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History Behind the
National Economic Security And Reformation Act (NESARA)

NESARAs reformations are the main tools for implementing important
U.S. Supreme Court rulings made in January 1993 on several cases
filed by farmers living in U.S. Midwest and Mountain states areas against banks, specific government officials, certain judges, and others.
Certain US Generals and Admirals were supportive of,
and one General was co-plaintiff in,
the Farmers Cases that went to the US Supreme Court.
You may recall in the 1970s and 1980s there were news reports
and documentaries about thousands of family farmers
losing their farms to foreclosure.
Willie Nelson has been doing Farm Aid concerts for years to help these farmers.

In the 1980s some of the farmers investigated why there were so many
bank foreclosures on their farms and discovered certain banks were
fraudulently foreclosing on their farms.
When these farmers turned to government officials for assistance
and filed lawsuits against these banks,
they learned certain government officials and judges were working in collusion
with the banks.
The farmers also learned that certain aspects of the current Federal Reserve
banking system were unconstitutional and pursued their lawsuits
through the Federal District Court in Denver and other locations.
Some of the farmers involved in the lawsuits were harassed by the IRS
and in turn investigated the IRS involvement with the bankers.

After years of lawsuits, several of the farmers lawsuits reached
the U.S. Supreme Court including Baskerville and Foster v. Credit Bank of Wichita, Federal Land Bank,
and First Interstate Bank of Fort Collins from the Denver Federal District Court.
For simplicity, I call these cases at the US Supreme Court the "Farmers Cases".
In early 1993, the nine U.S. Supreme Court judges ruled seven to two
in favor of the farmers on all major issues including that the
Federal Reserve Banking system was unconstitutional,
that the US has been operating outside the Constitution since March 1933,
that major reformations of government and our banking system are required,
and that financial redress and remedies must be provided for financial losses
due to bank fraud suffered by generations of Americans.

The farmers involved certain very powerful US military Generals and Admirals
in their cases.

These Generals and Admirals made it clear to the US Supreme Court judges
that they knew the farmers cases were righteous and watched in the courtroom
as the US Supreme Court Judges heard the cases.
The presence of the Generals and Admirals is why the majority of the judges
felt they had to rule properly and in favor of the farmers.
Because of the extraordinary nature of the necessary reformations,
the Court sealed all court records and put all people directly involved
under Non Disclosure agreements (gag orders) until the reformations
are publicly and officially announced.

The Court had a duty to design and implement reformations to correct the injustices;
therefore, the Court recruited experts in Constitutional Law, banking, economics,
and monetary systems to work in task force groups
to develop the needed reformations.
During the two years these expert groups developed the reformations,
irrefutable proof was provided to the US Supreme Court Judges
that the 16th Amendment to the Constitution,
the income tax amendment, had not been properly ratified.
The Judges had no choice but to include abolishing income taxes
in the reformations development process.

It was also found that there had been a definite pattern of federal administrations
and Congress ignoring the Constitution in laws passed since 1933.

FDR took the US out of Constitutional Law when he declared
a national banking emergency and amended the Trading
with the Enemy Act in March 1933.
Constitutional Law experts working on government reformations determined
that to end the pattern of blatant disregard for the Constitution,
it would be necessary to require the sitting US administration
and US Congress to resign when Constitutional Law is restored.
Following completion of the development of the reformations,
the Court appointed certain experts and others to a "committee"
which has authority to manage the process of announcing
and implementing the reformations.
Once the reformations were developed, the Court made half-hearted efforts
to implement the reformations through an "Accords" agreement process
with the Clinton administration.
During that time, very little progress was made to implement the reformations.

However quantities of the new U.S. Treasury currency backed by gold
were printed and shipped to certain banks in the US where the currency
has sat in bank vaults for years awaiting the announcement of the reformations.
When NESARA is announced, many more shipments of the new Treasury currency
will be shipped to all banks in the U.S. under guard by U.S. military units.

