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Hi, Folks -

Lots of folks on Internet are talking about the period of May 9 through May 11 - that's Saturday through Monday, a week from now.

Famous fellow interested in all things Mayan, Carl Johan Calleman, has written about it, describing it as "paradoxically auspicious and ominous:

The Rebirth Celebration by Carl Johan Calleman
May 9-11, 2009
In May 2009 a major emanation from the Hunab-Ku, an unfathomably large intelligence in the center of the universe according to Mayan Cosmology, will inform a magnificent birth of cosmic proportions. This epoch period, the Mid-Point of the Sixth Day of the Galactic Underworld, gives humanity an unprecedented opportunity to cooperate with the forces of evolution to fulfill individual and collective purposes, and to create a sustainable world of harmony, abundance and balance with Nature. As with any birth, there is also death…death of that which is no longer supported by these new evolutionary energies. This article provides the background for this paradoxically auspicious and ominous moment, and what we can do personally and collectively to consciously participate in it.

Two related, detailed articles by Calleman are here:

So who/what is this Hunab-Ku guy? Calleman writes:

The Cosmic Tree of Life, according to Mayan, and other ancient traditions is an unfathomably large intelligence, Hunab-Ku, at the center of the universe that makes quantum jumps at critical shift points in the calendar. The existence of such a central axis of the universe has recently (2003) been discovered by science, which I believe to be one of the most consequential discoveries of all time and elaborate on in the forthcoming The Purposeful Universe (Inner Traditions, December 2009). It is the energies emanating from this Cosmic Tree of Life that serve to synchronize evolution on all levels of the universe. It is through our own resonance with this, and with its quantum shifts, that we are inspired to create our world in accordance with the wave movements of seven DAYS and six NIGHTS in the cosmic plan.
Well, ain't that an innerestin' idea...! :)
Here's a brief excerpt from the transcript of Mark Huber's Tuesday night teleconference this past week:

Tara: It is Hunab Ku. This is the central intelligence of the universe. Between the 9th and the 11th, they are resetting the template of intelligence for the Age of Enlightenment. That's Aquarius. This is very, very [definitive].
That means all the old order is completely not in the picture. It is not part of the new story. It is the old story so this is MAJOR! It lasts two weeks from the 18th to the 28th of April The elders of all the native Turtle Island clan have been gathering in secret, events that are to help prepare all life for this new attunement. This is not just a small thing. This is the whole next ascension spiral of the end of the Mayan Calendar.

Mark: Right. The Mayan Calendar, the Elders of the Mayan philosophy/understanding/wisdom have been participating along with other indigenous leaders/spiritual leaders. This is something that you can see. They have been taking it step by step to surround and to increase and to lift up all the energies to a place that when this energy comes in. . . There is no more powerful energy in the universe than this one coming from Kunab Ku and that is the most powerful one. We are all in this together. This is not just another day – not like Flag Day where you go out, buy a flag, wave it for 5 minutes and then it is all over. We will all be changed by these new energies.

We're at a point when anything can happen. Expect anything and expect nothing. You can be sure that we are being changed as much internally as we are being changed externally. Allowed to see things as they are now starting to get into the public mode.

Some fun, eh? :)"Expect anything and expect nothing," he said. In other words, stand open for "the new" to put in an appearance but don't try to pre-visualize what it's gonna look like.
According to Calleman, and alluded to in the words of the teleconference, "the old" cannot go where we're perhaps about to go. That might well mean some "structures" are about to collapse. Calleman spends a fair amount of time speaking of the current economic crisis/crises in this regard, and mentions that the banksters and politicians seem to be pulling out all the stops in an effort to sustain the "old" way of doing things. But, it would appear, the time of the old ways may be over, finished, done.

What might happen, then? Calleman sees possiblities of collapse and hardship for many. Maybe. But then, Calleman doesn't know about whatever Calleman doesn't know about. :) Are there indeed "white hats" who have been hard at work behind the scenes, to insure a "new way" is already prepared and waiting to emerge? Perhaps we'll, soon now, find out. :)

I think there's growing agreement among the people, among the "dwellers upon the land", that they've had enough of the old ways, the ways of pillaging the planet for the sake of profit, the ways of a few people positioning themselves in power points of control over the many, etc. Perhaps we're collectively "done with that," or soon will be.

But there's a catch-22 in all this, some details we probably have not fully considered thus far. As the channeled group known as "Ion" mentioned on the Raye-dio Friday, "You ask a few people to handle things like poverty and infrastructure for you - but then you say, 'Whoa! You're not the boss of me!" :)

Get it? We've been in process of making a decision, and a declaration to the Cosmos so to speak, about how our world has been being run. Many more of us than ever before have been saying, "We just wanna be left alone to live our lives - so get off our backs, already!"

And that's fine. But it does beg the question, "Who, then, will take care of the poor? Who, then, will take care of the infrastructure, keep the water, electricity, and gas flowing, the food on the store shelves, and so on...?"

The answer might be, "We will." :) Maybe we'll be finding that out. We might also find out we're better able, better equipped, to take on those responsibilities than we might have imagined. Apparently there are dramatic "internal changes" that have been in progress, quietly and simultaneously with the collapse of "the old". Perhaps everything will turn out just right. :)



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Comment by Juan on May 3, 2009 at 7:36pm
In this info, he mentions:
the channeled group known as "Ion"

What is this group and who is Ion?
Anybody knows and have a link about them?
Comment by Barbara Kim Thigpen on May 3, 2009 at 8:58am
I was born on May 11, 1958. I study the Tree of Life and the axis; of galactic center/planetary/spinal... I finally graduated from tearful sadness to just he touch of madness needed to aggressively assert myself; which means no more time for hype, violence, disrespect, or tolerance of pessimists wasting our precious time. The time is upon us... seize it when we tweak the universe just right by focused intent, without undue analytics; or worse, much ado about nothing. It may seem more of a "Catch-22" dilemma than it really is. But, I think nobody need be sacrificed for the want of food-stuffs and arable land, as long as the corporate conglomerates are rendered obsolete. Does Narada have a solution for that? Indeed, if we are in a unified field having universal constants; then, we should know that we are part of it all, it all functions together, and we are out-of-sync with the perfection; yet, most certainly, getting there. I ignore traditional holidays; but, never one like a special alignment, like the Harmonic Convergence [I took my children to Enchanted rock] or Concordance, or eclipse, or this... No compromise; no sacrifice...Get Real. Resonant SkyWalker

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