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Greetings to all of you. This is that energy-being or vibration you call Hilarion.
Before beginning with the topic at hand, we will remind you of the idea of energy as used to connect to you.
You could imagine it as an emerald light extending from infinitely upwards through all of you down to the center of the earth,
and you are in the midst of this beautiful energy.
It is that which is clearing, cleansing, valuable, beneficial,
but see it also as that which allows you to release into the earth ideas,
expectations and denials that may be within you and holding you back from these simple truths we wish to present to you.
This topic, "The end of disease on planet Earth," is a grand title if there ever was one.
It is a topic that you are all aware of deeply within you.
Many of you have come to this planet to witness this change. It is not inevitable, but it is more than possible.
It is contained within you genetically to understand the nature of disease in the first place.
The intent of our willingness to speak with you about this topic and to share the information is to articulate several facets.
First, to allow an awareness of this possibility within you
on some level that is personal to your way of thinking, of feeling, of sensing.
The end of disease on Earth is not a fluffy fantasy or a diversion, it is a truth, a possibility,
a reality and something that you can know.
Second, we wish to provoke you to search, to discover and use that which is unique and special in you, to bring this into form.
For after all, that is what we are about -- provoking or helping people in some way,
pushing them along or sometimes just reminding them that they are in material form to learn about the material world
for the purpose of bringing form into action, into reality.
Third, and perhaps most important, to recognize with you that the purpose of disease on Earth,
much more than being an intellectual purpose, has to do with love, and is a way of understanding your fellow men and women,
all of the other kingdoms you share on planet Earth (the kingdoms of the animals, the plants, the air, the Earth herself)
and of course the spiritual orders, the devic orders, the nature spirits and so on.
The point of this is that you begin to recognize that from the purpose of disease comes an entire understanding
of life that you already have, though you have yet to bring it into full consciousness.
By choosing to become more conscious of the fullness of life within you and around you,
you complete the learning cycle in a very deep and real way, and you need the disease aspects no longer.
If any one of these points brings you a deeper understanding of disease, then we have been successful;
but more importantly, because you do not have to have empirical evidence for this. It is simply an observation,
from our vantage point, of what you are here to learn from disease, among many other things.
Each time you get sick, each time there is something out of balance within you,
there is a lesson or something previously unknown and unconscious now coming to the surface.
That the imbalance shows up as disease in your physical body indicates that
your being has had no other way to remind you of this,
and has not been able to share this view through your emotions or your thought processes, or your dreams.
Many of these may have come first. Many of these may have reminded you,
and you have not heard or listened or learned for some reason.
It could be just too much stress, too much to do. It could be it is a very important lesson from past life time incarnation.
It could be because the knowledge of this confronts your understanding of yourself
and you would have to change in a way you do not consciously welcome in order to accept and learn the lesson.
Whatever the reason, what usually occurs in this process is that the body, by some means,
reveals to you that it is out of balance.
The body is indicating a problem: something it feels is wrong.
At that moment, at the very first understanding of this, take the time, energy,
effort or whatever it takes to learn what the purpose of the imbalance is and why this is coming into you.
Not why at the cellular level, at the genetic level, at the disease level,
at the scientific level - those are all very nice and very important, but well-covered by others.
Instead, learn in yourself what the purpose of the imbalance means to you.
You will generally come up against a wall of resistance of some kind.
An important principle to recognize here is that the potential within you equals the resistance
that you come up against multiplied by that which you allow to flow in the world. Potential equals resistance times flow.
That means that if this resistance is there, you know there is also a potential waiting to come through.
You will note in this that the potential will manifest subtly in the symbols that are directly associated with the disease.
Your body and all its various component parts and interrelated systems serves you as a symbol.
(We have spoken of this extensively through another channel in the book called "Body Signs."
By way of an example, look in yourself to a time when you had a little twinge of pain in the knee.
Recognize this as symbolizing a way of showing you the combining of the earthly (represented by the lower leg)
the emotional and the physical,
with that of the more spiritual aspects in your life (represented by the upper leg),
which include the mental as well as an understanding of higher reality or the higher self.
The integration of this is symbolized by the knee.
You can avert the knee problem when the twinge begins by taking the time to absorb that lesson of integration
and by looking actively in your life for such a thing.