During the years of the Accords process, the Court approved a
"claims against the government process" (also known as Farm Claims or Bank Claims)
which was meant to provide specific financial redress to Americans, however,
various groups and individuals interfered with the claims process.
Finally in 1998, the powerful US military Generals and Admirals consulted
with constitutional law experts regarding the lack of progress
in getting the much-needed reformations implemented.
The Generals, Admirals, and constitutional law experts all knew
the U.S. Supreme Court Judges were purposely stalling the reformations process.
It was decided that the only other way to accomplish the crucial reformations
was to compile all the needed reformations into a law
and have the law passed by Congress.

The National Economic Security And Reformation Act (NESARA)
containing required reformations was submitted to Congress in 1999
where it sat with little action for almost a year.
Late one evening in March 2000, a written quorum call was hand-delivered
by Delta Force and Navy SEALs to only members of the U.S. Senate and the U.S.
House who were sponsors and co-sponsors of NESARA.
The members were immediately accompanied by the Delta Force and
Navy SEAL's to their respective voting chambers
where they passed the National Economic Security And Reformation Act.

The National Economic Security And Reformation Act provides the following,
some of which will take place immediately after the official announcement of NESARA
which is to be televised live from Washington, DC:

1. Restores Constitutional Law in the USA.

2. Requires the current US administration to resign their positions
    to allow a fresh start at the national level and installs
Constitutionally acceptable NESARA President
and Vice President Designates until new elections can take place within six months.
All Criminals in Government, the Cabinet and Appointees by the President,
and all members of Congress must resign within 72 hours of NESARA's announcement.

3. NESARA US President Designate declares "peace"
    because NESARA abolishes unconstitutional states of emergency.

4. As partial remedy for 100 years of government and banking fraud, credit card balances are zeroed out and bank debt relief is given to Americans
for bank loans including mortgages, car loans,
education loans, business loans, and other bank debt.
Banks will be paid $9000 per each credit card account with a balance;
these funds were raised in special revenue generating activities in Europe.
NESARA requires other bank debts be made self-liquidating loans and US banks
are instructed to use new high revenue generating processes
to pay off Americans bank loans.

5. Initiates the U.S. Treasury Bank System with new U.S. Treasury currency
    backed by precious metals.

    The Federal Reserve is abolished and Federal Reserve facilities
and most personnel are absorbed into the Treasury Bank System.
We will be exchanging our Federal Reserve notes, which are not backed by gold,
for the US Treasury currency which is backed by gold.
Many bank personnel have already been trained on NESARA
and the new currency is already in some banks vaults.

6. Abolishes Income Taxes in US and creates a national sales tax on new,
    non-essential items as revenue for government.

Essential items such as food and medicine, and used items are exempt
from the sales tax.

The NESARA law requires that a minimum of one time each year,
there must be an effort made to announce NESARA.
Three current US Supreme Court judges control the committee
in charge of NESARAs announcement.
The Judges have used their overall authority to secretly sabotage NESARAs announcement;
thus each year NESARA has been blocked from being announced.
Due to the gag order on NESARA, it is difficult for true NESARA supporters
to learn exactly what has happened to stop NESARA from being announced.
In many ways, our country is facing the worst crisis of its history:
More Americans are unemployed, drowning in debt, and living in poverty
than anytime since World War II

Our government irresponsibly races to assume more debt on top
of highest historical debts.
Our military lose their lives in battles for greedy corporations gains.
Our elections revolve around lies, bribery, and betrayals.
We do not hear "truth" in our media; the media is controlled by
opponents of Americans and Americas Constitutional Law.

NESARA By Mark Huber:
PEACE and PROSPERITY The US & CANADA are about to share the benefits
of the most humanitarian and revolutionary event the world has ever seen.

As the USA is the bastion of FREEDOM in this world,
NESARA has to be implemented there along with Canada, UK & Australia.
Other countries will follow in a sequential order. In October 2000, a
fter being passed by Congress,
President Bill Clinton signed the National Economic
and Security and Reformation Act (NESARA):
160 nations, including CANADA, have agreed by treaty at the World Court
(International Court of Justice in the Hague) to support these improvements.

