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Below is an article that in my opinion is very revealing. The journalist is
wrong on many facts, but it is to be expected when agency boyz are involved.
Most notable is the connection of ARP-OITC, when it was made clear that there is
no connection to the sovereign entity the OITC. Also the talk that Mr. Scott was
relieved of his duties with the OITC. What I find interesting is the boasting of
Keith Scott about a high speed rail line from China down to Malaysia.

If my memory serves me correctly, there was a certain ambassador who also
wanted to build a high speed railway system, but in the uSA. Readers of RMN
would know this person to be Lee/Leo Emil Wanta. CIA connection perhaps with
Keith Scott? Readers you be the judge, perhaps, Mr Kumar Singaram would care to

An Australian man claiming to be an executive of a bizarre international
finance organisation has fled Cambodia, days after two of his associates were
arrested and charged with forging documents alleging connections with HSBC Bank,
the United States government and the United Nations.

Keith Scott, the “chief of cabinet” for the Office of International Treasury
Control, left his serviced apartment in Chamkarmon district’s Tuol Svay Prey II
commune last Wednesday, building staff said, after OITC chairman Ray C Dam was
charged with forgery on Monday by Phnom Penh Municipal Court.

Dam was arrested along with Soush Saroeun, the executive managing director of
local property firm and OITC subsidiary Asia Real Property, or ARP-OITC.

Scott said in an email yesterday that he was not involved with ARP-OITC,
though he defended Dam, who is identified in OITC promotional materials as owner
of the “Global Debt Facility” and economic adviser to United States presidents
Barack Obama and George W Bush.

“I have travelled all over the world while working with Dr Dam as Special
Envoy on his authority,” Scott said.

“If Dr Dam is imprisoned or if Dr Dam leaves Cambodia, the result is exactly
the same, there is no point my being there.”

The OITC claims to have been granted special authority by the US and the
United Nations, claims that have since been denied by American and UN officials.
The group says it is “the largest single owner of gold and platinum bullion in
the World”, claiming to control top secret assets and “treasure” all over the

Staff at Scott’s apartment said he had lived there since February, and had
already paid rent for the next several months prior to leaving town.

Neighbours remembered him as a talkative and eccentric tenant who boasted of
plans to buy the Himawari Hotel and finance a high-speed railway stretching from
China to Malaysia...

Rest of the article here:


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