This sounds very simplistic when applied to the great difficult diseases, like cancer, AIDS and many others.
Here you can recognize a pattern, often of denial, which is more complicated.
This has gone on sometimes in only one lifetime.
You have attracted the disease to you by some means and,
in this lifetime, you are unwilling to look at the lesson;
this becomes then the source of the resistance and further denial.
Denial is a funny thing, you know. It puts you into position where you don't see it's there.
The denial tends to cover itself up. Yet as you look and as you meditate on it,
as you ask for dreams about it, little inspirations will come.
One of the reasons you have attracted disease into your life will come to you. You can then ask for help.
You can get help from your friends through their opinions and sometimes their ideas.
If you do a therapy that is holistic, that changes the cellular structure,
that brings the inherent healing abilities out then these ideas will come more quickly.
Antibiotics or vaccinations or things that do not accelerate the inner healing process are less productive
than those things that naturally accelerate processes of inner healing.
The denial will present itself and you will be able to deal with it more easily.
This does not guarantee cure because, in so many individuals, they have a very powerful lesson to learn.
It is a pattern that they have dealt with in many lifetimes, and it is possible for intervention to come here at a physical level.
This intervention could be doctors, or healers and others,
but you must understand that the reason they are drawn to do their work is not just because of making money
or willingness to help in the general sense.
You will be drawn to that healer, and they to you, to exchange life lessons.
That healer will have something to learn from you, as well as you from them.
You can remember your own value when you come to a healer saying, "You are my last hope.
You are to help me. I can do nothing for myself."
This attitude is useful because it allows you to surrender and usually tends to dissipate the denial,
but it sometimes keeps you away from seeing your own uniqueness, your own truth, your own love.
As you go deeper into this, you may begin to recognize that there are many solutions.
Those of you who are the helpers and healers can similarly keep in mind that in order to help others you need
to remember the need you have to heal yourselves.
How many of you are perfect in your body, your mind, your soul, your spirit, all the way through?
We aren't just snibbling over details here,
because there is within you the idea of this perfection and you can come to it.
Yes, you must heal yourself as you heal others.
The trouble is if you look really bad, people aren't going to trust you.
They are going to say,
"Well, he can't heal himself even to get rid of that baldness or that particular skin condition
or his obesity, how can he possibly help me to do that?"
Present to your client the specifics that we have mentioned:
that you are here not only as the healer to project a healing energy, or to use technology appropriately,
but also to counsel and to help them understand within themselves the reason they have attracted this.
You can then say with total honesty, "I am struggling with a particular life lesson myself,
and that is why I manifest these particular symptoms that you are seeing in me.
It is not an excuse, it is simply the truth as to who I am."
If then, by example, you are able to reveal some of your own life process, your life lesson,
the universal law that you are dealing with, this deeper level of understanding and revealment in your process,
you can set an example for that person and actually make it better for them.
And so it is good, deeply good that you have something to work at in yourself,
for then you have something to use as an example. Is that too simple?
You must understand that the flip side of this, not just that you counsel them but that they counsel you, is also there.
And some of those you work with will be brought to you because they actually have something of value
for your little problem or your big problem, whatever it is.
What they are there to share with you may have a lot to do with your path because unless there is some way
in which the vibrations of your two souls can come into harmony
and resonance for at least a moment or two, there will be no healing.
And those other people, the ones that you can't come into vibrational resonance with,
those are the ones who leave you and say, "I don't like that person, I'll go somewhere else."
The reason you can come into this place of resonance is that your souls have a similarity;
You are connected. You have a vibration to share between you,
and this bridge will be there with every being that you are able to help at all.
Sometimes it is necessary, though this sounds absurd, to ask for it from them:
"Now that we have dealt with these things, and you've paid me (or you've received the healing or whatever),
perhaps there is something you have to tell me. I don't know what it is but perhaps it is there?"
Even some statement like that can be quite provocative and helpful in what you do.
So, we ask you to work with that question, from the general and into the specific.
It is a way to bring the uniqueness of everyone into form, and it will assist you in discovering new options.
These new options and solutions to various very difficult health problems
have been with humanity now for only a short time, a matter of about fifty years or so.
