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I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Many people do not know that our beach is over 30 miles long...with a (now) beautiful highway gracing its' edge. Katrina tore up Highway 90 and took all of the beautiful homes as well as the casinos along the coast. It has been four years now, and the highway is new, the beachwalks are new, the benches are new....and the casinos have been rebuilt. However, the homes cannot come back for the most part as insurance has become unreasonable. Go figure.
On New Year's was a gorgeous day on the coast. Not a cloud in the sky...cold (for us!) and clear. I knew the sunset on the beach would be magnificient and that the full moon would be visible from the beach as soon as the sun set. My dearest friend of 15 years was visitng from Austin, TX. She is the one who launched me on my spiritual path many years ago. We decided to do a ritual together. This was a first for us. We each wrote down what we were happy to let go of from 2009. I tried to burn mine as the sun set..but it was too windy, so I tore it up into tiny bits and tossed it into the sea. Not particularly environmentally friendly, but the paper was recycled (ha ha). We fed old bread to the seagulls, and then turned around to see the most magnificent full moon....the blue moon, rise over the mall which faces the beach. I just wanted to share this photo. Not professional at all...but absolutely amazing. It was my sign from the Universe that I am on the right path.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Comment by Star Shine on January 4, 2010 at 3:19am
Beautiful. Sometimes it's the smallest of rituals that have the most meaning, and fill us with undescribable joy and love

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