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Obama offers Iran $1.0 trillion plus US missile technology to attack Israel and start Middle East takedown war.

The source of the $1.0 trillion inducement funds was a corrupt Chinese faction thought to be associated with the Ming gang in Beijing. Iran's questioning of Obama's Presidential legality had to do with his lack of a credible birth qualification to be in office, and the fact that he was only a patsy frontman for the constitutionally illegal Washington DC private corporation. He was the "President of the US corporation", not the President of the USA. In 2008, on a Middle East tour, Obama said to the US corporation-compliant Muslim oil nations: "If push comes to shove, I will stand with you (against Israel)." On the evening of Monday 19th April 2010, Iran informed the Obama White House that the Anti-Israel Treaty he had offered them in Moscow on the 17th and 18th April 2010 was null and void. The text was nothing more than an agent provocateur rubric. More here (19.04.10), here (19.04.10), here (19.04.10) and here (18.04.10).

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