This is the beginning of what has been termed the Golden Age,
prophesied since biblical times. Behind the scenes right now it is hectic .....
and the Illuminati frantic.
Alan Greenspan's 1966 article explained the benefits of a gold-backed currency
and this will be welcomed in international financial markets,
as business worldwide will receive a tremendous boost from NESARA..
Some experts will lecture for about 36 hours on TV explaining NESARA,
in detail, once the initial public announcement has been made.
Don't miss it!
Until its official announcement, all government, banking, military, intelligence,
Congressional, business, and other personnel

and officials who have had to be informed about NESARA
due to their professional duties,

have been sworn to secrecy and would be charged with treason
if they even admit that it exists,

on account of sensitive information that could result in the crashing
of the stock and commodity markets,
and causing massive economic problems worldwide.

The Corporate USA is Bankrupt, now. The Republic--We The People--
is safe inside NESARA Law.

So don't be concerned about the Criminal Bankers as their bankrupcy
will NOT affect NESARA funds or accessing funds after Announcement.
The announcement has been delayed by the wiles of the international bankers,
who would lose control over the nations of this world when it is introduced,
but we are now at the point of its implementation worldwide.
To give you an idea of what is at stake here,
here are just some of the NESARA improvements:-

All banks become TREASURY banks and new currency, backed by precious metals,
is issued on a one for one basis.

American and Canadian BANK DEBTS: your home mortgage, bank car loan,
college education and other loans are forgiven if you are an American
or Canadian citizen, as part of the compensation program for bank fraud.

CREDIT CARD balances (again, on American & Canadian banks -
and many major department stores or merchants as well) -
are zeroed-out immediately,
for both American and Canadian citizens and Landed Immigrants.

CCRA is DISBANDED and all INCOME TAX - both personal and business -
(which never did go to any government in Canada or the States) - is abolished;
and compensation for this fraud also paid out. Likewise,
the US Federal Reserve & their collection agent:
IRS will be disestablished and replaced by US Treasury Banks...after a bank holiday...
removes the criminals and any criminal hardware or software...
and reopens as US Treasury Banks...
perhaps under the same name as before...but with 'new' management.

GenSalesTax is replaced with a straight sales tax, on new,
non-essential goods and services

NESARA Law is the Law of the Land, with sovereign citizenship,
restoration of the Constitution;

all statutory laws are cancelled; all cases on the books are stopped, judges,
attorneys and law enforcement officers must receive 30 days of re-training
in Constitutional and Common Law before any more cases are adjudicated.

A near total amnesty will be granted to most ones now in jails and prisons
and President Obama has ordered a case by case review of all ones
incarcerated under statute laws.
Most will be released and reparations for unlawful detainment
is being considered for those cases that would not have been
criminal under Constitutional or Common Law.

Most of the GOVERNMENT RESIGNS - many members, past and present,
charged with Treason;
temporary Prime Minister Canada;
followed by elections with constitutionally acceptable candidates.
In the USA, President Obama and NON-Criminals elected
after 10/1/08 may remain as part of the transition gov't since the US
was placed Inside NESARA Law on that date by Lady Master Nada
and the King of Swords, by the authority granted by the International Court
of Justice (World court) in March of 1999.

Lady Master Nada was appointed by the World Court
as International Special Prosecutor with power to dissolve courts
and arrest any International Criminals
wherever they may be located on the planet.
At least 100,000 Cases have been considered by 56 Grand Juries over the last 4 years,
by Patrick Fitzgerald, in the US. Their Sealed Indictments are ready to be unsealed and made public.
These ones will go...or have already been taken to the World Court in the Hague...
for War Crimes Trials & sentencing.
Another condition for Announcement is the disclosure of the Galactic Presence
and their Involvement in planetary affairs. It is not yet known whether this will be Full Disclosure
or progressive disclosures over some weeks.

