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My Time with Supa ~ by Colleen Marshall

My Time with Supa


Excerpt from Sheldan Nidle's book, Your Galactic Neighbors ~ Chapter: Living With Sheldan Nidle

by Colleen Marshall


Supa became a frequent visitor in our home. I was curious about her personal life, her culture and her Earth experience as a “Light Body Assistant”. In the beginning, my communication with her was through Sheldan. We would talk with her and he would tell me what she was saying. Soon, I realized I knew what was being said before Sheldan could translate for me. With Supa’s nurturing and Sheldan’s patience, I learned to trust what I was receiving: pictures complete with emotions, the whisper of a voice and the intuitive impressions that can only be interpreted through the heart. Telepathy is the language of the soul. Sheldan’s caring help escalated my ability to successfully communicate, first, with Supa and, later, with other galactic Beings of Light.


The time I spend with Supa is filled with Love and laughter. She looks at the bright side of life. It is with great honor that I introduce Supa to you, through sharing a combination of questions and answers, and a few short stories.


Q: Supa, what brought you to Earth?

Supa: About two years ago when I came to observe your world, I was awed by Earth’s beauty, the diversity of humans living both on and in your planet, and with the variety of animals, insects, fish, birds, minerals, flora and fauna. Earth enjoys a unique representation of all Life found throughout our Milky Way Galaxy. Your planet abounds with nature’s splendor.


After soaking in Mother Earth’s beauty and paying homage to her, I went to the more populated areas. The conditions of people living in squalor absolutely shocked me. I observed whole clans literally living on garbage dumps and surviving. My heart broke, and I vowed to help Mother Earth and all her inhabitants to transform and realize their potential. I consider it an honor to participate in the awakening of Earth’s humanity.


As my research continued, I found the hearts of your people aching to be liberated and to live in peace. Your oppression has been great and you have been manipulated for over 13 millennia. And yet, with all the oppression that you have lived through, your hearts have survived and yearn to discover who you really are, and to return to our Creator. The human spirit is truly amazing. Know that you are celebrated throughout the Universe.


We, the Arcturians, have been an integral part of Earth’s history for eons. Our timekeepers brought the original galactic calendar to your planet. Later, the Pleiadeans modified it. The galactic calendar is a consciousness tool used to put you in sync with the time clock of our galaxy. It helps you learn to experience time instead of just measuring it in a linear fashion. Our galaxy has a natural rhythm or pulse, providing a time to rest and a time for action. As you learn to ride the wave of energy, you will find that your life unfolds with more grace.


As members of the Galactic Federation of Light, we bring our healing expertise to the medical teams and our profound understanding of Love’s grace to all Beings evolving in our galaxy. Our contributions are highly revered and honored by the Galactic Federation councils.


Since the destruction of Atlantis and your ‘fall’ into limitation, we have taken an active role in assisting with Earth’s ascension process: your return to Universal Love.


At this time, she took the opportunity to show me a picture of Earth’s horses running free with their manes and tails flowing in the wind. “There is a wild horse enjoying the freedom of the open range in every human heart,” she stated. I deeply resonated with this analogy. In the movies, when a horse is returned to the open range, my heart sings with joy and I become liberated with it.


Supa on Work

Supa expressed her delight in being assigned to assist Sheldan and me for the duration of this book and with the continuing integration of our Light Bodies. We enjoyed each other’s company and shared information about our respective cultures.


At first, when Supa spent time with us, she found the everyday things we did fascinating. She followed me to the grocery store to buy groceries (she was aghast at the food’s lack of life force) and returned home with me to prepare meals, clean dishes, sweep the floor, vacuum carpets, dust furniture, wash and iron clothes, clean toilets, etc. It took only a couple of days’ observation for her to grow weary.


Proudly, Supa told me that she has never cleaned a thing in her life. They use either replicator technology or “as they think it, so it is”.


Q: Often, at Sheldan’s lectures, people have expressed their concern regarding the new technologies. Some say they enjoy cleaning and don’t want their lives to change. What advice can you give to them?

Supa: For those of you who wish to keep ironing your clothes, you are welcome to do so. Once you learn to live in cooperation and harmonious community, you will have more time and opportunity to explore what brings you joy. Imagine doing what makes your heart dance and sharing your joy with others! As your individual originality is allowed to blossom, you will return to being enthusiastic co-creators with God in ways you cannot imagine today.


Currently, in your society, you are kept quite busy just trying to make enough money to pay your rent, buy your food, and meet your car loan. It is by design from those who are in power to keep you “running in place” and too tired, when you do have time, to explore your creativity.


In a galactic society, we care for each other first, while allowing ourselves to be cared for also. Our work is joyful and we consider it to be more like play.



Q: If you were back on your home world, what would you be doing?

Supa: I would be celebrating life and Oneness with the Universe. I belong to the Temple clan, or what you might call the priestess/priest council. Like most galactic societies, we live in the interior of our beloved planet, while maintaining sacred temple sites at specific node points on our planet’s surface.


At these sacred temples, we sing, tone, and dance around a holographic fire. The fire is for purification. Through rituals, we use sacred geometric symbols to keep our biosphere and planet in balance. We lovingly commune with our forests, plants, rocks, animals and our home world. We value and respect our symbiotic relationship to all living things. If one element is out of balance, we are all affected. In fact, our entire galaxy and beyond are affected. With this knowledge, we consider it our joyous responsibility to teach others about the importance of maintaining balanced energies through the grace of Love. Ritual is exhilarating and satisfies my soul purpose.


