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As we now move into this next very important time in your lives, just a few simple things as we stand here behind the short wall. You could say the bottom line is that the power is leaving. We’re saying farewell, and all things that you see now, all things that you observe that you might have otherwise judged as negative or bad, now observe how it’s just the power leaving. Observe how the power is it’s own poison to those who insist on drinking it in, because it’s trying to tell them to let go. There’s something of a grander magnitude.

In your own lives you know well enough now to stay out of the drama, stay out of blaming yourself. In your own lives right now keep things simplified. Simplify. Do that in a very physical way with your surrounding. Do that in your mind. Do that in all things in your life. By keeping things simplified, you’re going to find it much, much easier to move through these times. Less will stick on you. I’m not talking about throwing out everything you own. I’m talking about keeping it simple.

A lot of your consciousness right now goes towards managing a lot of details. I want you to take a look at things in your life: Are they necessary or not? I’m not just talking about the physical, but the mental things, the beliefs, all things in your life. Are they really necessary? Are they really serving you?

I want you to take a look also how much you are still treating your mind as a power center. Most of you have let the large part of that go. You’ve allowed yourself to open up into the divine and into the imagination, but you still rely on the mind as a central power center. Are you ready to let that go also? It can be frightening because you say “The mind is all I have.” But that in itself is the trickery of that power center. You have and you are so much more if you would just trust who you are and let it in.

What you have seen here in these past few weeks is a beginning. There’ll be more, it will be coming from many different directions. I’m not predicting doom and gloom, I’m predicting mass change. I’m predicting those who hold onto power are going to find that it’s a very, very unpleasant poison. And those who insist on being the victims of those with power are going to find it’s time to let that Old Energy go also.

Take a deep breath. Life is good. It truly is.

I Am That I Am Adamus Saint-Germain. We will see you soon.

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