All Canadian & US military overseas are brought back home as Peace is declared.
All NON-Criminal residents of US, UK, Canada & Australia will receive $10 Million within 72 hours
of NESARA's Announcement.
If you plan on being away from your residence for an extended period,
it is advisable to put in a temporary change of address notice to your local postmaster.

What is NESARA?

There were 14+ Congressmen (you would recognize their names),
who worked on the original provisions. Mr. GS was NOT the author.
He did write his dissertation on the subject of Gold, in 1966, I believe,
and many thought that he might be a White Knight. That is not correct. He was arrested.
A clone was put into place and then that--I hear--became a 'film star'
after his last arrest. His wife is Andrea Mitchell.
Congressional committees, under 5 Associate Supreme Court Justices,
were given the task in 1993 of drafting corrections required by
the Supreme Court findings related to the Farm Claims which through
discovery proceedings revealed theft of their lands through collusion

between the bankers, government, the courts and law enforcement,
and also that the Fed Res/IRS were frauds and all of these findings
required correction at the point of inception.

$40 Trillion was deposited in a bank in Chicago by the head
of the Saudi Arabian Government before the King died,
after Mother Sekhmet spoke to him;

showed him his life and record and what he needed to do before
he died to make amends.
Without those funds the Farms Claims process would have halted.
That became the basis for NESARA.
Willie Nelson has been a staunch supporter of the Farm Claims since it's inception.
They will be the first to receive funds.
Because such a correction involved so many areas and the Cabal had agents
within the various committees and as trustees in all the World Trust derivative trusts, (33 as I recall)

Bush Sr. and his associates managed to push through a series of requirements.
This is a long drawn out process since the Supreme Court findings in 1993
generated 'accords' which were voluntary.
That didn't work.
Modifications had to be made and the final series of documents and drafts
went to the World Court in March 1999 where leaders from 180 countries met
and St Germain,
Lady Master Nada, the King of Swords, Mother Sekhmet and Alcyone
were present as well.

Because the voluntary hadn't worked the new provisions were proposed and KOS/St.
Germain/Nada were given special international authority to do whatever
was necessary to get NESARA enacted.
This resulted in the passage by our Congress of the NESARA Law in Oct 2000
when it was signed into Law by Bill Clinton.

It contained one provision that requires it to be announced before its provisions
can be enacted.

Many White Knights have been killed trying to prepare the way for this to happen,
and they have been successful in removing the mostly unknown reptilian controllers
that invaded this planet some 65 Million years ago and slowly taken control.
They inserted their minions into every organization (Committee of 300)
and setup networks which control everything in every government
throughout the planet.
Over 100 Million of these have been removed over the last 9 years and also,
during recent months,
the whole Committee of 300 and many of their minions
have also been removed and replaced with holograms.
Patrick Fitzgerald has 100,000 indictments naming all the ones who planned,
ordered and covered up 911 Conspiracy to take over the world.
He is also the designated--special prosecutor--assistant of Lady Master Nada
who the World Court appointed as International Special Prosecutor.

She is also President of the Solar Tribunal on Saturn,
and is the one who will Announce NESARA to the World...
after the arrests of the indicted ones are made.

It does not matter whether or not anyone believes any of this or not.
It will still happen as it has been so decreed by the Spiritual Hierarchy
and this plan for the Earth's Ascension has been planned for over 2000 years.
The Earth and all life on it will Ascend. Nothing can stop this from happening.
It has reached a critical mass and over 85% of the lightworkers
are now awake and aware of the Divine Plan for planet Earth.
The King of Swords has the NESARA Law documents in safekeeping
and will bring them forward...
along with the other principals involved at the time of the Announcement.
Bill Clinton, who signed it into law, will be there and Lady Master Nada and Obama.
Actually there will be a panel of 19 that will be briefing the public
for 36 hours as soon as the arrests have been made.