When I travel the galaxy as a member of the Galactic Federation of Light, I am, by vocation, a specialized Light Body Assistant. Arcturians are renowned healers throughout this galaxy and beyond. We are called to assist when a society is ready to make a dimensional shift. You and your planet are unique in that you are accomplishing your ascension in an unprecedentedly short period of time. Through the grace of our Creator, divine intervention has been decreed. We are in deep gratitude for the opportunity to assist Mother Earth and her people in their ascension celebration.


Q: What do Arcturians eat?

Supa: We eat mostly vegetables, fruits and grasses unique to our planet. My favorite food is a sweet, starchy fruit that is orange and purple in color. It grows by the oceans on trees.


We do not need food to sustain life. We energize our bodies through Light. We eat to celebrate our planet, each other and the Oneness of everything. Sharing food with others is done in ritual, honoring the spiritual union we have with the plants and our planet. For us, food provides an opportunity to partake in the wonders of physicality: taste, color, feel, texture. We enjoy the sensation of ingesting different foods. Food is about joy and relaxation. We eat only very small quantities.



Q: Supa, you went to the dentist with me. Please tell us how you keep your teeth healthy.

Supa: We eat a thistle type of plant to clean our teeth. The plant contains enzymes for cleaning. As we chew it, our gums are stimulated, thereby remaining healthy. Again, we have an agreement with the plant and we always give thanks for the plant’s service to us. We never have to visit a dentist.


I was horrified observing you in the dentist chair. I found your dental practices invasive and barbaric.


Q: What is the average life expectancy on your planet?

Supa: We live to be approximately 1,000 Earth years. In your years, I am in my late 200’s, which is still very young.


Q: Please describe your living quarters on the ship.

Supa: My living quarters aboard our ship are very simple. I guess you would describe my room as Zen-like. The décor is primarily exotic plants and crystals from my home world. Since I have a symbiotic relationship with the plants, they provide comfort and the energy of home. The crystals are used for rituals. I have one chair that molds to my body’s specifications. The chair is organic. If I entertain guests, my replicator creates additional organic seating arrangements as needed. However, most entertaining is enjoyed in the many common areas provided throughout the ship.


Our ships are large, organic, sentient computers. The walls provide soft, natural luminescent light. You will not find doors. All we need to do is communicate telepathically with the wall for it to open and it accommodates our wishes. Since the walls and floors are organic, they are self-cleaning. The floors support us in a way that is difficult to describe. We tend to glide instead of physically walking the way you do.


We clean ourselves with sonic showers. They clean by using a non-intrusive frequency that leaves us feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to go. The computer lets us know when the process is complete.


When we are living on our ships, we have hydroponic gardens to supply us with our favorite plants. The “holodeck” environment emulates the frequencies of our sun and the energy fields of our planet. This symbiotic process replicates the atmosphere required for the plants to thrive.



Supa on Laughter

One Sunday morning, Sheldan and I were feeling drained of energy, our bodies were aching and we were generally out of sorts. We were planning to go to the movies but neither one of us had the energy. Then Supa joined us. She took one look at us and started laughing, or, should I say, whinnying. Her whinny is life-altering and infectious.


Supa: I see your life force is a little low today. Perhaps a little laughter will help. Laughter raises frequencies. I believe you have a popular adage that says ‘laughter is the best medicine’. Higher vibrations transmute lower vibrations. It is a Universal Law. Laughter works on all four of your bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


Now let me see, ahhh, yes, I’ve been wondering about where all of your horse proverbs come from. It will be fun to name as many as we can.


Supa, Sheldan and I had a good time coming up with the following horse proverbs:


* You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink

* That’s a horse of a different color

* Don’t put the buggy before the horse

* Straight from the horse’s mouth

* Don’t beat a dead horse

* Judge not the horse by its saddle

* Don’t change horses in mid-stream

* Horselaugh

* That’s just plain, old, good horse sense

* Never look a gift horse in the mouth

* Horsing around

* Horseshoes are for luck


As children, both Sheldan and I loved the 1950’s television show, “Mr. Ed”. It was about a talking horse. We started singing the infamous theme song as I galloped around the house. We felt like kids again, laughing and forgetting all about our aching bodies.


Supa’s heart was happy. Her mission to harmonize all four of our bodies was accomplished through laughter. She told us that it is important to remember to ‘horse around’ when feeling blue.


Supa on Posture

One afternoon, Supa came to visit. She was returning from a Light Body symposium and I asked her what she had learned. She told me that the Angelic council chairing the gathering wanted the Galactic and Angelic medical teams to find a way to get us to sit with our legs uncrossed.


Our medical teams are giving us messages and promptings, as we sleep, to make us aware of the damage we do to our body alignments by crossing our legs when we sit. It stops circulation, damages the nervous system, disrupts the flow of our energy meridians, puts unnecessary strain on muscles and tendons, and throws our hips and spines out of alignment.


Since she brought this to our attention, Sheldan and I have made a conscious effort to break this unhealthy habit, and he has been more successful than me. From childhood, I have automatically crossed my legs when I sit. I realize the importance of correcting this habit. I want my body temple to be able to receive the incoming spiritual energies with ease and grace.


While attending my weekly women’s group, I noticed, after meditation, that five out of seven women crossed their legs; I shared with them the information that the Angelics want us to sit without crossing our legs, due to the damage it does to our alignments. To my surprise, they all agreed, telling me they were aware of this and are trying to correct the habit. I found their response fascinating and a tribute to our Angelic and Galactic medical teams.


Another confirming story is from my mother. She is eighty-one years old. I was talking with her on the phone when she told me that her back hurts every time she crosses her legs. She acknowledged her awareness of the damage she has done all these years by improper sitting. I had not said a word to her. I smiled and supported her realization that she needs to sit properly. Again, good work, med teams!


You can read my entire chapter, "Living With Sheldan Nidle," in his book, Your Galactic Neighbors or on PAO's website.


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