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Mother specifically stated that David Rockyfeller is nowhere on the planet and will not return.

First, do not take all that is said below as new. In fact the first item is correct and things have changed, radically, as the Committee of 300 is now a 'phantom regiment' and most if not all the Old Dragons have been removed.

Mother specifically stated that David Rockyfeller is nowhere on the planet and will not return. The same for the two 40' Old Dragons who revealed their presence and locations this past week and were tracked back to their lairs by Galactic Forces.

David Rockefeller Speaks About Population Control. - The funniest videos clips are here This was again confirmed today by no less than KOS and Rana Mu who both called to comment on what is happening behind the false front displayed. Mr Geithner, Rahm Emmanuel and other NeoCons were given a last chance and have not changed their behaviors. I don't need to say what that portends for them as the arrests begin.
Obama is doing what he must to leave the pressure building for War Crimes Trials while seeming to distance himself from that decision as it is not his job to do other than refer the matters, quietly, to Eric Holder as the top Justice department head.

Mother Sekhmet even spoke of some coming comments to be spoken by Admiral Sananda and Captain Ashtar and St Germain which we will find very exciting. "No Dates/No Nukes", and still and yet the evidence is forcing actions to come forward NOW. Expect nothing; Expect Everything! All the alarms are ringing round the planet and will not stop until the arrests and actions occur. The cabal and all their henchmen/women are in major panic mode and trying anything and everything to stave off the War Crimes indictments which are about to be un-sealed and served. The truly desperate black operation in Mexico in which 68 people died from an engineered virus was a 'WMD' insertion that will quickly be neutralized. There is no need for fearful reaction here. It is all well in hand by GForces.

All the talk shows have been forcing attention onto the torture planners, justifiers and the trail is HOT and getting to a pressure blow off point where Attorney General Eric Holder will ask for a Special Prosecutor in the Hague to review the evidence. That, we believe, will be Lady Master Nada's cue to start the WC Trials. Even Vincent Bugliosi (The Trial of GBush for Murder One) has called for World Court prosecutions immediately.

We can not say for certain whether Benjamin Fulford knows that the '300' are reduced to 'filmstar projections' and he may be just trying to stay alive, but that would be a logical analysis. He has stated that Wall Street and the Controllers have lost and are broke and main street is still here and getting mad as hell and about to take to the streets with everything they have to end this economic slavery of the many by the few. He also, for the first time, a week ago mentioned ones who have unbelievable amounts of gold to fund a New System. That refers to St Germain and the NESARA funds.

KOS and Rana Mu told us that the really Major Spiritual and Ashtar Command heads are meeting NOW to discuss how arrests and referral of War Criminals to trial in the Hague is to be accomplished. It is significant that they were scheduled, and still are, to meet in Shambhala during May 9 through 11th as was discussed by the 'Nameless Ones' and Mother Sekhmet in Thurday night's CC.Kuthumi will be having his Webinar tomorrow[5"45-7:45PM CentralAfricanTime with less than 19hrs:19minutes remaining until that event] in which that same major event will be discussed.

To bring Sanat Kumara and all the top leaders into to joint session NOW means that a critical mass has been achieved and that this could blow open very quickly.

Rachel Maddows and Keith Olbermann on MSNBC and Stephanie Miller and Ron Kuby on Air America Radio along with Sen Bernie Sanders and Senator-designate Al Franken have been very vocal on these topics, every day of late. Col Lawrence Wilkerson was very clearly heard on Rachel Maddows show, last night, to reveal his knowledge of the policies that existed{2002} before the legal memos were written to provide superficial cover for torture. Judge Bybee has already been exposed and can not escape the consequences of his endorsement and approval of those torture guidelines.

The lamas below the Potala Palace in Lhasa, are already sitting in circle around the 13 Crystal Skulls, as the above leaders are meeting. [Rama went there OOB and viewed them in circle] That means big energy movements must need to be stabilized as they did once before. Their circle is mirrored in a special holodeck on the New Jerusalem where adept commanders there, receive and return the coherent beams through the circle and into the core of the earth for the whole planet's benefit.

Aaron Russo Talks About the Rockefeller Conspiracy - Funny videos are here MarkHuber

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Comment by Kihanyaking on April 27, 2009 at 1:18am
Patrick I hear that they have all that you can imagine, and more, which means they even have some that you cannot imagine. Most of all, their equipment is more for love propagation than war. As to whether you can have one, I think you can...when the time and attitude is right. That is with the cabal out of the way, and when there wont be any reason to have one coz you wont have any reason to use one. Khe hehehehehe.
Comment by patrick on April 26, 2009 at 11:12pm
Do the Galactic Forces use laser guns or some other energy beam weapon, and can I have one?
Comment by Jure on April 26, 2009 at 4:57am
........ i cant belive what this guy said in this video about the chips :-s thats just madness :-s

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