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NEO – When Will the World Be Free of the NATO Beast?

NEO – When Will the World Be Free of the NATO Beast?

By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on May 24, 2016

NATO backs Nazis ~ NATO is about making war, not preventing it

… by  Phil Butler,  … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

JSC General Lyman Lemnitzer pushed for a preemptive nuclear strike on the Soviet Union in 1963

JSC General Lyman Lemnitzer pushed for a preemptive nuclear strike on the Soviet Union in 1963

Editor’s note: We appreciate the art of “wordsmithing” here at VT more than most, because it is still a big part of the fun of writing. “NATO is fighting for its Paleolithic life,” is an old school writer’s way to open an article. And it does not end there.

Phil knew he had a long and distressing history to take the reader through, at least those brave enough to wade through it, and they deserve to be entertained along the way by turning the words into more than just words. He was successful, which is why I brought this over from NEO.

We all need these little trips in the time machine, to review the early days where some of the long term geopolitical dramas began to be chained to our legs.

The core of his article is the declassified “National Security Council Paper NSC-68”. This is one of countless “hiding in plain sight” documents, which only funded researchers or graduate level history students would generally read. Our high-brow think tanks, despite all their financial and talent resources have always shown an uncanny knack for leaving out declassified material that might debunk a theme they have been hired to promote.

And Phil is not over the top on his criticism of some of the early years’ leadership at NATO. The US had a major contender for the biggest loon of all, JSC General Lyman Lemnitzer, who on July 20th, 1961, at a NSC meeting, presented President Kennedy with an official plan for a surprise nuclear attack on the Soviet Union.

Lemnitzer’s thinking was that America had the advantage over the USSR, and if we did not use it, it would be lost, as we would take bigger loses if we waited. Kennedy was shocked, and it permanently tainted his views of the top brass, and might have contributed to the back story of his assassination regarding his plans to pull out of Vietnam. 

We have had NATO crazy “lite” in the shape of General Breedlove’s stand-up comedy on the Russian hordes on Ukraine’s eastern border, ready to swallow the country in a 4-day blitzkrieg; meanwhile, none of the foreign observer pool spread over the border area could ever see them. In a new twist of my old saying, “You can make this stuff up, because NATO does” Jim W. Dean ]


– First published  …  May 23, 2016 –

NATONATO is fighting for its Paleolithic life. A dying dinosaur from a place God and time may one day forget, the military equivalent of a mafia protection racket now swishes its tail one last time in the hopes a full scale war will rescue it.

With militarism as a purpose, and bending European societies in the back of its fossil mind, this listless beast of war is more dangerous than ever. Here is a look at a rusty tool of American hegemony, one the world never really needed at all.

Reading NATO’s latest misinformation bit, “NATO-Russian relations: the facts”, I recall the last half century of my own brainwashing.

Like the “Captain Dan” figure, played by actor Gary Sinise in the Tom Hanks film Forest Gump, I think back on the generations of Butlers who fought in America’s wars. There is a scene in the film where Captain Dan’s forefathers bite the dust on successive historic battlefields, from Vietnam to Bunker Hill. Caaaa-plop! Each successive forefather falls backwards into the snow or mud, the look of finality on his face, as the end of war registers in the mind’s last gleaming.

Thinking about NATO, the bureaucrats and butt kissers that now play top soldiers there, I cannot help but reflect on how stupid we all were to believe. Snatching myself back to the moment, as a veteran, I feel ashamed at having backed the play of money grubbing war mongers like those that use a supposed alliance, like Al Capone used the rackets back in gangland Chicago.

America, our allies, have been made repeated “offers they could not refuse”. To steal the line from another film, the Godfather with the late great Marlon Brando in the lead Mafioso role, is ideally suited to what NATO is doing today.


In the article I cite, no author is listed. Perhaps the “myths” and “facts” the military organization wishes to present are too ridiculous for anybody to attach a name, rank, and serial number to. Meant to satisfy the clinically stupid, or absurdity brainwashed killer among us, the piece makes a travesty of the truth.

I speak in such a bombastic voice, because my colleagues and friends in the ranks are sick unto death of this utter bullshit. If you will allow me to deconstruct NATO’s truth, perhaps someone at the top will just order the nincompoops to stop.

NATO Fact One: On the Russia claim that NATO is trying to encircle Russia, the liars in the NATO ranks try and pull the wool over geographically challenged onlookers. NATO is trying to isolate and encircle Russia, but here is how to “rocket scientists” who work at NATO headquarters make their counterclaim:

“This claim ignores the facts of geography. Russia’s land border is just over 20,000 kilometres long. Of that, 1,215 kilometres, or less than one-sixteenth, face current NATO members.”

For those of you who loved geography as a kid, or for those among you who study history, you realize the leadership of NATO takes you for utter fools. In order to expose a ridiculousness in any such dialogue, all one need do it expose the chief lie amidst the propaganda.

NATO’s content specialist who helped construct this nonsense goes on to remind us how Russia shares land borders with only 14 countries, only 5 of which are NATO members. But while Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, North Korea, are not all NATO cohorts yet, the strategy to include more is unarguable.

Only those people trapped inside mine shafts, or lost in the wilderness can even consider what NATO is asserting as cognizant.

Using the interactive map NATO provides here, readers can easily construct a real truth, however. Clicking on the map to include; troop contributing countries, Mediterranean dialog partners, Istanbul Cooperation Initiative partners, NATO Command & Control, NATO missions, and partners around the globe, and the picture of a surrounded Russia becomes clearer.

US-NATO wants to supply most of the air power and use cannon fodder local troops to fight the Russians

US-NATO wants to supply most of the air power and use cannon fodder local troops to fight the Russians

And if there is a real geographer out there among you, the situation from satellite, looking at this encirclement from the global perspective looks even worse.

The United States and Canada, almost all of Europe and most of the Middle East represent the NATO team. China and some of Southeast Asia, Iran and India are pretty much outside NATO’s clutches. Yes, I said clutches.

Russia, for all Washington’s and London’s bellyaching, only extends past its home ground where conflict threatens her borders. Russia has attacked no one. Russia is on the defensive like always.

NATO is in the business of war, not defense. Let me show you.

On the NATO history pages you will find the not-so subtle bragging the military organization unashamedly spits at the civilian world. Since its birth in 1949, NATO’s Article 5 has been the spear to the heart of European peace.

While the site reflects on the Marshall Plan from whence NATO arose as a sort of stabilizing commandments, the economic and military goals set forth were only biblical for the trouble festering beneath.






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