!...+

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