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Nov. 13th Web Bot Update from Clif High

Failing, falling, flying, fearlessness ...

with respect, let us begin...

in our mat work, either at the dojo or the wujo (place where the path to enlightenment using woo-woo is practiced), we must begin with respect. We will come back to this.

Today is Saturday, November 13th, 2010.

It is misogi day in the dojo. Remember that word...misogi...hint here.

Today is the day before my forecast tipping point into release language. So far this week, and last, since we entered the 'emotional tension plateau', the spyders are showing that our forecast
language is manifesting as expected. Spookily so in fact. We are within
.09 per cent of the anticipated emotional tension value alterations.

To those readers who do not have ukemi arts, and thus are viewing the 'tipping point' itself with trepidation, let me reassure you. This tipping point is NOT like the 9/11 attacks. This
is only my second experience with such in this work, but i am able to
tell that this tipping point (expected at 6:50 am pacific coast time,
tomorrow, on November 14th, 2010) is NOT like that event at all.

First a few statements of either observable facts or conclusions.

TPTB (the powers that be) and their minions like to exist in building tension language. They do not feel comfortable in their skins during release language period. Observation, and conclusions
on my part.

i am bald. Observable fact.

Falls are the number 3 killer of peoples (outside of violence), and the incidents of more deadly consequences of falls increase as people age. Statistical observation. Yet most people do not
learn to fall. Curious pondering.

i have learned a lot doing this work. Conclusion on my part.

In the past, when we have had 'emotional release language periods' forecast, universe had 'confirmed' the upcoming forecast period by having a 'visible in the msm = main stream media'
actual 'release' of a person of prominence (or a group) being held in
captivity. In the main, the persons were female, and further represented
'repressed energies' as well as being 'cultural icons'. Others who are
aware of our work can confirm this on various fora on the net. This has
again happened. As i have repeatedly stated, i do not answer 'why'
questions as 'why' goes to motivation and i have not a friggen clue as
to the motivation of others. When i guess about the motivation of
universe, it is usually incorrect. So i stopped that. Today, the junta
of control freaks currently (albeit temporarily) thinking themselves in
charge of events in Myanmar accommodated the 'will of universe', and 'released' Suu Kyi
to her conditional 'freedom' within larger universe. This, again,
confirms the upcoming 'tipping point' into release language tomorrow,
*just* as has occurred with every other release period we have forecast
here at HPH. No, have not, as i mentioned, a friggen clue as to 'why'
universe should so act. It just does. Maybe universe likes playing with
all of us through our own individual use of language, and it simply
cannot resist the 'in your face' use of the word 'release' just to make
its point. Speculation allowed here.

Suu Kyi is important in our work in other ways as well. Previous ALTA and Shape reports have references to the 'asian (island connected) female archetype' who would be part of the larger
'female archetype' that is 'movement' within modelspace over last, this,
and the upcoming next few years. Another expression of the female
archetype is found in the [wild colleen] forecast, now rather infamous
on the net. Again, larger archetypes in movement here, and more are
expected to rise to global visibility over these next 63 days of release
language and beyond.

Suu Kyi is also very important in ways we have not discussed, but which most aware observers will notice in the up coming release period, especially from January 8th onward. Further, she will
not be alone.

So, now, let us try to craft an image that will dispel some poor thinking about building tension versus release of tension language, as well as tipping points.

First, both building tension language, and release language contain positive and negative value words. Some words exist in both release language building tension language. Not to bore with
details, but give a thought to this. The end of WW2 here in the US of A
produced large numbers of pictures showing the expression of positive
release language. The idea is basically "big ass party and emotional
rush of good feelings" which lasted for weeks. So that is positive
emotional release language. It is to be expected that we humans
suffering under the thick heavy mind control and fear tactics of TPTB
will have a pretty damn big positive emotional release as TPTB are
introduced to karma by universe.

Now, note that horror and tragedy produce negative emotional release language. Thus both righteously famous parties, and funerals are memorable examples of release language expressed.

Same is true of building tension language. It can be both positive and negative. The anticipation of the 'landing on the moon' in 1969 was an example of positive building tension, while the
past 10/ten days have been an example of negative tension language.
Feeling it yet? Remember, our work here, the whole future forecasting
shtick is *ALL* about emotions. That is what bleeds through realities
filters to be 'read' by those of us nutty enough to try. And yes, we are
of course aware that universe both gives us the nutty skills, and the
compulsion to employ them (hopefully for good).

So, are we all clear on this so far?

Now, about falling, flying and fearlessness...

It has been so long for me, over 3/three decades, that i no longer remember the fear of falling the first time i was introduced to the ukemi arts (in judo in Germany where i started this
martial adventure toward the art of peace). But i have had decades of
learning as i watch others experience forward rolls (ukemi art of
falling) for the first (or 100th) time. The fear is instinctive, or so
behaviorists would say, but it leaves once one embraces fearlessness in
falling. In the beginning though, it scares the piss right out of you.
And that is probably why my ukemi sensei all those years ago (Mstr Sgt
Yokosomi (sp?)) insisted that we all pee before mat work. But i
digress...the point of this section is to take the reader from their
kneeling position on the mat, through the limbering up waza (exercises),
and then right up to the ukemi waza of actually falling.

What you do is to stand in correct stance on the mat and deliberately hurl yourself to the floor. Yes, on many levels this is exactly as bat shit crazy as it sounds. Ah, though, there is method in
this madness, as the mat will soon teach you (given proper examples) to
learn to fall. As we say in mat work, the 'square edges' are knocked off
you in the process of learning to roll. But it is still scary for those
first few hundred times.

