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No, Antarctica’s Glaciers Aren’t Shrinking By Ethan Huff

No, Antarctica’s Glaciers Aren’t Shrinking
By Ethan Huff

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published an article deconstructing the myth that the polar ice caps are melting due to so-called “global warming” or “climate change.”

The piece explains that both science and media are misrepresenting the situation, as glaciers in Antarctica, the article’s focus, constantly ebb and flow in size throughout the seasons.

Every year, the article explains, some 2,200 gigatons, or about 0.01 percent, of Antarctic ice “is discharged in the form of melt and icebergs, while snowfall adds almost the same amount.”

“The difference between the discharge and addition each year is the ice sheet’s annual loss,” the piece reads. “That figure has been increasing in recent decades, from 40 gigatons a year in the 1980s to 250 gigatons a year in the 2010s.”

“But the increase is a small change in a complex and highly variable process.” (Related: Evidence shows that the Antarctic ice shelf is actually increasing in size.)

The WSJ article uses the example of Greenland, which has seen dramatic fluctuations in ice loss over the past century. The same is true in Antarctica, which overall is not losing any substantial amount of ice....+@

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