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NASA Announces Life On Mars - Atlantean Link?

It appears that NASA is reporting that a meteorite believed to have fallen from Mars to Earth about 13,000 years ago and found in Antarctica carried bacterial life. I personally suspect that their announcement carries occult hidden messages to the initiated.

For one thing, a major destruction of the Atlantean civilization occured about 13,000 years ago, and Antarctica was part of the Atlantean empire that had developed. The Atlantean civlization was influenced by extraterrestrial beings who had also colonized Mars. A major war was reportedly going on around the time Atlantis was destroyed - are the same forces currently at work fighting for control of the "New" global order? What faction are the people who control NASA a part of? NASA was founded with the help of Nazi scientists and planted a masonic flag on the moon (or at least in a video purported to be of the moon LoL!) The Nazis set up operations at Antarctica at the end of WWII.

Why is this story of the martian meteorite in Anarctica being released now? Food for thought.

- Jedi

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