Your society - as a mirror or a "reflection" of your inner attitude, has suppressed these inventions,
these ideas, these technological shifts.
This suppression takes place for several reasons -- the obvious one being greed,
as well as an unwillingness to accept change, and also your dealings with power and darkness
and light and all the usual battles that are brought into form by so many of you.
But, there is another reason that is a much grander part of this plan,
and it is the essential core of what we speak of today:
Is humanity as a whole ready to let go of the path of disease as a path of learning?
This question can not be answered simply with an
"Oh yes, I think so" unless that is coming from all of your being, your soul, your past lives, the core of you, your essence.
It is humanity's very nature in accelerating and knowing that essence that it reaches out to all of humanity.
And so then, this becomes very much a societal issue, a political issue even, if you wish to examine that.
The interesting thing about this is that your society is now amidst a great deal of change.
It is coming to new ways of recognizing and working with
the negative thought forms that would say these ancient ways of healing,
now made anew, these new discoveries and other things are not to be used.
Instead, your society is saying: let us look at these possibilities.
Let us examine them and let us dismantle the institutions that are holding onto the aspects of resistance
and denial to these new technologies.
Let us dismantle them and change them.
But, when you have a disease and you see that the technological solution is your only solution
(which as we have already said it is not), then you may feel quite desperate, even quite angry at these institutions.
You are not easily able to see that their understanding of you and your condition is a reflection of you in some way.
Are we suggesting that it is time to forgive the Food and Drug Administration,
that it is time to forgive the American Medical Association, the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute?
Should you necessarily forgive many of these organizations that have a role to play in suppressing what is new,
and a public relations policy to promote their ideas rather than these new ideas?
No, but forgive them in yourself -- the part of you that would in some way say,
"I am not willing to accept a new idea from someone. I am not willing to examine my own level of denial or resistance."
This is very important, not so much for the people who are struggling with difficult illness,
but for the majority, those who are healthy, because they are the ones who are setting policy here.
They are the ones reflecting their own vision and ideas, and that includes many of you here.
Then would we be saying that we are calling for a change in these institutions
and how they reject and change how these new ideas come into form?
Yes, but the change comes from within you first.
And from this way, it is actually possible to forgive these organizations.
To understand the story and history of institutional suppression from a purely technological point of view,
we would certainly suggest you study or examine the books "The Healing of Cancer," and its companion,
"The Cancer Cure that Worked!" both by Barry Lynes .
These books show the story in a new way, as a whole endeavor.
Taking on the medical establishment and challenging these institutions as a whole is not the only way
to bring change to your society and to begin letting go of disease.
The "business" of disease and healing can be made "personal" by you and you can yourselves
become the models teaching a way of service.
Business as we perceive it and understand it, as we have detailed in the book "Vision,"
is a rather artificial set of things.
You utilize money in order to signify some way of giving and receiving, of sharing your love in the world.
Might it be a little simpler to do this directly?
Because there is something that you really love to do, you do it in the world and there is someone else
who loves to do what they want to do and they do it for you.
Sounds very utopian doesn't it, and how is it going to pay the bills?
Well, under such circumstances there aren't any bills.
Simply understand within yourself then that it is possible to change this reality and,
in the meantime, you are stuck in the middle.
You are between the two worlds: that of the old way in which the money was utilized as a substitute for love
and that which is the new way of service.
So you have to make do with it as fits your own personality, as you can accept.
If you can only accept charging a certain amount for a service, then that is what you work with,
and somehow you then come into alignment within this in yourself.
We have extensively commented on this in the tape now called "Meaningful Work:
Money, Service Love," and we refer you to this, both audio and video versions.
They are sort of fun to look at because they stimulate this aspect of
how you see for yourself that which is perfect for your own being,
which will be different than for someone else.
For as you are healers, you have to pay your bills too and you have to understand the balance of this with others,
and this is definitely important.
The process will also show you a spiritual aspect of yourself because the money as representing love,
even though it is by the old way, the Piscean way,
it still is a truth for you and that truth must be accepted as it is appropriate.
Let us look at this deeper issue of disease as it comes into your life, brings to you the inner life lesson,
and offers the knowledge of your being.
You are required to change.
Sometimes the change does not look very good when you start.
