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" Up above, aliens hover, making home movies for the folks back home, of all these weird creatures, who lock up their spirits, drill holes in themselves, and live for their secrets".....................Wow, now my question to any of you out there is, what song is this? and who sings it?

But beyond that, what is the artist trying to tell us? Is this the way we live our lives on earth? We lock up our spirits!!!! Most of the the unawoken never would be able to understand what that really means. All the everyday BS, that keeps us from finding our true beauty and innerselves. We all deal with it everyday, unfortunately, right now we have no choice.

That's just the tip of the so called "iceberg", about these lyrics, and what they mean to me. What do they mean to you? or how do they resonate with yourself? I'm curious!!!

Love and Light.......Mike

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Comment by Mosher79 on June 17, 2009 at 2:39pm
This is correct Adam. thanks for the lyrics. I listen to this song like 4 times a week right now.

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