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~Moving onto Timelessness and Ascension in the Ninth Wave~

Moving beyond the matrix, the moving beyond logic and a logical frame work,
in this we can become truly undefined and formless,
the matrix, is really training wheels for the being you will become,
All solutions no matter how good are still on the left brain, logical mind.
Nothing wrong with seeking solutions to problems with logic,
but the key point here is are you working from the left brain consciousness only,
and if so then your insight, is very limited indeed,
as you are able to process information faster than words allow,

We have to become more right brained,
and stop seeking to control, predict and manipulate,
just be here in the present moment,
time is also part of the matrix, constructs in time and space,
these things are scaffolding, OK, like training wheels,
the idea is to grow out of needing any time construct.
Becoming Formless, and Open To More Possibilities,

When you can let go, you will feel a wave of joy.
Like a religious experience,
OK, like being saved by Christ saviour in a fundamentalist church,
it's right up there on the top shelf of bliss, what ever happens you are OK with it,
you are not fighting anything happening, you have no constructs,
just pure feminine energy,
If aliens show up you will give them a hug and invite them in for tea,
you love every one and everything, not because you are trying to,
but because you have turned off the fascist controlling left brain,
always seeking to control and order things,
Guys I feel wonderful right now, like I've had a tremendous break through,
I'm beaming with love joy and happiness.
And the secret is nothing but doing less, not more,

To get to the right brain or heart consciousness,
you will have to give up and surrender, and stop acting from a place
where you are seeking to control, it's is about allowing more,
and allowing benefit into your life, even if you know not where it comes from,
allowing things to come to you, and not trying to make or force things to come to you,
feminine, magnetic, attractive energy, going with the flow,

In this is vision we stop trying to control everything and work with things,
to get what we want, all is one, the universe loves you, every one loves you,
the universe is you, so come out of your brain, get into your heart,
and as you work with your larger self which is everything you will see that
everything that is happening around you is for the divine plan,
and really trying to help you, you just have to stop fighting it and let it manifest,
You fight manifestation, when you demand to know, the how, why, who, and when, etc.

An example is you are driving down the road and a driver in front is blocking the road
talking to his friend through his window, who is in another car and is taking his time,
and now you are getting frustrated because you are being delayed,
this makes no sense this person is showing no consideration, it is not logical,
why doesn't he stop the car then etc. etc.

This is a gift from great spirit to you, so that you can learn to be less logically minded,
Yes, you will be late to where ever you are going,
But when you get to your destination, you may find, that by some synchronicity
you where better off, by being late, and ultimately were, in the right place,
at the right time, so everything that happens to you is part of the divine plan,
and if only to wake us up from the matrix,

A savant is right brained biased, but these people can tap into things
that many of us find impossible, one savant could play Beethoven symphony
despite being blind, deaf and dumb, without ever being taught and with no visual
or audio feedback, they simply awoke to find him early in the morning playing
the most beautiful music, but our logical mind will never allow this to manifest for us,
it will tell you that there is no way, you don't even know how to play the piano etc. etc.
so there are advantages to being right brained, think what you could do
if you shut off that part of yourself always seeking to control everything,
and simply allowed infinite possibilities to manifest,

Also the perception of time is generated in the left logical brain,
and the right brain is timeless, so this time less void coming up at the end of
the Mayan calender, may just be caused by human beings,
becoming more right brained, as the right brain does not process time,
in the same way as the left brain,

As events happen faster and faster your logical mind will simply not be able to keep up,
and you will be forced to use your right brain, and start working with intuition
and heart energies to feel what you should be doing,

Also the importance of doing and not doing, you have the world of form,
and formlessness, by realizing that and working with these energies you are more free,
you can work with form or with formlessness,
you have doing but you can also do not doing, by realising well it is a choice,
you aren't so transfixed like a deer in the head lights,
you see that even the death of yourself and people close to you is a gift,
you have no ego you hold on to nothing.
Death is the dark touch of the impersonal,
a friend advising you in strange ways to wake up from the illusion,
showing you that you can't hold on to any of it, so let go of feeling important,
let go of feeling offended, let go of feeling fearful,
becoming totally free, step into your power and say this is what I want,
and the universe opens up, like an oyster to you,
it is almost like the fear is a weight holding you down, release it and you can fly away,

I feel ready now for the ninth wave, and the time of no time.
And what ever is out there waiting for me,
Guy's good luck, this won't be easy but if you don't release your fear this universe
will be unforgiving to get you to drop that construct.

Blessings Light and love

Copyright StarMotherTV,
All rights reserved

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