If you then ask, "Where is the part of me in this? Where is my essence in this?" "Where is love in this?"
Look for something that you honor, that you find important in your life, and say, "Where is this that I hold important?"
As this answer is revealed to you,
you are then presented with the first handle to take hold of this life lesson and bring it to you.
In the case of cancer, if you learn that life lesson only to the level of fifty percent
(meaning that you understand it and create it in your life essentially half the time, in half of your consciousness,
with half of that which is important to you) the cancer will move into remission.
There are many cases of this - and of course the doctors have wonderful names for it, but in yourself,
you are different when you accept that inner lesson.
Then ask yourself: If you would create that much suffering for yourself, that much struggle,
what kind of an energy is your soul? Is this a horrible over-shadowing force saying:
"We are going to make him sick in order to make him learn," or is this perhaps only one side of the truth?
Maybe the soul is saying: "I love this being so much that I will do everything within my power to project this lesson,
this love, this understanding, this awareness into that being?"
That is the soul's job, when you separate from the soul and come into incarnation.
Oh yes, that separation is there. You will have contact with the essential soul energy from time to time,
but to always have it with you, well this is called enlightenment.
In the state of enlightenment, many things are possible including spontaneous healing,
the end of disease and the way in which this is ended for others.
But there is more, there is also within you the merging of potential and flow and the end of resistance.
For disease represents resistance in your life. It is really that simple.
As you come into deeper and deeper contact with this lesson of disease and you become more aware of
its essential core and you change as a result, you then must face usually one very clear, very deep issue.
This is what you will notice in your friends who struggle with cancer,
and it is the part that you cannot talk to them about.
It is the part in yourself where the denial runs the thickest and it usually has something to do with loving yourself,
with recognition of God within your being, with an acceptance of the higher self as an important part of who you are.
That is the lesson of your soul and you as one.
Before you incarnated, you decided that among the other things you would know would be this inner knowledge,
this love, this way of helping, this way of loving.
That is what you are here for. Some of you come here to work out the karma
(meaning the cause from a past life manifested now as an effect with the disease in this life),
specifically to balance and create this energy that then allows you to notice love.
Usually this is the hardest part in dealing with the deeply denied issues around difficult chronic diseases
because you come up against it and can not accept it at its magnificence.
To lead you in a little meditation will assist.
We would like you to think for a moment of someone who has an illness
(not yourself, please, although at a later time, when you are more practiced with this technique,
you can do it with a second image of yourself).
Think of somebody who has some difficult disease, something they are struggling with -
someone you care about, and allow your breathing to become easy and steady.
Imagine a beautiful, full light as if from infinitely upwards pouring down into you.
Give it a beautiful color - perhaps a golden light, an emerald light, a silvery light, a beautiful white light.
Let this energy move through you and stimulate you, helping you to be this higher self that you know within you.
Rise up into this light in your imagination and from this high vantage point,
held within this beautiful light, look down on your friend who is struggling.
Ask within yourself, "What is this person's uniqueness?"
Let an answer come into your consciousness to reveal some specialness of that being.
Now, recognize that from our vantage point, this is how we see every one of you.
You each have this specialness, this uniqueness, this special way of being on earth
which is so different from everyone else, and you are very much able to contribute and share this with others.
If you can remind your friend of this now, energetically by your vibration, by your love,
you will actually usually have greater impact than if you can tell them about it in person.
So now, imagine in your heart the same colored light forming itself into a beautiful ball of energy,
and in your mind's eye or physically, you extend your arms
and let that beautiful ball of light energy now move out to your friend.
Holding the vision that you have of their uniqueness, transmit it to them lovingly, as if you are saying not just,
"I love you," but, "I honor you; I honor the specialness in your being."
Now return to your physical body, to come back into consciousness here, and be aware of the room and so on.
This is a little portal thing, it is to shift attitude, not to create dramatic energy change,
but for some of you who really do care about your friend and do recognize this specialty in them,
you will indeed be contributing to their lives. Next is the greater question:
Why then would one wish to incarnate? To balance or just so you can become a better person,
just so you can learn more or make more money in this world or perhaps have more friends?
No, nothing like this. In fact it is so that you can appreciate and understand the oneness of the cosmos,
perhaps that is your unique life path.
