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Nesara Development Update May 20/09

There were 14+ Congressmen, you would recognize their names, who worked on the original provisions. Mr GS was NOT the author. He did write his dissertation on the subject of Gold, in 1966, I believe, and many thought that he might be a White Knight. That is not correct. He was arrested. A clone was put into place and then that--I hear--became a 'film star' after his last arrest. His wife is Andrea Mitchell. Congressional committees, under 5 associate Supreme court justices, were given the task in 1993 of drafting corrections required by the Supreme Court findings related to the Farm Claims which through discovery proceedings revealed theft of their lands through collusion between the Bankers, Government, the courts and Law enforcement, and also that the Fed Res/IRS were frauds and all of these findings required correction at the point of inception.

$40 Trillion was deposited in a bank in Chicago by the head of the Saudi Arabian Government before the King died, after Mother Sekhmet spoke to him;showed him his life and record and what he needed to do before he died to make amends. Without those funds the Farms Claims process would have halted. That became the basis for NESARA. Willie Nelson has been a staunch supporter of the Farm Claims since it's inception. They will be the first to receive funds.

Because such a correction involved so many areas and the Cabal had agents within the various committees and as trustees in all the World Trust derivative trusts,(33 as I recall) Bush Sr and his associates managed to push through a series of requirements. This is a long drawn out process since the Supreme Court findings in 1993 generated 'accords' which were voluntary. That didn't work. Modifications had to be made and the final series of documents and drafts went to the World Court in March 1999 where leaders from 180 countries met and St Germain, Lady Master Nada, the King of Swords, MotherSekhmet/Alcyone were present as well. Because the voluntary hadn't worked the new provisions were proposed and KOS/StGermain/Nada were given special international authority to do whatever was necessary to get NESARA enacted.

KOS was made head of the World Wide Militia of 4 million men and also put in charge of Galactic-Human adepts who now number about 16 million and who have all been trained on the star-ships and have full telepathic connectivity and are shape-shifters with enhanced abilities. Their task has been to coordinate the removal of the 40-50'tall dragons(renegade Annunaki) and other reptilian renegades living within vast caverns and underground areas deep within the planet.

This resulted in the passage by our Congress of the NESARA Law in Oct 2000 when it was signed into Law by Bill Clinton. It contained one provision that requires it to be Announced before its provisions can be enacted. Many White Knights have been killed trying to prepare the way for this to happen, and they have been successful in removing the mostly unknown reptilian controllers that invaded this planet some 65 Million years ago and slowly taken control. They inserted their minions into every organization(Committee of 300) and setup networks which control everything in every government throughout the planet.

Over 100 Million of these have been removed over the last 9 years and also, during recent months, the whole Committee of 300 and many of their minions have also been removed and replaced with holograms.

Patrick Fitzgerald has 100,000 indictments naming all the ones who planned, ordered and covered up 911 conspiracy to take over the world. He is also the designated--special prosecutor--assistant of Lady Master Nada who the World Court appointed as International Special Prosecutor. She is also President of the Solar Tribunal on Saturn, and is the one who will Announce NESARA to the World...after the arrests of the indicted ones are made.

It does not matter whether or not anyone believes any of this or not. It will still happen as it has been so decreed by the Spiritual Hierarchy and this plan for the earth's ascension has been planned for over 2000 years. The earth and all life on it will ascend. Nothing can stop this from happening. It has reached a critical mass and over 85% of the lightworkers are now awake and aware of the Divine Plan for planet Earth.

One week ago, President Obama talked to the National Press Corp and laid out some 'changes' he intends to make over the next 72 days. He of course didn't give his opponents the details...yet.

The King of Swords has the NESARA Law documents in safekeeping and will bring them forward...along with the other principals involved at the time of the Announcement. Bill Clinton, who signed it into law, will be there and Lady Master Nada and Obama. Actually there will be a panel of 19 that will be briefing the public for 36 hours,as soon as the arrests have been made.No one of the public has seen the full document that was signed. We have been told the basic provisions, only.

All the congressional and legal proceedings were taken from the official records; the case numbers and titles changed and these original documents have been placed in a secret location until it is safe to bring them forward. No search will produce any of these documents. The only things on the Internet are disinformation inserted by Bush Sr...except for the outline of key provisions published on NESARA.US.We have been given some updates on a few changes that we posted on GRT sites.

The key provisions have not changed only some details on gifting provisions. Those were changed to simplify how individuals will receive funds. Everyone on the planet will--within 10-15 months, post Announcement, receive an account worth $10 million. That fact and the details will be announced by Lady Master Nada. Deliveries will be accomplished within 72 hours of NESARA's announcement for all non-criminals, in the US,UK,Canada and Australia. The other country payments will follow in succession. We do not have the schedule for those countries yet.

Within 30 days of NESARA's Announcement we will have a re-indexing of all items, on a 1:10 basis. That will take most of the inflation out of the world economies which will all be based on gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals. Gold will then be set at $50/oz; Silver:$10/oz and Platinum at $100/oz. All current Federal Reserve notes will be exchanged $1:$1 with US Treasury Notes for all within this country.

All printing plates for Federal Reserve Notes will be removed from their current locations and destroyed. The Bilderbergers {Illuminati} have announced that they will be meeting in a Hotel shortly. We have heard, this AM, that St Germain may walk into that meeting and 'have a few words to say' to that group. It could well be their last meeting, ever.

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Comment by Trudy on May 22, 2009 at 4:31pm
In the name of the Almighty Creator of the Universe, I hope that you are right...........

Namaste Savior sunbeam...........SoE
Comment by sunbeam on May 22, 2009 at 4:06pm
There will be provisions for Third World countries, such as Africa when NESARA is announced. They will not be forgotten.
Comment by Trudy on May 22, 2009 at 3:49pm
Just to clarify, ( for those always think the wrong way ) ...........

People in Africa have nothing ... absolutely nothing ... not even dignity ... they live under open skies with their children and women being raped (in the presence of their husbands) by many young people who want absolute power in Africa .... tell me ... how can these people get their right on that 10 million ...?
Comment by Trudy on May 22, 2009 at 3:24pm
It would be great ... .. but what of all the people in Africa they also have a bank account?

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