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VKD, the following article is quite an interesting read, and one, (I would think), especially so for those who are involved in the Humanitarian and Prosperity Programs so often mentioned in the RMN Reading Room. During my search on the internet this evening, for a totally unrelated subject, I ran across this article. It is written by a journalist, Sean Robinson, and published in, The News Tribune. It is about NESARA, THE HUMANITARIAN PROGRAM called "OMEGA", and the "60 other PROSPERITY PROGRAMS" that, to all intent and purposes it appears, so many people are still involved in, and still waiting for their package and payout to arrive, along with the announcements of NESARA. It's definitely informative and gives one alot to think about!


URL for "Snared By A Cybercult Queen" - PART ONE:


Snared By A Cybercult Queen

Part One

SEAN ROBINSON; The News Tribune


Her whispers promise the irresistible: peace, wealth and forgiven credit card debt.

She is a star only the Internet could create - queen of a cybercult, architect of a conspiracy theory built on the ruins of deceit. Every day, typing at a computer or speaking on the phone, she lures disciples to a bewitching creed, and pumps new life into a dead scam that suckered thousands.

Her words are soft and sharp, insistent and insolent, understanding and unyielding. From her South Sound double-wide, she peddles a myth that blends old grift, New Age sermon and political activism into a mixture one historian of confidence games calls "magnificent."

Most of her readers don't know who she is. On the Internet, she writes under an increasingly famous pseudonym: Dove of Oneness.

Editor's Note: This is part 1 of a two-part series.

Hello, Dear Friends and White Knights.

The greeting heads every report she writes. Each ends with the same pleasant farewell: Blessings and love, Dove of Oneness.

She says she does not lie, that she does not lead a cult, that she is simply a political activist on a spiritual mission, trying to make the world a better place.

"A lot of people who are on spiritual missions ask for help," she says. "People pledge their lives to make a difference in the world. You cannot live a normal life and do what I do."

At Dove's decree, thousands of her followers send letters, postcards and e-mails to the U.S. Supreme Court, the Pentagon, Congress and the halls of international justice. They wave banners, pass out fliers and hold demonstrations on three continents, demanding announcement of a secret law that doesn't exist, anticipating the delivery of easy fortunes that never come.

Some have been conned before. They are being conned again, but telling them is useless. They ignore weary government officials who repeatedly say there is no secret law to announce. They scorn experts in fraud and high finance who tell them they're chasing shadows.

end snip.

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