No one in the general public has seen the full document that was signed.
We have been told the basic provisions, only.
All the congressional and legal proceedings were taken from the official records;
the case numbers and titles changed and these original documents
have been placed in a secret location until it is safe to bring them forward.
No search will produce any of these documents.
The only things on the Internet are disinformation inserted by Bush Sr.
(except for the outline of key provisions published on NESARA.US).
We have been given some updates on a few changes that we posted on GRT sites.
The key provisions have not changed only some details on gifting provisions.
Those were changed to simplify how individuals will receive funds.
Everyone on the Planet will (within 10-15 months, post Announcement),
receive an account worth $10 million.
That fact and the details will be announced by Lady Master Nada.
Deliveries will be accomplished
within 72 hours of NESARA's announcement for all non-criminals,
in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.
The other country payments will follow in succession.
We do not have the schedule for those countries yet.

Within 30 days of NESARA's Announcement we will have a re-indexing of all items,
on a 1:10 basis.

That will take most of the inflation out of the world economies
which will all be based on gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals.
Gold will then be set at $50/oz; Silver at $10/oz and Platinum at $100/oz.
All current Federal Reserve notes will be exchanged $1:$1 with US Treasury Notes
for all within this country.
All printing plates for Federal Reserve Notes
will be removed from their current locations and destroyed.

(May 16, 2009.) KOS has the defacto authority, granted by the International Court
of Justice at the Hague in 1999, to get NESARA Announced
and the power to use his Martial Law authority "as needed."
(Oct. 16, 2008.) Lady Master Nada previously appointed by the ICJ/World Court
as International Special Prosecutor
with authority to take whatever actions are required,

including dissolving our Supreme Court and unsealing all 10,000 indictments
and ordering arrests--is thereby the top Officer of the World Court
and can override any order of that or any other court.
As President of the Solar Tribunal and as NESARA's "Postal Lady",
she is the ONLY one who can order NESARA's Announcement
and authorize deliveries of funds. (July 11, 2008.)

We are at this moment actually under the joint jurisdiction of the International Court
of Justice/World Court and the President of the Solar Tribunal {Lady Master Nada}

who has been appointed by the ICJ as Special Prosecutor with power
to arrest the indicted ones;dissolve our corrupt judiciary and Announce NESARA.
Agents from Interpol and ICJ are present in D.C. Along with the 82nd Airborne
and others.

We have been well advised that galactic ships are over every major city
and will de cloak when the signal is given. (May 27, 2008.)
NO one gets any money until Lady Master Nada makes her Announcement on TV,
at which time she will tell us the date of release that will be within 72 hours
of her announcement.
She is Special Prosecutor authorized by the Solar Tribunal, of which she is President,
and the ICJ. She is expected to dissolve our Supreme Court;
appoint Patrick Fitz as Acting AG and then authorize the arrests/removals
of all cited ones.
(May 27, 2008.)
The legal means to take us through this denouement was set in place in 1999
by the ICJ at which time St Germain and the King of Swords/head
of the worldwide militia

of 4,000,000 men + 40,000 Galactic-humans,
were given the power to prosecute and take such actions

as are required to remove the corrupt ones
and to insure that the whole planet is prepared for up shift into the 5th Dimension,
in the short time left in this cycle. (June 15, 2008.)

ALL governments will become compliant or will be changed.

The universal Law of the One is not political or religious
but it recognizes that all life comes from the Source of All That IS
and has an equal or equivalent divine plan.
We all are equal parts of that plan.
No country and no being will be forgotten or shorted in all the coming moments.
Everyone on this planet has ascended at least 3 times to qualify to be here.
This is true in your country as well and many in your country
are prepared to come forward when it is safe to do so.
Michelle Eloff and others are fully aware of what is needed there  
and will be bringing that information to those who have already qualified themselves
to offer their services in reorganizations and assistance in getting the benefits
out into your whole country's citizens.
NESARA (and the worldwide expansion of those principles
and programs to at least 190 countries),
is assured to be implemented over a 10-15 month period following
Announcement here (U.S.). Mark and Beth

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