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My Higher Self: What Happened in the Last Four Days – A Must Read! by Andrew B.

My Higher Self: What Happened in the Last Four Days – A Must Read! by Andrew B.

Ascension is a gradual process where you return to the Divine Father’s heart. It is when you become light again. White symbolizes the light of eternity.

This is what you are and have always been. You are eternal beings and children of God and have the Divine Presence within you.

When you become light, you are then ready to ascend. When you ascend, you then enter into the Divine Father’s heart.

When you enter the Divine Father’s heart, you reach a higher state of consciousness allowing more growth of the soul in the higher light dimensions of love.

It is actually the Divine Mother and Father’s heart given that they are merged as One, but the Divine Father’s heart will be used for illustrative purposes in this transmission.

March 10, 2014
All masculine beings on Mother Earth were healed and filled with God’s love.

All masculine hearts were opened allowing the spark of Divinity’s flame to burn brighter filling the hearts of man with more love, wisdom and power.

A mass energy healing was performed on this day for every being on Earth.

There was a tremendous influx of higher light beings that helped with this mass healing and each masculine 3d being was surrounded by higher light beings that day where the cleansing and energizing took place.

This included all bodies of the divine masculine (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and etheric bodies). All masculine beings had the violet flame of transmutation wrapped around them and will stay with them until they all enter the Divine Father’s heart.

March 11, 2014
All feminine beings on Mother Earth were healed in the same way and with the same process that the masculine energies were healed the day before.

March 12, 2014
Mother Earth and all the lay lines and chakras were healed, cleansed and energized. Mother Earth has chakras just like all Earth beings. Each chakra that mother earth has thus corresponds to a physical location on Mother Earth.

For example, the heart chakra of Mother Earth corresponds to the physical location of Glastonbury, England. As each chakra was cleansed and energized, huge pillars of light were placed into these physical locations on Earth.

Glastonbury has a tremendous pillar of light anchored deep into the Earth extending out to infinity into the Universe. The same is the case for all of the other physical locations on Earth corresponding to the other chakras.

This healing of Mother Earth removed the discord that has been lodged on Earth which will help minimize the release of energy that Mother Earth would have needed to release to cleanse herself of this discord.

This release would have been in the form of the four elements, including floods, and earthquakes. The violet flame has also been placed upon Mother Earth permanently. Gaia shines brightly now.

March 13, 2014
This is the day for rejoicing for everyone in the Universe. Ascension was completed on this day. The etheric ascension was completed on March 13, 2014 for all beings on Earth, for all beings in all the galaxies and for all beings in the Universe. In fact a new universe was created on this day.

The old Universe was flushed away of all discord at the decree of God. All beings in the old Universe entered the Father’s heart and ascended.

All beings on Earth are now etherically 5d beings. Numerically, this date represents 5, which is 5d to Earth. All beings on Earth moved to the fifth dimension etherically and energetically and all beings from higher dimensions from other worlds in the universe moved into yet higher dimensions.

Gaia will no longer be a 3D planet. The Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine energies of all beings on Earth were equally balanced on this day.

No more masculine energies controlling and manipulating the feminine through fear. The twin flames on Earth were reunited on this day.

The lower selves moved upwards and ascended and merged with their higher selves on that day. God’s pure golden heart in the Great Central Sun opened up on that day, and the Christ Consciousness energies flowed and poured out from God’s heart, engulfing all beings and all children from this Universe.

All children of God within the Universe entered God’s heart on that day.

After all the children entered God’s heart, God stood at the threshold of the door to His heart looking outside the heart and asked loudly three times, pausing after each statement for about 10 seconds “Is there any other being in this Universe that needs to be here, if so come NOW.”

After the third time, the door to God’s heart was shut and sealed. This ascension and this ascension cycle was complete and fulfilled on this day.

Then in God’s heart, God created a new Universe through his breath. The Universe was similar to the old, but new in every way.

The colors so vibrant, the air clean, the waters clear, the stars and planets shining more brightly than ever. All beings could manifest from their desires anything they wanted if for the highest and best good of all.

New experiences and adventures of manifestation are waiting for all the souls of the Universe to enjoy from the Kingdom of God’s heart through love.

