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Today I had a great first conversation with the man who goes by the pseudonym THE RUINER.

We had it over SKYPE…, and I thought it went very well.

Far different from what I expected…, (due to the way in which he writes his articles), I found him to be gracious, and very easy to talk with.

I found myself thinking that I was actually inside the movie called: MY DINNER WITH ANDRE…, a film that I saw very long ago, and really loved. That entire movie was nothing more than just two people talking about the “world” while eating lunch in a restaruant!

See movie clip here:

During my conversation he told me that he really did come from those “families” who are considered to be the Illuminati…, and that he chose to walk away from all of it…, having decided to live his life in support of humanity…, instead of living against it. His heart is really a good one.

During our conversation, we hit all of the major topics…, and if you care to know about them…, all you have to do is to go over to read his blog, which is located here:

I asked him about his blog and about how MUCH OF IT was the truth…, and he said that it was ALL TRUE! But that he was not writing it for humanity…, but instead it was mostly being written and directed back toward another audience.

My initial thought was absolutely CORRECT when I started to read his blog…, in feeling that most of the “new information” that David Wilcock was coming out with, came FROM HIM and in our conversation he admitted as much.

In one of my first posts on his articles…, located here:

I talked about how much I thought the information sounded like the lastest from David Wilcock.

He said that he was indeed the source!

All that being said…, it is my fervent plea that all who have been “caught up” in the on going saga of the BLUE AVIANS might PLEASE take a second look at the possibility of this information not being totally truthful, since I was told by two people now…, both of whom have called Corey Goode their friend…, that it is most likely “not really” happening the way he says.

I will not say more than this publicly…, and in all honesty…, we are all grown ups here…, and IF you really want to believe in Blue Avains…., then who am I to stop you! (I wanted the story to be true as well.)

However, in light of more information…, I have moved away from that, and feel that I have a serious blog to run here…, and serious TRUTH to put out.

If you want THAT…, then please continue to come here and we can all all move forward together!

All my love for now….


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