Perhaps you incarnate to understand in some deep way what it is to be -
perhaps is is to know in yourself enlightenment or the way of God;
or perhaps it is some way in your self in which you wish to see a form of the creative urge,
creative understanding as something magnificent added to your world so that earth herself is made better for it.
These are grand schemes.
Because they are so grand on a galactic scale,
they must revolve in time with the principle of universal principle, universal law, universal understanding.
We have detailed this extensively in our little book called "Vision," and the tapes on the Universal Laws.
These are twelve universal principles, each of them relating to your manifestation here,
and that, then, is the real secret to disease on earth.
Understand that with disease there is within you a universal principle that has been disobeyed,
that has been somehow neglected, that has been denied or perhaps (and this is really more common) you are aware of it,
you are aware of the energy within it and you do not want to yield to it and be one with it.
The use of the term "universal law" has some connotations within it that are very difficult.
They sound a lot like the edicts as to how you are to behave, dress, act in your society and all of that nonsense.
However, what we speak of goes to a much higher dimension,
plane of existence and understanding at the soul level.
Universal law is understood and held throughout the universe by beings on all dimensional levels.
Some of the universal laws such as the Law of Opposite Expression
(a thing and its opposite tend to be created together and work together and be allowed in form together)
will not show themselves in an obvious way in other parts of the universe.
You do not have to have healthy people living along side of diseased people because the Law of Opposite Expression
under some of these other societies
who have understood this then relates primarily to the understanding of light and darkness,
and in their society they have chosen light and allowed darkness to be on other worlds.
For instance, some of this darkness is around here, as you have noticed on earth.
In yourself, you have these universal principles embedded in cellular memory.
They are absolutely necessary for the incarnation in the first place.
They are the principles by which a form in idea comes into a physical form in the body, in the life, in the reality around you.
As you balance and come into contact with these universal laws, experiencing them within yourselves,
playing with them, understanding them, you may suddenly notice in your life an acceleration of karma.
Things happen a little faster. Many of you are already experiencing this.
You don't have words for it such as, "I happen to be working with the Law of Opposite Expression,"
or the Law of Karma or the Law of Reflection (as above so below),
but you will understand that as you approach this actively, you actually prevent disease in the first place.
This is a very hard concept to understand because it is really so simple.
It is the way by which you actively seek out and work on these universal principles.
It is fine to do this intellectually by considering how in your life you are not obeying this principle or this other one.
It is a fine thing to begin this way, but you will find within you that the real crux of the matter is in the emotions.
That there is a part of you unwilling at some level to accept and, ultimately,
to actively manifest one of these universal laws.
This is very hard to understand within you.
You would say, "I wish very much to help my planet, to share my life with others, to help people,"
and so on, but look carefully.
You may not be using the Law of Help deeply within you because you are not willing to ask for help.
Somehow, deep within you, you are going to do it yourself, by hook or by crook.
With every universal law there is some inner emotional principle that will usually hold you back
from a deep understanding of it, and this has been repeated in lifetime after lifetime.
It is the feeling sense, the emotions, the heart sense that continues from lifetime to lifetime.
Sometimes, an example can be quite helpful for you in coming to understand these universal principles,
so let us assume that a client or a friend may come to you speaking of a problem with a fibroid uterine tumor.
She is dealing with her acceptance of the entire reproductive system and what it means.
The fibroid tumor has generally been in most cases benign and now even accepted by science
not to be necessary to operate unless of course there is great pain, excessive menses or other difficulties.
This condition represents a blockage to the reproductive and creative force.
Usually, the individual would deny some level of sexuality allowed to move through her as a functioning way
of expressing herself in the world.
We are not talking about becoming a stripper or a prostitute;
we are referring to the way the individual expresses the fullness of her creativity -
the same part that is regenerative, generating life in the world,
bringing this sense of beauty and love that might be similar to a child -
is an energy not willing to be shared with the entire physical body.
As an example of the life lesson, this individual may have come often into this reality to understand
the universal principle that has to do with the Law of Love, which connects all things together like a glue.
There is also somewhere within them an unwillingness to accept the Law of Reflection,
which recognizes the body is a reflection of what is deeper in their own hearts or their own souls:
as above so below, as within so without. Those are two universal principles that often come into action.
