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ive been trying to get into a meditative state and attempt channeling my higher self, but i just cant seem to get the visualization down. i read that you have to visualize energy flowing above your crown chakra throughout your body and to try to open up all chakras before doing so..... i try to visualize these things, but i feel im not doing it right, or not imagining the right colors, energy, etc. if anybody has some concrete advice as to try to channel for a beginner, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Comment by Tina W on December 16, 2008 at 9:13am
Mechanick.. I too have trouble visualizing during meditation.. Sometimes I think I am third eye blind.. But I have been told that if you cannot "see" that is ok.. just "Know or sense it" and you will have the same results..

I Hope Brad will be able to help you..


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