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Card of the Day: "What do you need to release?", which is represented by the Waning Moon.

The Waning Moon points to what's falling away. Life goes in cycles and sometimes we need downtime or to let go. No matter when in the Moon cycle you pull this card, it's a sign that a situation has peaked, for better or worse, and it's time for you to go easier. It's the autumn and winter of the cycle. So, what do you need to release? Almost certainly something from the situation you're asking about. This card can be very positive, but it can still be gently suggesting that you let something go and stop trying so hard. 

Attune to the Moon:

It's safe to let go and move on.

Additional meanings for this card:

- Move forward with as little resistance as possible. 

- This is not the time to start new projects.

- Releasing emotional baggage is recommended now.

- Say sorry to someone.

- Do energetic work such as meditation or yoga.

- Soon you will see what lies ahead.

The Teaching:

At the time of the Waning cycle, take a moment to look up in the skies every night- you will see the Moon growing smaller and smaller as she moves from Full to New again. It's the time when things are falling away; it's certainly not the time to cling on to anyone or anything. Drawing this card suggests your situation is in its autumn and winter phase, so hunker down and start the regeneration process. 

Synopsis of Oracle Card of the Day:

This is a clear message that it is time to release something that is holding you back. It could be a relationship (professional/ personal), a situation, a place or even thing that is not serving your highest good. Sometimes we cling to things we know we should let go of, this is part of being human and having our experience. We must learn from our mistakes in the past and search for better, new solutions to these situations, that benefit all involved in a positive manner. Whatever has happened was inevitable, and now has passed, let it go and set yourself free from the past. It is better to focus your energy on what you work on to manifest in your immediate future. Take time out for yourself to reflect on all that you have accomplished so far. Only you know the struggles and obstacles you had to face to come out on the other side of this. Take that positive energy and use it to step into your power so you can set your intentions with the coming New Moon. 

Thanks for stopping by to read my post, wishing you all many blessings! Happy 2022 :)

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