Usually, it will take a third principle to bring this into physical form and that is the uniqueness
of the approach of that person, their own particular gifts, their own uniqueness.
In the case of this individual, it may have to do with the Law of Permanence,
or willingness to recognize incarnation, to accept this, to say, "Yes, I am."
The "I am" principle is often recognized in spiritual literature as very important.
To know it within yourself and to really understand it is a non-verbal experience,
and not something that you can read about in a book.
As you search for the answer as what to do and utilize the technologies that are now becoming available,
the technologies developed by the individuals Royal R. Rife, Gaston Naessens, even Wilhelm Reich,
and many of those wonderful and powerful nutritional therapies now coming into action,
you will find many solutions --
even just eating a raw beet with its oxalic acid content to dissolve fibroids anywhere in the body.
But if these techniques can reveal (as if from the cells outward) some of these denials,
these ways of holding back the energy, then the person has made a true step forward and the healing holds.
The new technologies that are now coming into form will handle the diseases for you at the physical level,
but you will not have learned the lessons within them unless you actively seek them out.
As we perceive it, these new technologies will be made available first to the healers
who are able to promote within you the idea of looking at the universal principles,
releasing the denials to the life lesson and coming to know the beingness that you truly are.
Thus the healer becomes the counselor, and the counselor becomes the healer.
In this way, you are your own best healer and your own best counselor.
It is now time to reveal the secret agenda of this little talk in the first place,
which by now most of you have realized. Within you, ask the question:
Are you ready, do you wish, can you accept,
is there some way within you now willing to let go of disease as a path for learning on Earth,
and see this release among your brothers and your sisters?
At first, the question is an obvious one and it is easy to answer;
and then you recognize the real truth of it and how deep it goes into your core and it's not so easy.
We ask you to recognize it again from the higher vantage point and if the answer is even a little bit of a pip-squeak of a "yes,"
you will find that these possibilities reveal themselves.
They are all around you now to be revealed, and then the shift really occurs,
where you accept, on some deep level, that this can be a part of your existence.
You have not been taught this, you know.
Many of your mothers said to you,
"Don't go outside without that particular article of clothing because you are going to catch a cold."
That incident becomes your association with catching a cold,
and there are deep issues about this to be resolved within you, most of them dealing with your own patterning.
In some of you, the aetheric light bulb is already beginning to blink over your head
as you recognize that little pip-squeak of a "yes" that is the real "yes," not the "of course" yes,
but the "soul" yes - the one that says, "Yes, it is time," and "Yes, I love myself enough to allow this."
And for this, we honor every one of you.
As you open to the emerald light now within yourself, we will allow it into you to the greatest extent we are capable.
For this moment now, we ask you to accept within yourself,
for just a moment, the idea that disease has ended on Earth try it out and see how it feels.
That is pretty simple, isn't it? But imagine that at the moment there is this idea that your soul has something to tell you
and you are not willing to listen, something happens in you.
It is warm, beautiful and loving, and a light falls upon you.
A sense of caring for yourself forms the words, "I am willing to listen, I love myself, I sense and know this God within."
Something like that is felt within you, and then you just listen.
That is how it would work, that is how it is working now if you listen.
In the advanced meditation form, the visualization which we mentioned earlier with the light within,
see a second image of yourself and you see what comes, what it wants to be told, what is being held as an image within it,
and see this in yourself and know it.
These little things prevent disease and can help you understand a little more of why you have come here to understand this.
This does not mean that you should certainly give up all of the other techniques and tools,
but use them in combining and knowing all of these other things, and disease is ended on earth.
That is our perception of it, and you are at a crossroads.
If the answer to "Are you ready?" is, "Yes!" then you have taken the fork in the road
that will lead inevitably to the end of disease on this Earth.
We are most grateful for your willingness to hear these ideas, to receive our love,
to look inside yourselves for all of this and to understand these principles of balance and disease at a higher level.
We encourage you to seek out more information and go further with this within yourself.
You may find it is a tremendous source of inspiration and energy from within you - and for this we are most grateful.
- excerpted from Chapter 5 of "New Cells, New Bodies, New Life,"
edited by Virginia Essene. (S.E.E. Publishing 1991)
Hilarion through Jon C. Fox

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