There was a huge party of rejoicing in the heart of God on that day. What does this mean for you on Earth in human 3d form?

All creation happens first in the upper realms before it can manifest in the physical world of form. You can be assured that what has already happened etherically is now happening physically on Mother Earth.

You have all already ascended, every being on Earth, all astral beings, even the darkest of the dark, as you have all come here with the only primary reason, and that is to ascend.

Each of you have agreed to play a different role to help others with their growth, as we are all One. Earth is a learning ground for consciousness and soul growth and part of that growth is mastery of Self.

You must master your Self. You must understand and accept the Divine Presence within yourself and know that it exists in every being on Earth, no matter how much you feel they have hurt you.

You must love yourself and all being on Earth, regardless of the boundaries. You cannot enter God’s heart if you are not pure and if you are not of pure light.

To get there requires release of all that is discord and not of the light.

The energies will become more intensified in the upcoming times stretching you as you will be encountering your past. Your past will come up to the surface to be released.

All old unfinished business will come up and you will feel like you are in a blender of unmanaged emotions and feelings and thoughts.

Please do not clothe your thoughts with any feelings.

Just observe and release and do not engage. See every being as Divinity walking among you, which is what they are as all beings are children of God.

Know what the prize is that awaits you and do not allow your feelings thoughts and emotions dictate your actions and words.

You must manage your emotions, thoughts, and feelings, especially in the times ahead, no matter what you perceive and see in the upcoming times ahead.

It is the final release of all the things that does not serve you and your highest good. It is the final release of all things that are not light.

The rainbow comes only after the storm. Whether this storm within yourself.

You can all do this. You have lived hundreds of lifetimes and maybe even thousands of lifetimes to get here. You are almost there. Can you feel it?

You are at the last mile of your 3D earthy marathon race. And what awaits you is IMMORTALITY! No more reincarnations, no more karmic issues to deal with.

Eternal love and creations based on your desires with the full support and blessings of the Divine Father. That is the prize.

Take your prize! You have earned it. Stay in your heart space, stay in love, be the observer, and do not engage at all. Just BE and BE One with Me!

Andrew – Love

PS. Please note that I will add healing slots for September at the end of March if you are interested in an energy healing from me. I do not want to book out past 6 months and right now I am booked out six months. Please check back in early April for more healing slots. ALL ONE HOUR ENERGY HEALINGS ARE FREE!!


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Comment by Besimi on March 17, 2014 at 1:45am

Illuminati Exposed 2013: Chemtrails, Atlantis, Clones, Drones & Vril

Pretty strange, but give a listen and make your own decisions... Definatley open your mind to this.. WoW !

discretion is advised....



This is Donald Marshall being interviewed on The Cry Freedom Show (April 11, 2013, April 18, 2013 & April 25, 2013). Donald Marshall exposes the Illuminati's secrets.
Illuminati insider Donald Marshall exposed the Illuminati: Human Cloning, Cloning Centers, Vril Lizards, Parasited Human Hosts/Hosts Of Vril/Drones and Dead Chipheads.
Donald Marshall's Facebook:
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Donald Marshall's Forum:
Donald Marshall's Website:
Original Full Radio Show:
Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -


COMMENTS From Youtube :

1. Illuminati uses Soulstone. One's consciousness/soul is recorded onto a microchip (the Soulstone) and then it's inserted into a clone body or a real body. This tech has many flaws that cannot be fixed but it's still good enough for them (the Illuminati). If it was a human that died and had this done, they would be called a Reanimated Undead Chiphead. Clones by themselves do not have a soul but it can if one's consciousness/soul was transferred to one or recorded onto a chip then inserted in one.

2.Astral 7ight

the Soulstone is an appleseed-size microchip that has everything that a person is on it. the Illuminati use it to cheat death and it's their biggest secret.
This is what Donald Marshal was on about the elite and serial killers plus robert pickton the pig farmer from BC Canada

programed by elites like bushs Obama british royal family rockefellers etc

Added this in connection with what Donald Marshal talked about in his interview..


Do you all remember a while back ago when there was a person that did some killing, I think it was at a army base or something and said he didn't remember himself doing anything like that ?

there were many more where people blacked out and never remembered doing heinous acts of violence....


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Comment by Besimi on March 16, 2014 at 12:47am


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