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MOON conjunct PLUTO 8:15 EASTERN brings a little spike of fear and pessimism

Another unusual energy increase pops up early this evening in DC right after the Moon transits out of (Tropical) Sagittarius.

'Capricorn Ingress' occurred a few minutes after 6pm EDT.

Placed in this sign, Luna experiences friction.

The Moon in Capricorn is not always a challenge.

Some may be more at risk of sinking into a depressed outlook and then continuing stuck with that for the next couple days until Moon enters Aquarius.

Greatly elevated energies continue for many days to come. Information coming in via the physical senses carries an overlay of the 'surreal'. Mercury stationing close to the 150-degree arc from Neptune produces abundant confusion. Impatience will make the passage more difficult.

Let subjective thoughts and feelings have their moment, then remember the value of detachment.

The Last Miracle Never Happens

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