So, as with any 'rational minds', yours will rebel furiously at this idea, and it gets down right bitchy at the actual point of tipping off of balance and having your feet leave the floor.
However, i estimate that i have performed several tens of thousands of
forward rolls, and i have learned by observation, of myself and others,
that the mind is actually projecting forward to the consequences of the
loss of balance, which is to say, having the planet rise up fast and
smack you hard. The rational mind simply freaks out in fear until taught
by experience that the body will roll and simply stand upright. Then at
some more advanced state of relationship with the rational mind and the
whole falling fast thing, you start to play with it, and learn to not
only love the roll, but also the in between bits, that is, the flying
through the air.

There are a number of really cool waza that aikidoka do in which we 'fly' over stuff....chairs, tables, pyramids of other aikidoka, basically whatever is handy. It is very much fun. It is the
fascination with flying that marks (in my mind) the transition toward
mastery of ukemi. And, note this, what was once a huge source of
negative building tension language, has become, through training and
practice, a huge source of positive release language....yet it is the
same act. Hmmm.....maybe the point of 'fearlessness'?

Anyway, so the novice is afraid, scared, trepidatious, and many other negative building tension words, about the instant of tipping over off their feet, and because of that focus, they
frequently injure themselves in the beginning. They are so concentrated
on the single point of separation of feet from mat, (though that is
*not* really the source of their fears if they were to ponder the whole
situation) that they do not see what is always there, waiting to be
discovered....the joy (positive release language) of learning to fly.

So now let us talk dams. And rivers and reservoirs. All as a necessary metaphor for what is underway as i write this, and like (over next 63 days) as you read this.

First, some more coffee.

Ok, so now....

we are describing a lake, behind a dam. The lake is our total collection of emotional tensions, both release and building. This lake is very full, just under the edge of the dam. The lake is
currently dominated with building tension language. Noting that both
release and building tension exist simultaneously, it is a question of
proportion. There is simply a preponderance of building tension at the
moment. There are many rivers and streams which feed our lake and some
are building tension, and some release. Let us think that this building
tension has been also concentrated in our vast lake of words by solar
evaporation for a long time (most of this last year since December of
2009). So there is dominant flavor in our lake of building tension.

The the sky clouds up (matching our mood), and the dark and terrible aspect of a storm forms in the hills behind our lake. PREDICTABLY, the storm clouds break open and rain pours down upon the
ground. As is natures want, rain rolls down hill, and gathers into new
rivers and streams all rushing toward our lake. Many of these new
sources are release language. As universe directs. The Suu Kyi release
in Myanmar is such a new stream bringing a torrent of release language
to our lake. All of the new streams are not release, but our weather
forecast is for more release language rivers than building tension
rivers to form at this time.

As all the rivers and streams combine, and then rush into our lake where they variously are either absorbed or float across depending on their nature and type, the effect is to raise the lake as a
whole. It was close to the edge of the dam when we stared this last
storm (November 5th), and now we have reached the very edge of the dam
with the certain (confirmed by universe with the language around Suu
Kyi's release from 'oppression') knowledge that more waters are still
rushing in, and thus the capacity of the dam is about to be exceeded.
When that occurs (November 14th, 2010 at 6:50 AM Pacific Coast of the
USofA time), the waters will begin to fall over the top of the dam, and a
tipping point will have been reached.

Now, get are the water. Do you care so much about just which bit of water behind you actually shoved you over the dam's edge? or more about learning to fly?

Thus is the issue of priorities brought to the surface of the mind. There will be many minds, both paid shills, and just regular people trying to work out their place in universe who will
participate in denigration and denial of my position on these days we
share. This is fine. So universe would have it. But it can be
demonstrated, as i hope i have here, that saying that 'clif is a big
failure cause nothing happened' is really a position taken by your mind,
not the manifestations of reality. It is the same as saying "clif
failed in his forecast because I did not see XXX that I expected". Yes,
framed that way, i failed in meeting YOUR expectations is my response.
But universe chooses not to define me internally by the expectations of
others. So with respect, i can respond, that yes, this was your
experience of these days. Mine is different.

The release of Suu Kyi brings confirmation (early) as well as release language source (in a large way) to this misogi day. The release language continues to raise the level in the lake. A good
time to consider universe and ukemi.

Detail layers...

Being (pun intended) on the woo-woo path to enlightenment, i try to be respectful of all persons that universe may place in front of me. This ALWAYS includes those persons shunned or
ridiculed by the main social body. As a self sovereign individual i find
the majority view mostly incorrect, and very restrictive, so choose to
ignore it. The most interesting people (expressions of universe) are
not, in my experience, found in the main stream. What can i say, i live
on the fringe. So admonitions of 'guilt by association' will probably
follow me around as i continue to explore universe. Thanks for the
energy, but such is the concern of others, not myself. Reputations are
to be ruined. Mine no exception.

Yes, i did post on the GLP *( label as i imagine they 'gulp' a lot as part of the emotional rush of their craving for DOOOOOOOMMMMM...) forum. Igor and i have some linguistic
experiments on-going to determine what will be required in the way of
processing to screen out our own impact on the language, if it is even
possible at this stage. GLP is among our test bed sites. HPH and our
shape reports have become so infamous that propagation and pollution of
our data stream is a reality. We will be continuing the experiments over
the next few weeks (assuming net is up, and there is some level of
'normality' out and about), and should have results in about a month.

Please read Issac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy. There are some big hints from universe in this SF novel from a bye-gone age.

No fears about failing forecasts nor falling forward affect appreciation of elegance of universe unfolding fabulously for all humanity as we experience the collective ukemi of the future.

May you train with grace, fly with ki, and land softly silent in sublime poise, balanced in the moment.



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