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Military law enforcement unit acting for World Court enters US Treasury (Washington) and confiscates Farm Claims and Omega Fund packages

There is top-level talk of barring Obama and the American delegation from the London G20 summit due to major serial financial embezzlement charges against them. More background here and here. More about the Farm Claims and Omega fund packages here.
In response to OBAMA's ongoing never ending blockage meetings have been underway in the Hague this afternoon involving many world leaders. They are saying, basically, "we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore".

The World Court has entered Treasury with a warrant and confiscated the packages. All immunity agreements with OBAMA, GEITHNER et al have been cancelled and the Court will entertain no further discussion of this matter.

WE hear OBAMA and the U.S. are to be barred from the G-20 meetings next week and that package delivery will not change this decision or the immunity decision.

The World Court has ordered delivery tomorrow, Sunday, by special delivery. WE don't know how they expect to pull that off, but that is the order.

The funds being traded last week and before and used to pay CHINA belongs to the people of England. We hear the Queen was a participant in the illegal trading of those funds.

WE hear Swiss Bankers have been ordered not to fly for "security reasons".

London Bank employees have been told to work at home to avoid massive protest.

casper 3-28-09 3rd

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Comment by RedBeard on March 31, 2009 at 9:15pm
I have followed the Casper updates for quite a while on fourwinds. His messages of late have become very dark with seeming negative influence. My feeling at this time is, that his messages are to keep people waiting for help to come to them as opposed to them going out and finding help or making changes themselves. I would suggest to any readers that you pray and manifest NESARA, but plan as if it was never coming, and work on yourself as opposed to waiting for someone or something else to help / save you.
Comment by Andy (UK) on March 31, 2009 at 9:16am
doesnt seem too true as obama due in uk tonight?
keep us posted

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