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Message to the clan leaders of the Han

Message to the clan leaders of the Han
The Chinese people have been betrayed and will be headed for a future of horrific slavery.

Your leaders are in way over their head when dealing with these people. They think that, by getting US military secrets, they have been handed the world. It is the opposite. China can only rule the world with soft power. Remember, the Chinese are only one out of five people. If they start threatening the other four people, they will only make enemies, and thus lose their leadership role.

The leadership of China is now contradicting both the Tao and the teachings of Mozi 墨子. Do you think those evil Nazi genocidal snakes handed over all that military technology to China without having a hidden card up their sleeve? They can, for example, fry every brain in China using your cellular phone network.

These are the same people who tried to kill of the Chinese with SARS, a virus designed specifically to kill non-white people. How can your leaders sell out to them?

It is an unfortunate fact that when top leaders are offered absolute and total power they can be overcome by selfish and egotistical desires. This in turn results eventually in unspeakable tyranny. The Ming descendants would like to once again establish and absolute monarchy in China, only this time it would be a Babylonian style secret monarchy. The Chinese people would only gain the illusion they were free in exchange for eternal servitude. This is exactly what your society is supposed to fight against.

I guarantee you by the laws of the Universe if the Chinese people continue on this path they will NEVER GAIN THE MANDATE OF HEAVEN even though it was theirs for the taking.

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